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Glossary of Time Management Terms

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Creating uniform definitions for widely used project and time management terms is challenging, even for seasoned professionals. Thus, we’re offering you a reference guide with a complete list of time management and project management terminologies commonly used on the Replicon website. The following are some of the most frequently used time management terms and project management definitions that will help you better understand the project management landscape.


Absence Management Software: Employee absence management software helps you track and manage time off liabilities, compliance, and workforce productivity, using our all-in-one solution. The software enables project managers to get clear visibility into employee availability and helps them stay on top of leave balances.

Absence Tracker: Correctly tracking an employee’s absence is crucial for your company’s functioning. Replicon’s Time tracking software lets you easily track employees’ absences and smoothen the payroll process. Learn more about our absence tracking solutions.

Agile Project Management: Agile project management is an iterative and incremental process of software development.  This approach enables project teams to work quickly and collaboratively to complete projects within their defined timeframes and budgetary overlays.

Android Time Tracking App: Replicon’s Mobile app, available for free download from Google Play, helps employees easily report time and expenses. All the data is synced automatically to the Replicon cloud, enabling managers to quickly view and help in quicker decision making

Attendance Tracker: The employee attendance tracker app by Replicon helps you in maintaining accurate payroll, complying with labor regulations and managing the global workforce. It enables employees to enter time and attendance from anywhere, anytime, on any device, and supervisors can view the same in real time.

ASC 606: ASC 606 is the revenue recognition standard that helps businesses consistently recognize revenue. The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) and International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) developed it to eliminate accounting variations and simplify revenue calculations. Here is a comprehensive guide on ASC 606.


Billable Hours Software: Capture your employees’ billable hours and efficiently manage projects, resources and client billing to ensure profitability. With Replicon’s Time Bill software, managers get real-time visibility of the resource availability and allocations, which maximizes their billing utilization.

Business Expense Tracker: With Replicon’s Business expense management tracker, you can have complete access to your business-related expenses. Business-specific expense policies enable businesses to simplify expense tracking.

Business Operations Software: Replicon’s Business Operations software solutions provide service delivery management with a powerful business process modeling engine to manage the end-to-end lifecycle of a project or program. It helps businesses with financial management by providing financial workflows, insights and control of professional service delivery within the organizations.


Capacity Planning Software: Capacity planning software generates resource forecast reports that help gain insights into an organization’s resource availability. Additionally, the software enables quick hiring/training by assigning placeholder resources to pending projects and effectively accounting for resource requirements.

Capex Management: Capex management software helps in accurately tracking employees’ time spent on capital projects and identifying costs that can be capitalized. With Capex management, you can easily manage capital expenditures in real time. Read more here!

Client Billing Software: Replicon’s Client billing software helps you align the complete client billing workflow from sales to project management in one unified platform. Gain real-time insights on all the important metrics required to stay on top of project delivery, resource productivity and profitability. Learn more about some of the best practices for client billing here!

Cloud Attendance Software: Keep track of employee attendance using Replicon’s cloud-connected time clock solutions. With its advanced capabilities like intelligent facial recognition, proactive monitoring and advanced reporting, you can easily manage employee attendance and time accurately.

Cloud-based Time Tracking Software: Modernize employees’ time collection with Replicon’s cloud-based time tracking software. Using this software, you can easily eliminate buddy punching with facial recognition, sync employee data in real time with the ZeroTime™, easily install the CloudClock app on any iOS tablet and transform it into a robust kiosk device.

Cloud-based Employee Time Clock: With Replicon’s cloud-based employee time clock software, you can capture employees’ punch in/out time, meal and rest breaks, location, photo, shift schedules, time off, and punch history – all on a single unified platform.

Cloud Time Tracking: As a cloud-based time tracking solution, we provide complete access to time data, crucial to your business which can be accessed anywhere from any device without compromising security. With world-class security, seamless weekly upgrades, and no-hassle maintenance, cloud time tracking software is the most reliable and secure service in the industry. Read more here!

Contract Management Software: As an organization, it is challenging to manage all industry-specific amendments and compliance laws holistically. Hence, it is crucial to leverage contract management software to ensure compliance with all laws and revising amendments. Generally, the contract management software assists professionals store data on business contracts into a central data repository.

Critical Path Method: Using the critical path method (CPM), you can identify tasks that are essential for project completion and determine scheduling flexibility. A critical path in project management is a sequence of tasks that need to be completed on time for the project to succeed.

Cycle Time Calculator: Cycle time is the total time taken to manufacture a single unit or item from beginning to end. The cycle time calculator helps calculate the average time it takes to complete the production of a unit. Cycle time can be calculated using this formula: Cycle Time = Net Production Time / Units Produced.


Employee Absence: Managing employee absence can be cumbersome as it causes a huge administrative burden on the payroll. More so, calculating usage, balances and year-end resets is complicated. Replicon’s Time management software helps solve these business challenges, as the tool provides detailed reporting and real-time insights into time-off liabilities and usage trends.

Employee Absenteeism Tracking: Employee absenteeism and inconsistent time off  create staffing challenges for supervisors. Tracking employee absenteeism is easy with Replicon’s Time management platform, which creates time off policies across the workforce. Plus,  it provides simplified, real-time data on leave usage and balance.

Employee Time Attendance: Replicon provides a flexible time and employee attendance platform for managing the time and attendance of employees working in different geographical locations along with respective location-specific pay-rule policies. Easily track attendance of all the employees irrespective of their work type, like full-time, part-time, hourly, remote employees, contractors or field workers.

Employee Expense Management: With Replicon’s simplified expense management, employees can enter expenses in real time and their supervisors get notified about pending expense reports. This enables employees, as well as their supervisors, to track and manage expenses instantaneously. To know more about managing employee expenses, visit here!

Employee Project Scheduling: Make project scheduling decisions quickly by analyzing the summary of every employees’ work hours and the shift assigned. Replicon’s Time Attendance software lets you manage employee project scheduling efficiently.

Employee Time Clock: With Replicon’s cloud-connected time clock solutions, you can easily collect and manage any employee’s time on the go. Advanced facial recognition capabilities eliminate the need to memorize user ID or carry clunky badges and QR codes.

Employee Time Off: Replicon’s TimeOff software enables employees to book their time off on-the-go. Also, managers can check the employee’s availability by viewing requests in real time and approving/denying or changing the shift plans accordingly. Read more here!

Employee Time Tracking: Replicon enables employees to track time via mobile app, which helps remove the tedious part of employee time tracking and ensures more accuracy. Since the data is stored in the cloud, it can be viewed in real time by their supervisors who can keep a track of their resources and allocate projects or tasks, thereby improving productivity.

Employee TimeSheet: Configure employee timesheets easily to capture total working hours or in/out times and automatically add paid holidays to the timesheet. You can also track regular v/s overtime hours worked by both salaried and hourly employees. Learn more about how Replicon’s employee timesheet works.

Enterprise PSA Solutions: Enterprise professional service automation solutions built on Replicon’s ZeroTime™ Platform help professional services grow quickly by optimizing service delivery management, financial management and project accounting. Visit here to know more about Enterprise PSA Solutions.

Enterprise Resource Allocation: Allocate resources to projects in seconds based on their availability, skill sets, departments and other important criteria defined by you. Enterprise resource allocation to projects can also be done based on the number of hours spent per day. Learn more!

Enterprise Time Management: Enterprise time management enables businesses with comprehensive end-to-end workflows, including global payroll with compliance, invoicing, billing and revenue recognition. Visit here to know more about enterprise time management. 

Enterprise Time Tracking Software: Cloud-based enterprise time tracking solutions give you maximum ROI. It helps us to justify the spending with a reduction in operating expenses because of achieved efficiencies. Know more about Enterprise Time Tracking solutions here!

ERP Time Management: ERP time management ensures the system of records has your required data without changing the ERP system. Enterprise Time Management within your ERP is designed to meet specific organizational needs. Learn more!

Expense Management: Create and manage client-specific expense policies based on the project needs and manage multiple currencies & exchange rates for accurate client billing. Replicon’s expense management solutions enable you to track expenses associated with projects and clients in real time and help make proactive decisions.

Expense Reimbursement: With Replicon’s simplified expense management solutions, gain complete access to your employee-related expenses and reimbursements. You can easily reimburse employees for incurred expenses and also ensure that you only reimburse for approved expenses. Learn more on expense reimbursement.


Financial Planning: Many professional services firms fail to adequately manage their finances due to a lack of financial planning. Organizations, however, can benefit from the financial planning software that lets professional service organizations gain complete insights into their current assets, budgets, expenses, revenue, and taxes, helping them achieve their financial goals

Financial Management: From chasing payments to sending recurring invoices – manually handling all financial operations can be tedious and error-prone. Hence organizations today rely on financial management software to gain visibility of cash flow, manage balance sheets efficiently, reduce expenses, and stay on top of their business finances. Learn more on Financial Management here!

Financial Modeling: Financial modeling software helps you simulate cost, price, margin and profitability scenarios for future bids. With financial modeling software, organizations can potentially forecast financial scenarios, strategically manage financials and improve profitability. 


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Gantt Chart: Gantt charts are bar charts used in project management to visualize a project task schedule. Typically, Gantt charts give you a complete picture of the project schedule by showing the start and end dates, milestones, and timelines.

Global Time Off: Replicon’s time off software helps in managing time off, vacation, sick leave, time off in lieu and other time off compliances. Global Time Off software allows employees to quickly book time off from their mobile anytime, anywhere. It also provides managers/supervisors with real-time notifications regarding employee time off and allows them to approve or reject it remotely.

Global Gross Pay Management: Global gross pay management enables businesses to manage gross pay accurately by easily handling a diverse workforce consisting of multiple locations with multiple employee types and multiple local payroll vendors. Visit here to know more. 

Global Labor Compliance: Managing labor law compliance would be a tedious task for organizations due to geographical variations in pay rules making compliance complex. Replicon’s Time management platform provides a pre-configured pay rule library to automate payroll calculations irrespective of the location simplifying labor law compliance.

Global Payroll Automation: Businesses can achieve worldwide gross pay and compliance, even with a variety of employee types, including full-time, part-time, shift workers, daily and weekly hires, fixed-term employees, etc. In Addition, payroll automation makes it simple to manage all location-specific needs across geographies while maintaining total visibility. Learn more!

Global Payroll Compliance: Advanced configurability enables easy compliance of global payroll to meet any business process or pay rules. Plus, capture time across your diversified workforce and apply relevant pay rules to get complete real-time visibility of the payroll. Learn more on global payroll compliance here!

Grant Management Software: With grant management, you can easily capture time and expenses on specific grant-related work with full visibility into budgets and actual spending, reducing the risk of going over the limit. Get access to complete historical funds and usage information for managing future grants.


iPhone Time Tracking App: Enable your workforce with Replicon’s AI-powered advanced iPhone app and ensure seamless employee time management on-the-go. iPhone time tracking app by Replicon easily sync’s time and expense data so that it is instantly visible to your managers for further processing.


Kanban: Kanban is a visual method for managing lean workflows. It uses cards to represent the flow of components and finished products through a production system. Kanban is an easy-to-use and powerful tool that helps business owners and project managers continuously improve while refining organization and enhancing efficiency.

Kanban Board: The Kanban board facilitates team collaboration and reduces turnaround time. As a project moves through its lifecycle, managers can use Kanban board to track its progress through columns such as “Backlog,” “To Do,” “In Progress,” and “Completed.”

Knowledge Workforce Management: Many fast-growing businesses face significant challenges managing siloed data related to projects, skills, and time. With a unified and shared data platform, Replicon’s Knowledge Workforce Management Solution eliminates data silos across business functions and aligns your people with projects, skills and time. Knowledge workforce management gives a unified view to manage project complexity, reduce billing cycles, and address the growing demand-skill gap. 


Labor Law Compliance: With Replicon’s labor law, compliance easily creates and adheres to company-specific labor law requirements that need to comply. Our pre-configured, up-to-date pay rule library consistently applies overtime, meal breaks and other labor laws across geographies with ease.

Labor Productivity Tracking: Labor productivity tracking enables you to gain complete control over your employee’s work which results in improved efficiency. Get complete visibility and detailed information on what projects employees are working on and their availability making labor productivity more profitable. Visit here to know more!

Lead Time Calculator: From order placement to final delivery, lead time plays a pivotal role in an organization. Accurately calculating time helps increase organizational profitability, lets you achieve your deliverables, and ensures client satisfaction. Lead time calculator helps you track and manage inventory, customer orders and supply chain. Using this calculator, an organization can get an average product-specific estimate that includes the time (in days) required for order processing, production/manufacturing time, and shipping time. 

Lean Project Management: From delayed deadlines to workflow inefficiencies, organizations encounter various difficulties while completing projects, and that’s where lean project management comes to the rescue. Lean project management provides value to the customer, improves product quality and reduces the time required to deliver projects. This approach optimizes the project processes by eliminating unnecessary activities, such as unproductive meetings, unnecessary documentation, unplanned execution, and unneeded iterations, allowing managers to improve overall productivity and efficiency. 


Mobile Time Tracking: Mobile time tracking is the process of recording employees’ working time with mobile devices. Employees can clock in and out using a dedicated mobile app. This tracking requires less effort, where employees can clock in and out anywhere on their mobile devices without any hassles. Mobile time tracking app gives greater flexibility and helps managers efficiently track employees’ working hours and timesheet reports. 

Mobile Expense Tracking: Track expenses on-the-go. Employees can easily enter expenses in real time using Replicon’s mobile app. These expense sheets are notified to managers and they can manage approvals even from the field using their mobile phones. Visit here to learn more about mobile expense tracking for employees.

Mobile TimeSheet App: Seamlessly track your field and mobile workforce anytime/anywhere using your smartphone with a mobile timesheet app. This app  provides real-time notifications and updates of an employee’s timesheet, helping make proactive decisions and eliminating delays. Read more!

Mobile Workforce Management: Mobile workforce management empowers your workforce with advanced flexibility to manage time and expenses accurately. With Replicon’s AI-powered chat-bot, your workforce can log in to the app via Touch ID® or Face ID® taking time management to the next level.


Online TimeSheet Software: Simplify source to gross time tracking for payroll with Replicon’s online timesheets. It is an intuitive time-tracking solution which is easy to use and enables rapid adoption among your diverse workforce. Visit here to know more about online timesheet software solutions. 

Overtime Pay: Overtime pay is a form of compensation that employers offer to their employees for extending their work activities beyond the stipulated time. An employee may need to clock 40 hours in a week, but if they work beyond 40 hours per week. Then, that employee is eligible to receive compensation for those extra working hours at rates suggested by the Fair Labor Standards Act. To know more on Overtime Pay visit here!


Paid Time Off Software: Replicon’s paid time off software enables employees to take time off at their own choice and provides flexibility in taking time off at their discretion when they actually want, which in turn benefits employers with control over unscheduled absenteeism. Visit this page to know more about paid time off software. 

Paid Time Off Tracking: Track employees’ paid time off using Replicon’s Time Tracking solutions. Using this tool, employees can easily submit requests for paid time offs from anywhere, anytime, and their supervisors get notified about the PTO requests, making it easy to track paid time off. Find out how paid time off tracking can help your business.

Payroll Compliance: Payroll compliance should be a priority for any organization, regardless of the size of the business. Payroll compliance entails complying with the laws and regulations governing employees’ pay. These laws and regulations were introduced to ensure that all employees are treated fairly. These laws guarantee that employees receive fair compensation for the work they perform.

Pomodoro Technique: The Pomodoro technique is a time management method that encourages people to break their workday into several 25-minute sessions, with five-minute breaks after each session. The Pomodoro Technique is named after the Italian word Pomodoro, which means tomato, as this method involves using a tomato-shaped kitchen timer to break down work intervals. This method was created by Francesco Cirillo in the 1980s to improve productivity by dividing time into short, 25-minute work sprints with regular breaks. 

Professional Services Automation: Using Replicon’s professional services automation, you can simplify project management, unify client management, easily manage resource utilization and gain complete financial control with flexible invoicing. Automating professional services helps in managing resource availability, employee time offs and gaining control over project expenses by managing unlimited expense policies based on your client’s needs.

Project Accounting Software: Project accounting software enables organizations to gain visibility into the financials, actual budget, costing and expense of any project. Besides tracking all project-related financial information, it keeps track of estimates, bids, purchase orders, billing, change orders, resource costs, time costs, etc. As a result, accountants and financial managers can improve profitability and prevent cost overruns. Visit here to know more!

Project Baseline: Project baseline in project management refers to a predefined initial plan that encompasses a detailed guideline about the project scope, cost, schedule, and deliverables. The project baseline lets you efficiently oversee whether the project is on track and within the defined budget. Further, it helps you monitor your project’s performance, spot potential problems, and recognize areas for improvement. Without a project baseline, your team members are likely to face missed deadlines, cost overruns, scope creeps and this can even lead to the failure of your project.

Project Billing: Efficiently manage project time and capture billable hours spent on each project using Replicon’s project billing software. This tool provides flexible billing rates, which enable supervisors and managers to set up billable targets for multiple projects with ease.

Project Cost Tracking: Effectively tracking the cost of projects is made easy with Replicon’s Time management platform. The software provides easy access to previous projects’ data which helps in creating accurate project budgets. To know more about project cost tracking, visit here!

Project Charter: A Project Charter is a document that outlines project objectives, deliverables, and rough estimates of the time and resources required to complete the project. The document also contains stakeholders’ information and is sent to clients and sponsors for approval. In addition, the project charter delineates the roles and responsibilities of team members and helps the team members work towards achieving a project goal. Without a project charter, it would be difficult for managers to hold team members accountable or keep track of the project’s progress. 

Project Expense Tracking: With Replicon’s Expense tracker, easily track project-related expenses from anywhere, anytime. Using this tool, you can easily track expense types, tax codes, and currency and upload digital receipts for immediate processing. Visit this page to know more about project expense tracking.

Project Integration Management: Multiple projects, varying in terms of budgets, scopes and timelines, make it challenging for project managers to align and manage resources. A project integration management software brings all project processes and manages interdependencies in order to complete the project. Identifying potential conflicts and managing projects in isolation can be challenging without project integration management software.

Project Lifecycle Management: Project lifecycle management refers to the process of planning, organizing, coordinating, and controlling a project or portfolio of projects as they progress throughout their phases. As each project has different scope and goals, it is important for organizations to leverage Project Lifecycle Management Software. Using project lifecycle management software improves the lifetime value of your product portfolio and helps better manage data throughout the product lifecycle

Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK): PMBOK is a project management methodology that is a collection of processes, guidelines, and practices that are considered a reference in the project management industry. It has been split into five process groups, ten knowledge areas, and 49 processes. PMBOK provides insight into the project management procedure and provides standardized rules to manage the project effectively and make wise decisions. More so, it enables project managers to work with a standardized system across different organizations

Project Management Software: Project management software help plan, schedule, allocate resources, and organize projects. Polaris PSA,  the world’s first self-driving PSA software, manages projects in real time and responds to shift scope to keep resources, tasks, and finances on track. It provides you real-time visibility into project-related information like resource allocation, budget vs. actual, and WIP for better project management and decision-making. To know more about Polaris, visit here!

Project Plan Template: A project plan template is a document that defines a format for any project plan. It consists of all project-related elements, such as stakeholders, timelines, budget, costs, resources, etc. Generally, any ideal project plan template must provide an overview of the objective, project methodology used, final deliverables, milestones, timelines, resources, estimated cost, and key scope risks. Learn more!

Project Portfolio Management: Manage your project’s complete portfolio information in real time and create accurate budgets. Efficiently manage project assignments by easily analyzing employee skills on various parameters, which helps in making proactive decisions. Learn more about project portfolio management here!

Proposal Software: It is a tool that assists users in developing proposals and presentations tailored to their needs. This tool helps create, edit, and manage professional proposals in no time before sending them to specific clients/ customers.

Project Resource Allocation: Using Replicon’s Project Management platform, enhance your resource management with simplified project resource allocations. This tool helps you to easily locate resources based on skills, department, availability and other important criteria.

Project Resource Management: As the name suggests, it is a process of organizing and managing the resources like tools, people, and equipment in the most efficient manner for successful project delivery. In other words, project resource management is getting the best out of available resources.

Project Scheduling: Efficiently manage your project scheduling by using Replicon’s Time management platform. With real-time updates, keep yourself notified of the availability of your resources and effectively schedule them to maximize utilization. 

Project Scope: Project scope is an integral part of project planning. It defines all the aspects of the project ranging from deliverables, timelines, goals, team members, and prerequisites to budget. If the project scope is clearly defined, the chances of ambiguity, conflicts, and scope creep reduce to a great extent. It is necessary that the project scope resonates with the client’s expectations so that clients and project managers remain on the same page.

Project Time Billing Software: With unified project time billing solutions, get a complete real-time view of your project status and deliver projects on time and within budget. Project time billing software enables you to track and manage the time of multiple projects and programs efficiently.

Project Time Capture: Easily capture time and expenses of a project in real time using Replicon’s time tracking solutions. Using this tool, employees can submit project time and cost from anywhere, anytime and their approvers can review it in real time.

Project Timesheet Template: The project timesheet template helps track projects on which employees worked and how much time they spent on them. It enables employers to track tasks, time, and cost of each project. The motive of the project timesheet template is not merely to calculate payroll but to identify how many hours have been spent on a specific project. The project timesheet records the start time and end time or the duration of the project. 

Project Time Tracking: Tracking time and cost of multiple projects is made easy with Replicon’s unified Project Time Tracking solutions. This software empowers employees with easy-to-use time tracking interface, which they can update on the go, and their supervisors can instantly view them and quickly make decisions on approvals.

Program Evaluation Review Technique (PERT): PERT is a project management tool to calculate the most realistic timeline needed to finish a task or project  from start to finish. This technique helps schedule and coordinate the project’s tasks with team members. This system also helps identify dependencies among tasks, critical paths, and potential risks in the project. 


QuickBooks Time Tracking: Replicon provides QuickBooks integration module for tracking time and capturing billable hours to effectively manage your resources, projects and clients. This software lets you create invoices and cost statements for accurate accounting. Learn more on QuickBooks time tracking here!


Resource Leveling: Resource leveling is a resource management technique that facilitates scheduling and allocating the available resources to complete the project on time. Plus, this technique helps resolve various types of conflicts that arise due to over or under-allocation of resources, ensuring that resources are utilized most efficiently. This technique helps distribute the work evenly among employees without overburdening some with more work. To learn more about resource leveling, visit here!

R&D Tax Credits: Optimize your tax credits by accurately tracking and accounting your R&D spending. Businesses can maximize their R&D tax credits by using Replicon’s Project Management Solutions, which captures the time spent across all resources working on R&D projects.

R&D Tax Credits Tracking: Accurately track time and expenses spent by your resources on R&D projects and optimize your tax credits using Replicon’s Time Management platform. This tool provides access to historical project information of R&D tax audits which will be useful in planning future R&D credits. To know more about R&D tax credits tracking, visit here!

Resource Allocation: Using Replicon’s unified Time management platform, stay on top of your resource allocation to maximize utilization. Easily allocate resources to projects irrespective of employees working in different projects, locations or clients by tracking their information in real time. Know more about resource allocation here!

Resource Forecasting: Resource forecasting is a method of anticipating the number of resources that will be required in the future to deliver projects promptly. Simply put, this method predicts resource requirements for your projects over a future period of time.

Resource Management: Managing resources based on their availability, location, clients and skill set is made easy using Replicon’s time management platform. The software’s ability to define and track information around project allocations makes resource management efficient. Visit here to know about how resource management works!

Revenue Recognition: Revenue recognition is a generally accepted accounting principle that defines certain conditions for how and when revenue is to be recognized. According to this principle, companies can recognize revenue when it is earned and not when they receive the payment. Learn more!

Risk Management: Risk management refers to the process of identifying and assessing the risks preemptively and taking proactive actions to control and mitigate their effects. Effective risk management reduces the likelihood of risk occurrence as well as its consequent impact on the business.


Scenario Planning: Scenario planning refers to predicting future scenarios and identifying uncertainties that might happen in the business in the near future. Such assumptions help management and businesses stay prepared for adversities or contingencies that might occur due to changes in the current course of action. Though extreme scenarios are difficult to anticipate, devising ways to manage them can help businesses navigate future challenges better. Learn more about scenario planning!

Scrum Methodology: Scrum is an agile development methodology in which work is done in short bursts or cycles, known as sprints. Each of these sprints lasts for 1-2 weeks, in which a particular set of tasks needs to be accomplished. After the completion of each sprint, the sprint analysis takes place to understand if there is any need for improvements or changes in the scope before starting on the next sprint. In scrum methodology, the team has daily standups to discuss the current work and roadblocks if any. It is one of the most flexible approaches that enable team members to respond to changes effectively and rapidly. 

SAP Time Management: Replicon’s global time management platform enables you to manage time and modernize your existing SAP infrastructure by accurately achieving payroll and complying with global labor law regulations. To know more about SAP time management, visit this page!

Shared Services Management: Easily manage your shared service resources working from multiple, remote locations with Replicon’s Time Management platform. Be updated with adequate information that is required to plan future shared service resource management. To know more on how to manage your shared services, visit here!

Six Sigma Methodology: Six Sigma methodology focuses on providing consistent and quality output while eliminating bottlenecks from the project. Two paradigms are generally used in this methodology. DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control), which is used to refine the existing business process. And DMADV (Define, Measure, Analyze, Design, and Verify), which is used when an organization adopts a new process to fulfill the customer’s needs.

Social Loafing: Social loafing is a concept that mostly happens in large groups, where some team members do not deliver on their share of work, assuming others will compensate for their lower output. The term ‘social loafing’ was coined by a French agricultural scientist Max Ringelmann in 1913, who introduced this concept using the rope-pulling experiment.


Takt Time Calculator: The takt time calculator defines how fast each product should be produced in order to meet the growing demand. Since over-production, as well as under-production, can result in inadequacy and wastage. Therefore, takt time helps in keeping the manufacturing pace in check. Visit here to calculate takt time for free!

Time And Attendance Software: Replicon’s award-winning time and attendance software allows you to track time & attendance of employees from anywhere, anytime and on any device in real time. Effectively manage your resource allocations, apply relevant pay rules to ensure compliance and streamline the payroll process.

Time And Expense Reporting: Simplify time and expense reporting for your client billing needs with Replicon’s Time management platform. Capture time and expense reports associated with various projects and clients in real time.

Time And Expense Tracking: Tracking time and expenses spent by employees on projects is made easy with Replicon’s time and expense tracker. With its single unified platform, you can easily track the time of employees and the cost spent on projects from any location in real time, making business productivity more efficient. Learn more about time and expense tracking here.

Time And Labor Software: Time and labor software allows you to gain complete visibility into your workforce, which helps in optimizing labor productivity. By effectively managing your labor costs, you can accurately create project budgets and stick to them. To know more about time and labor software visit here!

Time Billing Software: The time billing software helps organizations track time spent across different projects and generates automated invoices based on this time data captured. Replicon AI-powered time billing software captures project hours accurately and helps create accurate billing for clients. Its 100% accurate data and zero billing error resulting from advanced timesheet validations make this tool stand out. To know more, visit here!

Time Card Calculator: A time card calculator is a tool that helps calculate the exact working hours of employees during a specific period. You can input the start time, break time, and end time for each day in the time card for the stipulated time period(week/month), along with the hourly pay rate. This time card calculator will show the total working hours during that week or month and will calculate compensation based on the set pay rate. Some time card calculators also allow entering multiple aggregated breaks within the same day and show actual working hours after auto-deducting all those break times.

Time Clock Software: Time clock software enables employees to submit time and attendance details on the go, even if they are working from a remote location. Supervisors get notified about the same in real time, which helps track their resources’ productivity overtime. Visit this page to know about time clock software by Replicon. You can also refer the guide on how to buy a time clock software.

Time Intelligence: Replicon’s Time Intelligence® allows businesses to manage and treat time the way they treat money and resources. It helps in maximizing your business’s performance by improving process efficiencies, resource productivity and reducing time-related data errors down to 0%. As time is captured in real time, you can easily track an individual employee’s contribution to the project or business.

Time Intelligence® Platform: Capture time data, spread across multiple systems like CRM, payroll, ERP, HCM, etc. in a single unified platform – Replicon’s Time Intelligence® Platform. It provides data security, global compliance, alerts & notification, business workflow orchestration and web services, all under a single platform. Learn more!

Time Management Software: Replicon provides pre-packaged time management apps to solve your specific business needs. We have products for professional services, project-based services and enterprise solutions. Click here to know about Replicon’s time management apps.

Time Off Management: Managing employee time off is made easy with Replicon’s Time Off Management software. This tool enables employees to update their time off from any device, on-the-go and their respective supervisors will get notified about the request in real time. This allows managers to efficiently manage and allocate resources for projects based on employee’s time off requests. Learn more!

Time Off Software: Replicon’s time off software accurately captures time off data which is crucial for effective payroll processes. Stay on top of employee time off requests and increase the productivity of your business by effectively managing resources. Learn more about time off software here!

Time Off Tracker: With a time off tracker, managers can get real-time information about employee time off schedules, time off usage, availability and other time off types even when they are mobile. Supervisors can also export time off information and share it with their co-workers which makes tracking and managing employee time off very easy.

TimeSheet Software: Replicon’s timesheet software has successfully catered to the needs of organizations with features such as time and attendance tracking, project costing and timeline management. This tool can easily track resource data over multiple projects with an unlimited hierarchy. It also supports multi-client billing and invoicing, even in multiple currencies.

Time Tracking Software: Track project cost, and billable rates based on projects, resources or tasks in real time using Time tracking software. With its easy to use GUI, Replicon’s time tracking software is used by over 1.5 million customers in more than 80+ countries worldwide. To know more about time tracking software, visit here!

TimeSheet App: Manage your workforce and ensure seamless time and expense management on-the-go with Replicon’s TimeSheet app. This app helps you easily track remote or field-based workforce from any device, anytime, anywhere.

TimeSheet Implementation Services: Replicon provides various packages for service implementation, which can be customized to your specific business requirements. The packages consist of quick start, guided and custom.

TimeSheet Software Pricing: Replicon provides flexible price packaging to get what you want in order to solve your business objectives. Get to choose from various pricing plans namely, quick start, plus and premier. Know more here!

Track Billable Hours: Accurately track billable hours of clients, projects and maximize your business profitability. With Replicon’s TimeBill, ensure fast and precise billing rate calculations and manage  revenue in real time.

Track Reimbursable Expenses: Track reimbursable expenses with a simplified expense tracking process. Easily track and control business costs with visibility into expenses using Replicon’s unified expense tracking software.


Waterfall Project Management Methodology:  In the waterfall project management methodology, the progress of a project flows in one direction only. In this linear approach, one set of tasks, known as phase needs to be completed first before moving on to the next phase. This waterfall project management methodology works best when deliverables and end goals are clear, and no alterations will be required amid the project.

Workforce Management Software: WFM software is designed to create schedules for employees and track their time and attendance. Workforce management software is typically beneficial for employers with hourly-based, and shift-based employees, who are paid by the hour.

Web-based Project Billing Software: This software helps streamline remote collaboration by enabling multiple users to work on collaborative projects online. Moreover, this software lets users tailor the system to suit their specific requirements.

Web TimeSheet: Web TimeSheet is an ideal project management software with advanced time- tracking capabilities to handle multiple projects and timesheets effectively. It provides managers with easy-to-use, accurate and affordable solutions to view projects and resource performance in real time.

Workforce Analytics: Workforce Analytics is an advanced, powerful reporting tool by Replicon that enables you to stay on top of all the metrics surrounding your workforce and provides comprehensive dashboard products. With real-time, dynamic summary charts you can easily plan and manage your workforce in advance. Know more about workforce analytics here!


ZeroTime: AI-powered Time Tracking:  Zero time, which is an AI-powered time tracking system, facilitates the automatic capture of employees’ work and time data, therefore, freeing them up from manual timesheet filling. This AI-backed tool automatically collects time data from different work applications that you use on a daily basis. For more information, visit here!


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Sonika Malviya


Sonika Malviya


Sonika is a Marketing Communications Specialist at Deltek | Replicon, specializing in covering topics related to time tracking and workforce management software. With her in-depth knowledge of these topics, she translates technical details into understandable and relatable content to empower businesses to optimize their productivity, improve their workflows, and achieve greater success in managing their time. Beyond her professional role, Sonika finds solace and inspiration in her travels. She also practices meditation and has a flair for culinary experimentation, always eager to try her hand at cooking new cuisines.


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