Replicon AI-powered Timesheets

AI-powered Timesheets

Leverage AI/ML to create review-ready timesheets. Capture accurate time data from multiple work apps.

Replicon Projects


Model jobs to be managed and tasks hierarchies to be tracked

Replicon Resource Recommendation

Resource Recommendation

Identify ideal resources for the job based on availability, skills, location etc

Replicon Skills Catalog

Skills Catalog

Create a reference catalog of skills needed by each role.

Replicon Roles and Permissions

Roles and Permissions

Map permission sets to roles within your organization

Replicon Groups


Structure employees, departments or locations for modeling and data access

Replicon Organization


Model organizational hierarchy and enable access for better control and visibility

Replicon Resource Forecasts

Resource Forecasts

Generate resource forecast reports to gain visibility into the future availability of your staff.

Replicon Schedules


Create and manage employee schedules to meet your shift requirements

Replicon Rates


Use our rate structure to track your costs and manage your client billing

Replicon Invoice


Bill your clients for all project time and expenses using our built-in module

Replicon Expenses


Define and track expenses to associate them with projects to get actual costs

Replicon Clients


Model your vendors and clients and associate them with project and programs

Replicon Project Financials

Project Financials

Accommodate various client/project billing needs – fixed-bid, time & materials, flat or any combination.

Replicon Skill Based Assignments

Skill Based Assignments

Leverage skill and expertise while initiating and fulfilling resource requests.

Replicon Manage Hiring and Training

Manage Hiring and Training

Analyze resource availability by skillset to proactively hire or retrain resources and meet future demand.

Replicon Resource Allocation

Resource Allocation

View allocation levels of global resources to easily spot underutilized or over-utilized resources.

Replicon Capacity Planning

Capacity Planning

Assign placeholder resource to pending projects to effectively account for resource requirements, and enable quick hiring/training

Replicon Time Off

Time Off

Manage project resource availability with total visibility into their time off calendar

Replicon Calendar


Define work and holiday calendar for your organization, locations and resources

Replicon Crew Timesheet

Crew Timesheet

Get visibility into your crews’ time and availability to better manage your projects

Replicon CloudClock


Enable employees’ to clock in/out with our AI-powered time clock app

Agile & Configurable

Agile & Configurable

Easy to make the platform meet all your business needs

Replicon Global


Deploy globally across your business to leverage as a single source of truth

Replicon Mobile


Enable employees with instant platform access and get real-time visibility

Replicon Integrations


Share project time data with your ecosystem using connectors or web services

Replicon Compliance


Use our prebuilt library or configure rules for your global labor compliance needs

Replicon Governance


Global administration with local control for security, privacy and compliance

Replicon Locations


Model locations hierarchy and enable access for better control and visibility

Replicon Approvals


Use our approvals library for standard workflows or build dynamic workflows

Replicon Validations


Configure data validation rules to be compliant with business process requirements

Replicon Notifications


Email, mobile and in-product notifications to drive actions and process requirements

Replicon Currencies


Set up currencies and conversions based on location, department, client and more

Replicon Languages


Set up language based on location, department, or employee preferences

Replicon Gross Pay Engine

Gross Pay Engine

Use our pay rule library to convert employee hours into gross pay information

Replicon Payroll Workbench

Payroll Workbench

Get a unified view for exceptions, validations and adjustments to manage payroll exports

Replicon Pay Rates

Pay Rates

Configure employee pay rates with activities and dates to help calculate accurate pay

Replicon Attachments


Include additional docs or info in projects, expenses, time off and timesheets

Replicon Analytics


Real-time insights into projects, people, and other metrics that tie into time

Replicon Secure Cloud Infrastructure

Secure Cloud Infrastructure

Robust platform that has security layers at each level – Application security, Database Security, Network protection, and Disaster recovery.