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Labor Compliance Management

#1 Time Tracking Platform with Built-in Global Compliance-as-a-Service

Replicon platform ensures pay, labor, and work time compliance

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Don’t let evolving labor and wage compliance rules stress you out. Let Replicon handle it for you.

One of the biggest challenges of ensuring labor and wage compliance is keeping up with the rapidly changing regulations. Difficulties in interpreting complex federal, state, and local laws, a lack of processes to get real-time updates, and managing the complexities of multi-jurisdictional requirements all combine to make compliance with labor regulations overwhelming for many organizations.


Multiple legislations and regulations

hand stopping dominoes from falling signifying avoidance of risks and legal complexity

Increasing risks and legal complexities

businesswoman discussing about exempt and non-exempt employees

Classifying exempt and nonexempt employees

book with title policies and procedures

Enforcing paid time off policies equitably

employee’s desk with alarm clock and calendar

Enforcing minimum daily breaks

teammates discussing work reports

Fragmented and inadequate reporting

The Replicon Difference

Transforming Time Tracking and Compliance For Tomorrow

Accurate time tracking is critical to ensure compliance with labor, payroll, and working time directives around the globe. Staying compliant requires a proactive approach to keep up with rapidly changing global labor laws.

Global Labor Compliance Expertise

Replicon’s in-house legal experts monitor the evolving regulatory landscape and comprehend complex laws to safeguard your business from non-compliance in over 85 countries.

Enforce Compliance For Working Time Directives, Pay, Schedules & Absence

Whether it is time data for time & attendance, booking time off, employee scheduling or for processing payroll, capture complaint data at entry.

Mitigate Risks With Continuous Compliance

Eliminate the need to manually configure compliance rules and let Replicon take care of it for you.

Ensure Compliance Across Employee Time, Schedule, Time off and Payroll

Replicon ensures compliance with local labor laws and regulations for time, schedule, time off and payroll across 85+ countries and 375+ jurisdictions.

employee punching time in replicon timesheet


  • Maximum working hours
  • Meal and rest breaks
  • Clock in/out time
  • Comply with the Working Time Directive
  • Comply with FLSA, Fair Work Act, Canada Labour Code, and more
employee checking his schedule in the calendar app


  • Working time directives
  • Meal and rest break enforcement
  • Night shift restrictions
  • Complex bargaining agreements (CBA)
  • Adhere to fair workweek laws
employee going on vacation with their family

Time off

  • Statutory minimum time off
  • Paid and unpaid leaves
  • Accruals, resets, carryovers, overdraw limits
  • Approval of requests
  • Comply with FMLA, and other time-off compliance policies
employee checking compensation credited on phone


  • Minimum wage
  • Overtime calculation
  • Global gross pay
  • Multiple pay rates
  • Meet FLSA, ESA, ERA, FWA, and more payroll laws

Assured Continuous Compliance From Replicon

Automated, fast, and accurate capture of statutory legislative changes ensures continuous compliance. Centralized repository of compliance-related information makes it easy for organizations to manage their compliance obligations.

circle of continuous compliance from Replicon

Comply with Confidence With a Unified Time Tracking Platform

Timesheet consisting of work hours for different projects

AI-powered time tracking for your global workforce

Enforce the right to disconnect

ZeroTime™, AI-powered Time Tracking, automatically captures time data to monitor an employee’s work hours and enforce the right to disconnect.

Automate Time Tracking

Automatically collect time and work data from 100+ work and collaboration applications such as Zoom, Slack, Microsoft, Jira, Asana, and more.

Enforce adherence

Capture 100% of your employees work time accurately to ensure employees are not active outside of normal working hours.

Adhere to complex and ever-changing statutory labor requirements

Global compliance adherence

Handle every unique compliance concern of an organization, including regulatory compliance, union and collective bargaining agreements.

Compliance dashboard

Use Replicon’s Compliance Dashboard to see which pay rules are in use. Track any compliance-related updates to the rules they are using.

Updates on evolving labor laws

Subscribe to global compliance updates mailing lists.

Replicon compliance dashboard
Replicon payroll workbench

Meet overtime and pay compliance requirements

Accurate pay

Automate payroll calculation ensuring that all employees are paid correctly and in accordance with local laws and regulations.

Classification of employees

Classify employees as exempt or non-exempt to accurately account for overtime.

Global coverage

Preconfigured global pay rule library across 250+ jurisdictions in 85+ countries enables consistent application of statutory labor regulations with ease.

Time off compliance

Track time off status in real time, including details of accruals, balances, usage, and time off type.

Automate global gross pay

Complex gross pay calculations

Automate complex pay calculations for accurate and efficient payroll calculations, regardless of location or the local laws and regulations that apply.

Adhere to custom rules

Automatically comply with variations in requirements, business policies, and local laws that cannot be handled by a single vendor

Labor law expertise

Eliminate the need to depend on an individual or team to interpret and manage local compliance.

Replicon dashboard showing multiple pay rules
different tabs from Replicon platform showing punch-in punch out, time off request, and meal break time

Easily comply with working time directives

Meet statutory labor law requirements

Enforce maximum work hours, meal breaks, rest breaks, overtime, and minimum break lengths to improve employee satisfaction.

Enforce mandatory breaks

Use default break rules to enforce mandatory minimum work breaks.

Manage violations

Allow employees to waive break violation and consequent penalty. Notify employees of missing break times entries.

Automate schedule compliance adherence

Ensure schedule compliance

Create fair and predictable schedules automatically, reducing the risks of fatigue, and making sure workers are properly trained for their job tasks.

Schedule validation

Automate compliance checks to ensure that schedules comply with relevant labor laws, industry standards, and corporate policies.

Add custom rules

Define and enforce your own custom compliance rules to minimum daily breaks, night shift restrictions, and maximum weekly working time limits.

failed schedule validation pop up
manage crew timesheets from a single place

Unified platform to manage your diverse and global workforce

One platform

Complete projects on time with global compliance with a single platform for time and attendance tracking, schedule management, and gross pay calculations.

Employee self-service

Enable end-users with advanced capabilities to clock in/out, manage breaks, shifts, rounding or enter time towards jobs and activities.

Manage crew

Powerful capabilities like dynamic crew assignments, mass copy/ edit of timesheets, allocations make managing crews very simple.

Ensure global governance and local administration

Meet governance needs

Organize payroll information by hierarchical groups, so admins and managers can decide how much or how little information they want to see.

Ensure local compliance

Leverage a unified platform to manage wage-and-hour compliance in more than 85 countries while ensuring local compliance.

Model multiple use cases

Comply with variations in requirements, business policies, and local laws that cannot be handled by a single vendor

Replicon timesheet showing violation
statistics of time data

Real-time monitoring for responsive audit and compliance management

Identify trends

Monitor employee time and attendance in real time to dig deeper into patterns related to absenteeism and overtime.

Real-time visibility

Get full visibility into attendance, overtime, time, and compliance data in one place

Approvals and record keeping

Ensure proper approval and storage mechanisms to record, review, authorize, and store employee data for future audits.

Integration Made Easy

Share gross pay data

Share critical employee time and pay data with your ecosystem to enable downstream processes from our workforce management software.

Payroll, HR, ERP & more

Fast and easy to integrate Replicon with any HR, payroll, ERP or other systems that your business uses.

Convenient and secure interfaces

Seamlessly share time and project data with other systems within your technology ecosystem.

replicon integration with different software and tools

Built on a Configurable Time Intelligence® Platform

Time Off
Gross Pay Engine
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Labor Compliance Management Software: Solutions & Use Cases

More than 2000 Global Organizations Use Replicon to Stay 100% Compliant

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An IT Services and Consulting Firm

“I love the platform because of its flexibility and adaptability across different countries’ requirements. The power of the platform allows us to collect payroll time accurately worldwide. Without the platform, we wouldn’t be able to accurately pay about 6000 employees. Knowledgeable Project team who were able to bridge the requirement gaps, Replicon’s Compliance-as-a-Service is able to meet the requirement globally, when we did not have a system in place, to begin with, Turn-around time to implement the solution is amazing, showcasing the partnership, hand holding to ensure we achieve the ultimatum.”

– Delivery Director

An American Fashion House

“We are using Replicon for compliance across various countries and to ensure we have an accurate payroll process that follows both internal CBA’s(Collective Bargaining Agreements) and Labour Law Regulations in the countries.”

– HR Director

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