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Accurate Time & Labor Management, Simplified Gross Pay Compliance, and Full Workforce Insights

No More Manual Time Tracking With AI-powered ZeroTime™

Time and labor management with AI-powered ZeroTime

Streamline and Modernize Your Time and Labor Processes With Our AI-powered Time Intelligence Platform

AI-powered Time Tracking For Accurate Time and Payroll Management

No more time tracking

Liberate your employees from traditional timesheets by letting AI do the heavy lifting.

Capture time across 100+ work apps

Automatically capture time spent by your knowledge workforce across 100+ work apps like Slack, Jira, Asana, Zoom, and more.

Review and submit

Assemble accurate and complete pre-filled timesheets for your employees to review and submit.

Capturing employee time by leveraging Replicon’s AI-powered time-tracking software
Configurable timesheet from Replicon for accurate labor time tracking

Flexible Timesheets

Intuitive time capture

Capture the total hours or in/out times and automatically add paid holidays to the labor timesheet.

Multiple formats

Configure timesheets easily to collect custom information such as activities, shifts, locations for accurate labor time tracking.

Support for all employees

Manage exempt, non-exempt, contractors, and other employee types.

Regular vs overtime

Track regular vs. overtime hours and time worked for both salary and hourly employees.

Mobile Time Tracking

Employee self-service

Empower your workforce with self-service capabilities to manage time & attendance accurately, even when they are mobile from any device.

AI-based chatbot, Face ID® & more

Leverage Face ID® and Touch ID® to log in and choose to interact with our AI-based chatbot to make time tracking a conversation.

Real-time updates

Supervisors and managers get real-time updates about timesheet submissions and can review/approve right from the app.

Instant sync

Real-time sync with the Replicon platform provides instant insights into all labor-related metrics.

Touch ID and Face ID are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

Managing time and attendance including clock in, clock out, and break on the mobile app
Tracking real-time punch and location details of employees via Replicon’s GPS timesheet

GPS Timesheets

Time + location intelligence

Track location details associated with time entries for consistent application of business policies.

Real-time tracking

Get real-time visibility into employee location information to control your remote and field teams.


Leverage advanced geo-fencing capabilities to inform employees & supervisors based on virtual fences and never worry about data accuracy.

Advanced Time Clock

Any tablet to a clock

Quickly turn any iOS tablet device into a cloud-connected kiosk for time capture and self-service management.

In/out, breaks, activities & more

Enable end users with advanced capabilities to clock in/out, manage breaks, rounding or enter time towards jobs and activities.

No more buddy punching

Eliminate time theft and buddy-punching with smart features like facial recognition or real-time image capture, combined with a photo-audit trail.

Round-the-clock monitoring

Benefit from the around the clock device monitoring and maintenance, from our world-class support team.

Tracking employee’s time and attendance via Replicon’s AI-powered Time Clock App
Configurable time entry validation rules in the Replicon timesheet

Advanced Business Validations

Configurable rules

Set up automatic validation of every time entry and punches using predefined rules.

Build your own validations

Create custom validation rules within the labor time tracker to meet business and gross pay requirements.

Zero errors

Automatic validations of timesheet entries minimize errors for common and specific business requirements.

Intelligent Approvals for Time and Labor Management

Approval workflows

Select from our predefined approvals library to manage your approval workflows for timesheets and time off.>

Custom approvals

Create and orchestrate intelligent business workflows that meet your business requirements and real-time data conditions.

Dynamic routing

Validate data in real-time for exceptions or events and route timesheets for approvals as per specific requirements.

Alerts and notifications

Make timely submissions and approvals with alerts and notifications.

Intelligent timesheet approval path for a time and labor management
Booking time off on Replicon timesheet

Manage Employee Absences*

Automate policies

Create time off, vacation, and other policies to automate time off management across your global business and manage liabilities with ease.

Accruals and resets

Set accrual rules, resets, carryovers, overdraw limits, and effective dates.

Employee self-service

Enable employees to request vacation, sick, and other time off types and add specific comments.

Enhanced team calendar

Get real-time information about employee time off schedules with an intuitive calendar view.

* Available with our TimeOff add-on

Labor Law Compliance

Pay rule library

Utilize our up-to-date, pre-configured pay rule library in our labor compliance software to consistently apply overtime, meal breaks, and other labor laws across geographies.

Compliant gross pay

Automate pay calculations and always be confident that you are complying with relevant labor policies.

Union & other complex scenarios

Easily create and adhere to company-specific labor law requirements that you need to comply with.

Compliance dashboard

Stay in-the-know on compliance best practices and updates through Replicon’s resource library and compliance dashboard.

Learn More
Replicon’s labor law compliance dashboard providing real-time insight into pay rules for different geographies
Managing time and labor gross pay with payroll workbench

Centralized Global Gross Pay

Compliant gross pay

Generate payable time and pay data based on pay rules, policies, employees profiles, shift/schedule information.

Payroll workbench

Easily manage pay data validations, exceptions and adjustments with the payroll workbench.

Flexible payroll exports

Create templates and completely automate payroll exports to multiple vendors streamlining the entire process.

Enhanced Configurability

Model organization hierarchy

Enjoy complete flexibility to customize organizational hierarchy as per business requirements.

Global governance

Organize your critical time and payroll data for better security, access, and visibility across your global organization.

Gross pay data access

Restrict local payroll administrators from viewing/editing users outside of their groups.

Local administration

Administer local business policies from a central location.

Organizing different geographical business policies from a centralized location
Report of time and labor analytics

Advanced Analytics

Flexible reporting

Easily configure reports to filter and view business metrics around time, gross pay, overtime, labor costs & compliance.

Granular data visibility

Dig deep into real-time or historical data to better forecast labor costs.


Get the “big picture” with dynamic, real-time summary charts and dashboards.

Schedule and share reports

Schedule reports with time and gross pay data to be emailed at regular intervals to key people in your business.

In Sync With Your Enterprise

Turnkey integrations

Turnkey and seamless cloud-based integrations make it easy to implement, deploy and upgrade.

Share gross pay data

Share critical employee time and pay data with your ecosystem to enable downstream processes.

Payroll, HR, ERP & more

Fast and easy to integrate Replicon with any HR, payroll, ERP or other systems that your business uses.

Time and labor integration management

Customers Speak

“Our team is very mobile. Our people in the field building towers are never at their desks, but work off tablets and phones. Replicon makes it easy for them to enter time from any device, be it an iPad, Android phone or iPhone.”

Ankur Dharmani
Architecture and Infrastructure Manager

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Employees working on their laptops in the workplace
“Replicon’s hassle-free solution has helped us become 100% compliant, minimized our risk for losing funding and streamlined our organization’s time entry, so we can focus more resources on our core missions: eliminating infectious diseases.”

Ann Herbig
Project Manager

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Time Billing Software
“Replicon provides a single solution to accurately capture time for project costing, and to handle complex payroll, overtime, and time-off calculations while helping us stay compliant with HR policies.”

Jason Duncan

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Project Management Software
“The time-tracking abilities of Replicon simplify and enhance our regulatory compliance, while giving our employees access to current timesheet information and detailed project data.”

Tiina Painio
Manager of Information Management Business Systems

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Project Management Software
“What attracted us to Replicon was its high degree of configurability to how we wanted to see the information, when we wanted to access it, and what actions we could take upon reviewing the time and project data.”

Yuri Litvinov
IT Operations Manager

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Project Time Billing Software

Customers Reviews

Danielle M.

Senior Finance & Admin Officer


The customization of the product is the best part. We work in a wide variety of difference countries and we are able to customize accruals, benefits, etc. based on local country labor laws. Additionally the platform is extremely user friendly and our staff had enjoyed using the platform.

Samuel F.



You are able to see your employee statistics, the labor laws update regularly. It can also help you calculate overtime for your employees.

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