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Manage project hours & costs

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Project Time Tracking


Track project hours for billing

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Project Expense


Track project expenses

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Time Off Software


Manage paid time off

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Enterprise Time Tracking

Project time for large businesses

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Replicon for Project Time Tracking

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Track Project Time with 100% Accuracy

Configurable timesheet along with custom validation rules to meet your unique business requirements, eliminating common project time tracking errors at the source. Leverage push notifications and alerts to prompt users to submit accurate project time without delays. Learn More

Intuitive and Unobtrusive Time Capture with Mobile Time Tracking

Replicon’s mobile project time tracking app allows employees to submit time entries from anywhere, anytime, and on any device with a simple push of a button. AI enabled chatbots make project time tracking interactive and unobtrusive, increasing adoption and consistent and accurate data collection. Learn More
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Improve Employee Productivity

Take control over your project delivery with a real-time visibility into project progress and estimated time to complete the remaining work. Track time spent on projects and progress against set targets to monitor productivity at both individual and project level.

Increase Project Profitability

Move resources from non-billable tasks to billable projects by tracking billable and nonbillable hours for every user. Account for every minute spent on a client project to raise accurate invoices.
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Invoice Clients In Real Time

Replicon allows employees to submit their timesheets dynamically, not at the end of the week or month, to speed up invoicing process. Accurate project time tracking powered by intelligent workflows accelerate timesheet approvals and reduce overheads. Learn More

Make Data Driven Decisions

Get real-time insights into projects, people, and other metrics that tie into time. Use dashboards to visualize project time tracking, resource workload and availability, team performance and more. Send custom reports to all stakeholders to drill down on metrics and identify improvement opportunities. Learn More
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In-Sync With Other Tools You Use

Connect Replicon with your accounting software to enable seamless flow of project time tracking data to payroll and billing systems. Share time and project data with project management, HR, payroll, accounting, ERP systems and more. Learn More

If you’re looking for the best way to keep track of projects and time, look no further. Try Replicon’s Project Time Tracking today.

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Recognized By Industry Experts

Replicon’s suite is highly rated by industry experts for our innovation, advanced capabilities, premium services and support.

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Malvin V.

Project Manager

Replicon is a very robust and flexible system that can cater to a company’s need whether you have office/field staff, full time/part time staff, and anything in between. Being able to customize the system for different use cases and for different types of employees is great. The ability to create custom reports is powerful.

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Geoffrey W.

Service Operations Analyst

We use the Replicon system to record all time spent by most members of the company. All users’ time is submitted to the relevant project manager/owner, who then approves or rejects the time. All approved time is totalled up by the system and forwarded to the finance team, who can then use the system to prepare bills to send to customers. The Replicon system allows this to be run smoothly and we are very happy with it.

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Jerome P.

Finance Officer

I use Replicon to keep track of all time spent by most members of the company. It is a great system, easy to learn and it has helped improve most project’s perceptibility. Replicon’s interface is clean and friendly and ease of scheduling takes less time which is a better choice compared to manual timesheets we used to pass around everyday. The app is exactly what it needs to be as it provides a great deal of flexibility that allows easy matching of time spent on projects against budgeted hours.

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