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Polaris Self-driving PSA and PPM

Knowledge Workforce Management Solutions

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Polaris Provides Real-time Insights Into Your Projects, Portfolio, Resources and Finances

Intelligent Project and Resource Management

Leverage AI-powered engines to keep all your projects on track to ensure profitable delivery and get complete control over your resources, schedules and costs. Define your framework and methodology for managing projects, resources and finances. Optimize collaboration between resource and project managers with built-in workflows.

free time tracking software
free time tracking software

Polaris Provides Real-time Business Insights

Get the pulse of your business with live tracking of business metrics to control projects, resources and finances, and make early course corrections. Get full visibility into strategic objectives reflected in a high-level view across your project portfolio. Dig deeper to get detailed information on any of the metrics for further analysis.

Bid More Profitably and Optimize Revenue

Use SmartBudget* to simulate various bidding scenarios to meet desired margins and revenue goals. Create rate cards by considering true utilization, 100% of costs, and real margins.

*SmartBudget is available with Polaris PSA only.

free time tracking software
free time tracking software

Polaris Enables Faster Billing and Revenue Recognition

Account for every piece of work done and model your contract terms into rates and bill plans. Optimize cash flow with a clear view of WIP, billed, available-to-bill and outstanding amounts. Leverage built-in Revenue Recognition.

*Revenue Recognition feature is available with Polaris PSA only.

Accurate Expense and AI-powered ZeroTime

Automate employee time tracking and accurately track expenses. ZeroTime enables automatic capture of time and work data of your hybrid workforce, across work apps.

free time tracking software
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Connect With Your Existing Tech Ecosystem

Share business-critical information with your ecosystem. Leverage plug-and-play integration with leading CRM, ERP, Project Management, Collaboration, Accounting, Incident Management and other software that you use.

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free time tracking software

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