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Resource Management Software

Manage your resources like an asset with a unified AI-powered resource management software. Gain complete control over your resources, schedules, and costs.

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Polaris for Resource Management

The Polaris self-driving PSA platform serves as the system of record for your project based organization and helps manage all of your resources. All resource related information, pool database, resource requisitions and resources allocated to projects can be easily managed to get instant visibility and communicated to other teams involved.

Resource Management Software Designed For Remote Teams

  • Get a comprehensive view of global resources along with their current and future allocation levels.
  • Create a single source of truth for all resource related details including their departments, location, skill sets, competencies, etc.,
  • Get insights into resource availability and engagement period to easily identify when the next availability of resources will be.
  • Initiate communication with remote resources and stakeholders while keeping all the conversations within the context of a given project or client.
resource management software
resource management planning

Streamline Resource Planning

  • Integrate our resource management software with your CRM to sense incoming demand from sales opportunities and start early conversations with stakeholders.
  • Search for resources in minutes based on the availability, skills, location, or other criteria.
  • Leverage built-in collaboration workflows for project resource allocation and fulfillment.
  • Account for resource requirements by assigning placeholder resources to pending projects.

Find The Right Resource For Every Project

  • Use SmartMatch – an intelligent resource recommendation engine – to automatically identify ideal resources for the project/job based on real-time data.
  • Use a single resource management tool to quickly locate resources based on availability, location, skill set, department, or other criteria.
  • Allocate resources to projects by percentage of total availability or by hours per day.
resource allocation using smartmatch
Maximize Utilization With Modern Resource Management Tools

Maximize Utilization With Modern Resource Management Tools

  • Use graphical representation to easily spot underutilized or over-utilized resources in real-time.
  • Report on utilization by various dimensions with dynamic charts and graphs.
  • Optimize resource cost based on available resources cost and assignment locations.
  • Move resources from non-billable to billable tasks and reduce bench time by identifying open assignments that fit the resources’ skills.

Make Informed Hiring And Training Decisions

  • Track skills, certificates and expertise levels of all resources in a centralized single repository.
  • Analyze the skills gap within the existing capacity to proactively hire or retrain resources and bridge the capacity vs demand gap.
  • Manage certification updates with attestation right within the resource allocation tool.
  • Create a reference catalog of skills needed by each role.
  • Proactively train reserved resources for incoming projects and optimize resource allocation levels.
  • Create learning programs to improve engagement, productivity, and reduce employee attrition.
Make Informed Hiring And Training Decisions
manage resource forecasting and planning

Execute Resource Forecasting And Capacity Planning With Confidence

  • Predict resource requirements based on newly-approved projects and incoming demand from sales opportunities.
  • Get full visibility into time off, regional holiday calendars, and schedules to determine availability.
  • Break departmental silos and gain organization-wide visibility into resources who are well-suited for the project/job.

Explore Other Powerful PSA Capabilities To Improve Resource Management

Deliver Better with Innovative Beats & Pulse

Project Management

Automatically pull and plan for projects from your CRM. Use SmartBeats to get instant updates from project users about work done, remaining work, and completion date to take control of project delivery.

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Decision-making Made Simple

Advanced Analytics

Get real-time visibility into all your business metrics – profits, margins, revenues and more with MissionControl. Customize dashboards for every role including resource managers, project managers, and more.

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Standardize Processes to Drive Consistency

Business Governance

Standardize projects, resources, billing, revenue and other processes across your services organization. Manage full resource lifecycle from forecasting needs to managing resource allocations and utilization.

Explore business governance

Manage Resources like a Pro

Time & expense management

Track billable and non-billable hours by project even when resources are mobile. Empower resources with intelligent approval workflows and real-time notifications to ensure timely submission and approvals of time and expense.

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Make your Bidding Process Smart

Financial Modeling

Factor in 100% of resource time and costs & overheads while creating rate cards to maximize margins and profitability. Calculate true utilization based on historical information, current, and future availability.

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Deliver Better with Innovative Beats & Pulse

Client management

Use the Clients Module to manage customers, vendors, fund sources, service partners or internal departments. Get a consolidated view of all client-specific projects and engagements in one place.

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Plan and Manage Services Revenue

Program & Practice management

Roll-up similar projects into programs/practice and set up key attributes including hours, costs, billing and more. Centrally view and manage all projects associated with a practice in real-time.

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Plan and Manage Services Revenue

Project Financials

Leverage versatile bill plan modeling to accommodate various client/project billing needs – fixed-bid, time & materials, flat or any combination. Build rate cards with effectivity dates for each role to model client engagements.

Explore project financials

Leverage turnkey integration capabilities


Share critical business data with your ecosystem to enable project and resource planning, billing, and revenue recognition. Leverage turnkey integration capabilities to integrate with any CRM, ERP, HRMS system that you use.

Explore integration

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