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Time and Billing Software for Project-Based Businesses

No More Manual Time Tracking With AI-powered ZeroTime™

View of Time and Billing Software from multiple devices

Capture Projects Hours, Apply Rates and Invoice Accurately

AI-powered Time Tracking For More Accurate Billing

No Manual Time Tracking

Liberate your employees from traditional timesheets by letting AI do the heavy lifting.

100% Accurate Time Data

Automatically capture time spent by your knowledge workforce across 100+ work apps like Slack, Jira, Asana, Zoom, and more.

Review and Submit

Assemble accurate and complete pre-filled timesheets for your knowledge workforce to review and submit.

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Freedom From Traditional Timesheets
Configurable Time Tracking for Intuitive time capture

Configurable Time Tracking

Intuitive time capture

Configure timesheets to capture the information your business needs and track up-to-the-minute project time for client billing.

Billable hours

Track billable and non-billable hours by project, and easily assign it to single or multiple clients even when mobile for accurate project billing.

In/Out time

Track start and stop times against client projects, activities, or custom fields for increased accuracy in time and billing.

Pre-populated timesheets

Make timesheet completion and submission easy for your project resources with timesheet pre-population rules.

GPS monitoring

Time tracker for managing your remote project workforce better with real-time GPS tracking and geofencing capabilities.

Attachments and comments

Give your supervisors and clients better context around your project time entries with relevant attachments.

Mobile Timesheets for Project Time and Billing

Anytime, anywhere

Capture client project data anytime, anywhere, with or without connectivity, and sync data in seconds.

GPS time tracking

Make informed project decisions by leveraging the location details tagged to the mobile timesheet entries.

Project manager view

Review and approve client project time and expenses even on-the-go.

AI-enabled timesheets

AI-enabled timesheets turn time tracking into a conversation with our AI-based chatbot and take project time tracking to the next level.

Digital receipts

Upload digital receipts and attachments instantly to reduce lost information.

Reduce delays

Eliminate timesheet submission and approval delays and see increased accuracy in time and billing.

Mobile Timesheets for Project Time and Billing Tracker
Enhanced Validation Rules and Notifications for Timesheets

Enhanced Validations and Notifications

Zero billing errors

Eliminate billing errors utilizing our advanced timesheet validations.

Instant alerts

Leverage real-time notifications to ensure timely submission for processing time and billing.

Validate to meet your needs

Use configurable business validations to ensure all data follows your organization’s unique policies.

Intelligent Approvals Within The Time and Billing Software

Configurable workflows

Define multi-level approval workflows that make sense for your services business.

Dynamic routing

Use real-time data validation to create dynamic routing of timesheets to the right people.

Involve all stakeholders

Include project managers, clients, and other stakeholders to ensure the right people always review and approve before billing.

Intelligent Timesheet Approval Path using Time Billing and Invoicing Software
Project Delivery Management With Accurate Project Time Tracking

Manage Project Delivery With Accurate Project Time Tracking

Multi-level client projects

Create multi-level client projects, define project milestones, and set up relevant information in seconds.

Real-time project tracking

Track project status in real-time and gain instant visibility for timely project billing.

Practice management

Roll-up similar projects into programs/practice and get full insight into profitability and performance.

Instant insights

Make proactive decisions and manage your service delivery in-the-now.

Budgets vs Actuals Tracking

Project estimates

Set time and cost budgets for each project or task and roll up to get estimates in the time tracker.

Real-time tracking

Track resource hours associated with projects in real-time.

Zero revenue leakage

Account for all resource costs and compare with budgets to make proactive billing decisions.

Budgets vs Actuals Tracking using Time Tracking and Billing Software
Project Documentation using Billing Hours Software

Project Documentation

Store project details

Include additional documentation or supporting information in projects, expenses, time off and timesheets to provide details or justify work done.

Make documents compulsory

Enable validation rules to make attachments mandatory and prevent loss of critical information by ensuring all relevant documentation is attached.

Simplify audits

Enhance your business process governance with supporting documentation and improve audit compliance processes.

Google Docs, Dropbox and more

Store and attach documents or links (like Google docs, Dropbox, MS Sharepoint) to give additional information.

Advanced Client Management

Price and plan better

Use historical project information to negotiate price and schedules with your clients.

Detailed client information

Manage client details, addressed, currencies, billing rates, permitted expenses and other information for each client.

Unified view of clients

Get a centralized view of all your clients and projects to manage project hours, costs, billing, and profitability.

Client Management using Replicon's Online Time Tracking Software
Client Billing made flexible for Replicon customers

Flexible Billing Options

Client, project or role-based rates

Set billing rates at client, project, or role level to match your contract requirements.

Hourly, daily or monthly billing

Model hourly, daily, or monthly rates to capture billing information at the required level of granularity within the billing software.

Fixed-bid or time and materials

Define and manage billing for fixed-bid or time and materials projects with ease.

Enhanced Invoicing

Manage cash flow

Oversee your services cash flows with a centralized view of project status and WIP.

Configurable invoicing

Create invoices using our system or export the information to share with customers.

Adhere to contracts

Generate invoices based on your contractual invoice periods.

Multi-currency and global

Easily invoice your globally distributed client base with multi-currency support.

Invoice Management using Replicon's Real Time Billing
Billing Productivity using Project Billing Software

Supercharged Billing Productivity

Billable targets

Enable your supervisors and managers to set up monthly targets at an individual level.

Correlate business and individual performance

Set accurate targets at different levels by rolling up individual billable hours to a group, business unit, or organization.

Productivity dashboards

Give your supervisors and executives up to the minute visibility into billable hours through advanced reporting and dashboards.

Maximize billable hours

Manage performance and accountability with access to historical trends and real-time billable target progress.

Project Time Off Tracking*

Flexible time off policies

Create time off and other policies, set accruals and resets to manage availability as per your project-based organization needs.

Employee self-service

Project resources can request vacation, sick, and other
time off types and add specific comments even when they are mobile.

Approval workflows

Create approval workflows for time off policies based on your business requirements.

Team calendar

Get real-time information about employee time off schedules with an intuitive calendar view.

Manage staffing

Make sure your projects are adequately staffed with complete visibility into who’s in and who’s out.

* Available with our TimeOff add-on
Time Off Tracking using Multiple Device
Project Integrations with other platforms using Time and Billing Tracker

Seamless Integrations

Convenient and secure interfaces

Seamlessly share time and project data with other systems within your professional services ecosystem.

Fits your ecosystem

Integrate Replicon TimeBill solution with your existing ecosystem to enable flow of project time tracking data to payroll, billing, and accounting.

Connectors to CRM/PM/ERP

Connect with CRM, HR, PM, accounting, ERP or other proprietary systems using our pre-built connectors and integration services.

Advanced Analytics

Instant visibility

Get real-time visibility into clients, projects, resources, and billing using our out-of-the-box reports.


See the big picture using our dynamic summary charts and dashboards.

Flexible reporting

Configure the reports to match your organization’s reporting needs.

Data-driven decisions

Stay on top of business metrics like billing, WIP, utilization, margins, etc. and use them to make proactive decisions.

Advanced Analytics for Projects, Clients and Resources using Time Tracking and Billing Software

Built on a Configurable Time Intelligence® Platform

Icon of configurability Configurable
Icon of a timesheet Timesheets
Icon of timeoff Time Off
Icon of schedules Schedules
Icon of cloudclock CloudClock
Icon of mobile application Mobile
Icon of the timesheet approval Approvals
Icon of advanced validations in timesheets Validations
Icon of grosspayengine Gross Pay Engine
Icon of compliance Compliance
Icon of connectors Integrations
Replicon’s solution are global and secure Global
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“Replicon TimeBill provides a centralized tracking and billing solution to align employees’ time to specific projects, deliver advanced project planning and customized reports in minutes, and accelerate client billing and invoicing even as the business scales.”

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Time Billing Software

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Tom B.

Product Intelligence Practice Leader


Replicon allows us the flexibility to manage both time and materials projects as well as fixed price projects, and it does it effortlessly. I can’t imagine using any other product to track my time and billing information.

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Jonathan O.

Corporate Business Planner


It is also integrated with our SAP-Concur system, so we can see all time, expenses, and invoices billed against projects, giving us true visibility into our projects.

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Rhiannon S.

Office Manager


Replicon is easy and efficient to use. The report function is totally customizable which is beneficial for both billing and reconciling.

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Track project time with 100% accuracy for accurate client billing. Capture all billable hours and manage approvals.

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Simplify business decisions with operational information about project hours, costs, billing, and profitability.

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