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Deltek | Replicon Launches Solutions Exclusively for the Government Contracting Industry

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A Unified Time Tracking Platform For Projects, Billing, Pay and Compliance

Leverage Replicon’s scalable, agile platform to manage project time across your global business and share it across your ecosystem.

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Project Time Tracking Platform
“Part of what drew us to Replicon was the accessibility of their solution. It gives our teams secure access to their schedules wherever they are and, on any device, including mobile.”
Nick Haworth
Head of Technology, ITV
“Leveraging Replicon, we were able to develop a mobile, employee-friendly, front-end solution, without having to make any changes to our backend systems or incur any downtime on our other systems. Implementation was quick, and the integration with ERP has been seamless, providing all the necessary information that we require for further processing.”
Olcay Yilmaz
Finance Director, Siemens Rail Automation
Project Time Tracking Platform

Single Source of Truth for Resources, Projects, Time, Costing, Billing & Pay

Replicon’s suite helps you manage every resource and time tracking need that your business has. Our platform makes it easy to deploy the solution across your entire organization.

With Replicon organizations can:

  • Use Smartmatch to quickly identify the right resource for right projects by considering availability, location, skill set, department, or other criteria.
  • Get instant updates from project users on work done, remaining work and estimates to complete.
  • Automatically capture time spent by your knowledge workforce across 100+ work apps
  • Get an instant understanding of all critical project metrics including hours, cost, financials and other details.
  • Fully automate pay calculations and use preconfigured global pay rule library to consistently apply overtime, meal breaks, and other labor law
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Gross Pay

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Resource Recommendation

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Capacity Planning

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Project Financials

Icon of AI-powered timesheets from Replicon

AI-powered Timesheets

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Time Off

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Preview of the timesheet with project and client details

No More Manual Time Tracking With AI-powered ZeroTime™

Liberate your employees from traditional timesheets by letting AI do the heavy lifting. ZeroTime automatically collects accurate work and time data from tools like Slack, Jira, Asana, Zoom, etc.

ZeroTime™ can:

  • Reconstruct the work week across multiple projects
  • Capture accurate time spent across projects
  • Assemble pre-filled timesheets for your employees to review and submit

Unified Time Tracking for Attendance, Time off, Schedules and Payroll

Replicon provides a centralized and streamlined approach to time management. With unified time tracking, organizations can accurately track and record employee hours, monitor attendance, manage schedules, and calculate gross pay

Enterprises can benefit from:

  • Pre-configured pay rule library across 375+ jurisdictions and 85+ countries, supporting over 30+ languages.
  • Flexible AI-powered time capture against all jobs and employee types – anytime, anywhere and any device.
  • Manage diverse, mobile and remote workforce including exempt, non-exempt, part-time, and contingent employees on a single platform.
Unified time tracking software dashboard with a single source of truth of attendance, time off, schedules, and approvals
Elements of Compliance displayed on the fan-like structure

Compliance-as-a-Service for Payroll and Regulatory Compliance

Replicon’s Compliance-as-a-Service enables organizations to facilitate adherence to regulatory requirements and labor laws applicable in each country.

Enterprises can benefit from:

  • Global Statutory Default Pay Rules Library
  • Unified Platform to Manage Time and Pay Compliance
  • Monitored for Statutory Updates
  • Continuous Over-the-air Updates
  • Built-in Change Management for Compliance Updates

Extension of Your Tech Stack

Plays well with your front/back office systems

Share time and project cost information with any application in your ecosystem. We play equally well with your front-office and back office systems.

Connectors to CRM/PM/ERP

Share data with all the most commonly used CRM, project management, accounting and ERP applications with an enterprise whether they are on-prem or cloud.

Web services/API

Customers also benefit from our Webservices API that enables them to build specific connectors into their proprietary systems as needed by their business.

Tech Stack

Replicon Strategic Partnerships

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See How Our Enterprise Customers Benefit from Time Tracking

  • Icon symbolizing faster time to grow revenue with enterprise time-tracking software

    Faster time to revenue for all projects/engagements

  • Icon symbolizing real-time, accurate data of projects

    100% real-time, accurate data for actionable insights

  • Icon symbolizing reduction in administrative overhead

    90% reduction in administrative overheads

  • Icon symbolizing reduction in revenue leakage

    10% reduction in revenue and payroll leakage

  • Icon symbolizing increase in utilization and productivity

    5-10% increase in utilization and productivity

  • Icon symbolizing in-built compliance with accounting and labor laws

    Compliance with accounting, labor laws & other standards

Project Management Software

Scalable and Agile


Empower your business with a modern enterprise-grade, purpose-built time management product.

Built for scalability

Replicon is built from the ground up for scalability and handling large, global deployments.

Seamless Integrations

Our platform integrates with a variety of ERP, HCM, CRM and other systems with our pre-built integrations.

Global languages

Choose languages based on where your employees are, eliminate translation needs, and provide a better user experience.

Tailored For Your Business

Built-in configurability

Make the solution your own with built-in configurability of our platform greatly reducing customization and change management needs.

Model any use case

Model complex time tracking use cases right into the solution and reduce all manual work.

Comprehensive workflows

Our platform is customizable to your unique requirements and supports comprehensive end-to-end workflows.

Meet business needs out-of-the-box

Business rules platform for adjustments suits your business needs without long customization projects.

Comprehensive workflow management with enterprise time-tracking software
Global governance

Global Governance & Local Administration

Organize better

Organize your project resources for better security, access, and visibility into your company’s critical information.

Create user groups

Restrict administrators from viewing or editing users outside of their project groups.

Customize hierarchy

Enjoy complete flexibility customizing organizational hierarchy as per business requirements.

Local control

Administer local business policies from a central location for consolidated visibility and control.

Data-driven Business Analysis

Real-time visibility

Get real-time visibility into clients, projects, resources, and billing using our out-of-the-box reports and advanced dashboards.


See the big picture using our dynamic summary charts and dashboards to take your services businesses to the next level.

Flexible reports

Configure and schedule reports to match your organization’s reporting needs.

Business metrics

Stay on top of business metrics like billing, WIP, utilization, margins, etc. and use them to make proactive decisions.

dynamic summary charts for data-driven analysis

Engineered for Reliability

Replicon empowers IT leaders with the ability to meet business needs and enable growth

Built-in Security and Privacy

Robust infrastructure

Replicon’s platform uses robust infrastructure technology and processes to ensure the safety, scalability, security, and integrity fit for your enterprise.

SSO, MFA and more

Single Sign-On & multifactor authentication capabilities to match your business needs for enhanced security.

IP Filtering

IP Filtering ensures employees log in using valid networks across your enterprise.

Advanced integrity measures

Replicon adds security layers at each level – Application security, Database Security, Network protection, and Disaster recovery.

Secure Web Time Clock
An employee working on laptops

Transparent Availability

24/7 monitoring

Benefit from our real-time system monitoring services that detect and fix issues before any impact to business.

Extended uptime

We guarantee 99.5% uptime for all our cloud solutions and provide full transparency with live status updates.

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Sandbox, backups and more

Leverage sandboxes, backup help, and other premium services as needed by your business.

Real-time sync

Project and time data are available instantly in the platform across the enterprise, even with mobile and time clock.

Certifications & Compliance

Audits and certifications

Replicon’s platform goes through rigorous checks to meet all industry-standard audits and certifications.


We undergo bi-annual SSAE 18 (SOC 1 and SOC 2) audits to ensure we have the proper controls and processes.


Replicon has invested in getting FedRAMP compliance and is one of the only time tracking vendors to be authorized.


We take our GDPR compliance responsibilities very seriously as we partner with global businesses in helping them with time tracking.

Labor compliance

Our platform supports global labor compliance with a built-in pay rule library for every country.

ISO/IEC 27001: 2013

Our business processes, technologies, and people provide confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all information.

Logos of FedRamp, GDPR, Defense contract audit agency, AICPA, A-LIGN
Employees discussing

Premium Services

Streamlined implementation

Enterprise-ready implementation services help you get started with the solution as quickly as needed.

Multi-channel support

Enjoy 24/7 support aimed at helping global enterprises. Get direct access to support via multiple channels or use our customer zone for self-service.

Change management

Utilize our vast experience in helping your team manage and adapt to the process and system changes.

High availability

Benefit from our real-time system monitoring services that ensure high availability and transparency.