Simplified Project Time and Expense Tracking For Your Business

A View of Project Time and Expense Tracking from Multiple devices

Automate Expenses to Easily Manage Reimbursements or Project Billing

Configurable Time and Expense Policies for Replicon Users

Configurable Time and Expense Policies

Custom Rules for Timesheets*

Ensure time entries meet your business policies with validation rules.

Business-specific expenses

Create and manage expense codes based on your client contracts.

Flat amount or rates

Set up expenses to be flat amounts or rate-based as per your business needs within our time and expense software.

Tax calculation

Define tax formulas to calculate tax amounts automatically.

Simplified Time and Expense Tracking

Accurate Time Tracking*

Capture up-to-the-minute project time for error-free client billing.

Mobile Timesheet*

Allow employees to track and submit their timesheets on the go with the mobile app.

Project expenses

Easily submit expense sheets from anywhere, anytime and associate them with projects and clients.

Expense types

Track expense type, tax codes, currency, and more.

Digital receipts

Upload digital receipts for immediate processing and reduce lost information.

Estimates vs actuals

Get real-time visibility into actual spend by tracking against estimates.
Simplified Time and Expense Tracking using Replicon
View of Project Time and Expense Tracking App from mobile device

Track Project Time and Expenses In-the-now

Mobile time* and expense sheets

Capture time* and expense information and tag it to project and client anytime, anywhere, with or without connectivity, and sync data in seconds.

Real-time visibility

Mobile app allows for real-time submission of expenses with receipt attachments for accurate project cost tracking.

Reduce delays

Improve time and expense accuracy and eliminate submission and approval delays.

Intelligent Approvals

Automate Timesheet Approvals*

Set approver sequence and automate timesheet submissions based on predefined rules.

Configurable approval workflows

Create approval workflows specific to expenses to match your business requirements.

Intelligent routing

Validate time* and expense data in real-time and route them in real-time to the right approvers.

Keep stakeholders informed

Include supervisors, project managers, clients, and others in the approval chain.

Alerts and notifications

Flexible alerts and notifications ensure your expense data is always accurate, on-time, and approved by the right people before costing and billing.
Intelligent Timesheet Approvals
Project and Client Expense Management using Replicon

Expense Allocations

Project & client expenses

Set up project and client specific expenses like travel, meals, flight, hotel, and more.

Expense budgets

Manage expense estimates by project and track actual expenses to easily compare them to the initial estimates.

Real-time expense attribution

Attribute expenses to projects and clients in real-time to inform your decisions and other processes.

Expense invoicing

Include expense amounts as part of your invoices and share with customers for invoicing.
Seamless Integrations with Other Systems

Seamless Integrations

Convenient interfaces

Seamlessly integrate Replicon Expense with other systems within your business ecosystem.

Fits your ecosystem

Integrate Replicon’s Time* and Expense solution with your existing ecosystem to enable flow of project expense data for billing and costing.

Connectors to accounting/ERP

Easily share data with invoicing, project management, accounting, ERP or other proprietary systems using our pre-built connectors and integration services.

Project Expense Tracker with Real-time Analytics

Instant visibility

Get real-time visibility into reimbursable and project expenses.


Look at the big picture around expenses using our dynamic dashboards.

Flexible reporting

Configure the time and expense reports to match your organization’s reporting needs.

Expense metrics

Stay on top of business metrics like expense estimates vs. actuals to manage policy compliance and make proactive business decisions with project expense reporting.
View of Project Expense Tracker with Real-time Analytics from Replicon
*Time tracking features are available on TimeBill and ProjectTime Editions

Built on a Configurable Time Intelligence Platform

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Businesses Trust Replicon

“To deliver accurate effort estimates, Fujitsu needed a time and expense tracking solution that would provide complete visibility into projects. Immediately after we rolled out Replicon our users verified the ease-of-use of the system, and it is easy for the management team to ask for accuracy in the data entered.” Time and Expense software for Fujitsu
Time and Expense tracking software for Fujitsu

See Why Our Customers Prefer Replicon:
Time and Expense Software Reviews

Amanuel M.

Engineering Director

Replicon makes it easy for our staff to record their project hours and expenses and it allows our managers to quickly capture this information for client billing purposes.

John K.

Operations Manager

The software includes many intuitive features for finding and reporting the analysis we need for timesheets and expenses.

Greg W.


Timesheet and expense tracking are fundamental to our business needs. Replicon performs these tasks well.

Time and Expense Use case and Solution


Manage employee and project related expenses and accounting with confidence with complete visibility into all relevant metrics.

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Collect accurate expenses in real-time, anytime, anywhere with web application and mobile devices.

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Consulting/Professional Services

Centralize expense tracking and streamline approvals with full visibility into projects for your consulting business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Expense codes specify the types of costs that can be incurred for business activities and purchases in your organization. Meals, Parking, and Airfare are examples of expense codes.
You may be allowed to reopen an expense sheet before it is approved, or may be allowed to reopen an expense sheet regardless of its status (approved or waiting for approval), depending on the access enabled.
Time and expense entries are sent to each employee’s assigned approvers – supervisor, project manager, or a client representative. They can view the approval status of expense sheets, in the application or in reports, to confirm whether all expenses needed for downstream calculations have been approved. If items they want included aren’t approved, they can override the regular approval process to make them available.
No, you don’t typically need to manually enter taxes while entering expenses. Based on the administrator settings, the system automatically applies tax on the net amount (pre-tax amount) that you enter for an expense type for which taxes are applicable. You may also be allowed to override the predefined tax rates for an expense type.

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