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Professional Services Automation

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Fuel Your Organization’s Growth with Our Self-driving Professional Services Automation Software

Professional Services Automation Capabilities

No More Manual Time Tracking. Let ZeroTime™ Do It For You.

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Real-time Insights to Run Your Organization

With MissionControl in Polaris PSA, get real-time visibility into all the metrics you need to get your work done. So your resourcing, financials, and project information are all in one place. With your up-to-date live view of the business, you are in control and can make early course corrections. Leverage historical and real-time information to quickly adapt to changes and make decisions in-the-now.

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Professional Services Automation to Ensure Consistent Execution

Define your framework and methodology for managing projects, resources, and financials. Easily enforce standard processes, formats, data and workflow across your organization. Get everyone on the same page to ensure consistent execution and growth using our highly configurable PSA software.

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Financial Modeling

Optimize Services Revenue and Pricing

Leverage SmartBudget to help optimize revenue and create rate cards for the most profitable bidding scenarios, factoring in true utilization, 100% of costs, and real margins. Go beyond the traditional PSA software to win more bids and grow revenues.

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Client Management

Improve Client Management

Get a consolidated view of all client-specific projects and engagements to manage profitability and performance. Manage customers, vendors, fund sources, service partners and internal departments in one place. Provide transparency to clients into task statuses, project progress, and costs with our powerful professional services automation software.

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Practice And Program Management

Manage Practice Profitability with Professional Services Automation

Group your projects by practices as your business tracks them in our PSA tool. Set any attributes and metrics you need. Manage delivery, costs, and billing with complete transparency. Improve practice profits and performance.

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psa project management

Project Management

Real-time Project Management

Our PSA software leverages SmartBeats to automatically update information on your projects, resources and business. Get alerts to identify project risks and take necessary actions to keep everything on track. Desktop and mobile apps make data entry fast and convenient to get real-time project and work information.

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Resource Management

Intelligent Resource Management

Avoid sub-optimal resource allocation and endless back-and-forth to resource projects. Smartmatch knows what your resources are doing, what their skills are and who best fits the project requirements to provide intelligent recommendations. Resourcing workflows in our professional services automation tool enable collaboration between resource managers and project managers.

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psa time expense

Time & Expense

AI-powered Time Tracking With ZeroTime™ and Accurate Expense Management

Polaris Professional Services Automation is built on the AI-powered time intelligence platform that ensures all time and expense details are captured accurately. ZeroTime™ allows your hybrid workforce to automatically capture work and time data from all their work apps.

ZeroTime™ can:

  • Reconstruct the work week across multiple projects
  • Capture accurate time spent across projects
  • Assemble pre-filled timesheets for your employees to review and submit

Leverage built-in mobile capabilities in our PSA software to enable employee and manager self-service.

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Accurate, Faster Billing and Revenue

Polaris PSA helps account for every piece of work done and invoice accurately. Model your contract terms into rates and bill plans right into our PSA tool. Manage cash flow with a clear view of WIP, billed, available-to-bill and outstanding amounts. Use accurate project costs and billing information for revenue recognition.

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Connect Polaris PSA With Other Software You Use

Share project, resource, time, costs and billing information with your ecosystem – whatever that may be. Polaris PSA supports plug and play integration with leading CRM, ERP, project management, collaboration, accounting, incident management, and other software.

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What Is a Professional Services Automation (PSA) Software?

A PSA software is a comprehensive tool used by professional services organizations to manage service delivery, resources, project financials, revenue and more to ensure maximum profits and faster growth.

What are the advantages of a PSA tool?

Professional services automation platform helps project based, service organizations maximize project profitability by optimizing resource utilization and reducing revenue leakages. Some of the key capabilities of a PSA software includes:

  • Manage full project lifecycle from start to finish
  • Project Resource Management
  • Project Delivery Management
  • Project Financial Management
  • Project Billing
  • Project Expense Management
  • Time tracking to capture accurate project billable hours

PSA Software that Helps Your Professional Services Organizations Uncover Revenue and Profits

psa software

Polaris PSA works by collecting large amounts of real-time project, resource, finance and other data using SmartBeats and creates a single source of truth that is 100% accurate and always updated so that you can understand what’s going on around you. MissionControl makes it easy to make sense of all this real-time data. Polaris does the heavy-lifting and analyzes real-time data to come up with recommendations for business leaders to make smart decisions. From intelligent bids, real-time project management, and smart resourcing to comprehensive billing and revenue workflows, Polaris PSA is a comprehensive professional services automation solution that meets unique business needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Professional Services Automation

Professional Services Automation or PSA is a software that helps project-based, service organizations, such as financial services, legal, IT, and consulting firms in scoping, estimating, optimizing, delivering, and billing client projects efficiently.

Here are some of the typical features to look for in PSA tools.

  1. Project Management

  2. Resource Management – Planning, Utilization, Allocation etc.

  3. Time Tracking and Management

  4. Project Costing, Billing, and Invoicing

  5. Financial Management and Business Intelligence

  6. Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Explore self-driving PSA software built for forward-thinking professional services firms.

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