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Polaris PSA 2022 Spring ReleaseSelf-Driving Resource Management with Polaris PSA

Just when you thought it couldn’t get better, we bring to you the Polaris PSA 2022 Spring release. Equipped with industry-leading AI-powered technology, Polaris PSA ensures accelerated productivity with greater ease of use.

psa software
professional services automation governance

Intelligent Resource Management

Leverage advanced technology to manage your resources in an auto-pilot mode, and optimize business growth.

Complex & Customized Selection Criteria

Set the importance of specific skill sets when requesting resources in order to get the best resource for every project.

Cost Optimized Resource Allocation

Keep your project within budget by easily calculating resource costs, leveraging Polaris PSA.

Quick & Flexible Resource Management

Compare resources and have them allocated on the go without the request flow, if required.

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Powerful Dashboarding

Bring scope and margin to the forefront of your project with the first PSA tool to focus on scope of work.

Real-Time Budget Tracking

Track and manage project budgets more efficiently with real-time insights into project expenses.

Scope of Work

Don’t let your project derail from the intended scope by easily comparing the proposed budget with the actual expenses.

Real-Time Margin

Get accurate up-to-the-minute insights into margins with a more powerful live margin percentage tracker offered by Polaris.

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professional services automation software

professional services automation governance

Intelligent Task Management

Experience greater clarity and ease of use while managing project tasks by leveraging an industry-leading, intelligent project interface, powered by Polaris.

Logical Task Roll-Ups

Classify project tasks into parent and child categories for more efficient and logical project management.

Flexibility in Roll-Ups

Choose the roll-up logic that suits your project needs.

Estimated Completion Date Roll Ups

Quickly roll up completion dates at the project level to identify users who spend more time.

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Powerful Financial Management

Eliminate revenue leakage and increase profits with real-time visibility into project budget.

Automated Financial App Sync

Automatically sync invoices in bulk with your preferred financial applications.

Smart Invoicing

Easily define default invoice templates for each client to streamline billing and invoicing.

Enhanced Bill Plans & Rate Cards Import Utility

Import the Bill Plan and the Rate Card for each project to manage them more efficiently in Polaris PSA.

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professional services automation software

professional services automation software

Next-Gen Time Capture

Lead with the combined power of Polaris PSA and the muscle of Replicon’s timesheet engine, the industry-leading global timesheet software.

Beats and Sheets

User can select either Smartbeats or timesheet to capture project time.

Validate to Meet Your Needs

Use configurable validations to ensure all data follows your organization’s unique policies.

Bots for Time Capture

Time can even be captured seamlessly through MS Teams or Slack bots.

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Explore the more powerful Polaris PSA built for growing organizations like yours.

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