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Project Portfolio Management Software

Align Project Strategy, Budgets & Execution

AI-powered Polaris Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) solution helps you with a consolidated view of your projects across timelines, resources, cost and more.

Project Portfolio Management Software from Multiple Devices

No More Manual Time Tracking. Let ZeroTime™ Do It For You.

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Visibility Across and Portfolio Management using Polaris PPM Software

Visibility Across Project and Portfolio Management

With Polaris MissionControl see your organization’s strategic objectives reflected in a high-level view across your project portfolio. It is customized to your role, yet operates off a common shared data platform, so there are no data silos, and you operate in harmony across groups.

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Achieve Global Governance

Define your framework and methodology for managing projects, resources, and portfolios. Define risk and strategy scores to manage portfolio prioritization. Easily enforce standard processes, formats, data and workflow across your organization. Get everyone on the same page to ensure consistent execution and growth.

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Global Governance for Managing Projects using Polaris PPM Software
Portfolio Performance Management using Polaris PPM Software

Manage Portfolio Performance

Group your projects by portfolios as your business tracks them in our PPM solution. Set any attributes and metrics you need. Manage delivery, costs, resources and priorities with complete transparency. Improve portfolio performance.

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Real-time Project Portfolio Management

The Polaris SmartBeats system automatically harvests data from users and systems to deliver real-time visibility into the organization’s project portfolio. Get alerts to identify portfolio risks and take necessary actions to keep everything on track. Desktop and mobile apps make data entry fast and convenient to get real-time project and work information.

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Real-time Project Portfolio Management using Polaris PPM Software
Budget vs Actuals Tracking and Managing Portfolio Metrics using Polaris PPM Software

Track Budget vs Actuals

Make informed costing decisions for the project portfolio with centralized insights over project budgets, project status and WIP. You can set, track, and manage all critical portfolio metrics in real-time – hours, costs, progress, priority and more. Streamline allocations whether it is internal charge-backs, CapEx, Opex or R&D costs.

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Intelligent Resource Management

Avoid sub-optimal resource allocation and endless back-and-forth to resource projects. Smartmatch knows what your resources are doing, what their skills are and who best fits the project requirements to provide intelligent recommendations. Resourcing workflows enable collaboration between resource and project managers.

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Intelligent Resource Management using Polaris PPM Software
Accurate Time Tracking using Polaris PPM Software

AI-powered Accurate Time Tracking With ZeroTime™

Polaris PPM ensures that all time and expense details are captured. ZeroTime™ allows your hybrid workforce to automatically capture work and time data from all their work apps.

ZeroTime™ can:

  • Reconstruct the work week across multiple projects
  • Capture accurate time spent across projects
  • Assemble pre-filled timesheets for your employees to review and submit

Leverage built-in mobile capabilities in our PSA software to enable employee and manager self-service

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Modern Enterprise PPM User Experience

Modern mobile-first user experience helps you track and take action on your project portfolio, resources, time, billing and cost while on the move. Polaris PPM is available on both iOS and Android devices and is easy to use. An advanced UI ensures rapid adoption of the solution with minimal training. The mobile app works in sync with your Polaris instance, so all your project time data is instantly visible to your managers for further processing.

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Polaris PPM App User Interface from multiple devices
Integrations using Polaris PPM Software

Connect Polaris Project Portfolio Management Software With Other Software You Use

Share project, resource, time, costs and billing information with your ecosystem – whatever that may be. Polaris PPM supports plug and play integration with leading CRM, ERP, project management, collaboration, accounting, incident management, and other software.

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What Is Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Software?

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Software is a comprehensive tool used by project portfolio managers to manage and maintain a portfolio. Project Portfolio Management or PPM is about choosing the projects which align with strategic goals of the organization. It involves identifying possible projects, allocating resources, evaluating costs, etc., in a way to align with the organization’s overall strategy.

Project Portfolio Management Solution from Multiple Devices

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