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Track PortfolioBudgets vs Actuals

Track and manage all critical portfolio metrics in real-time – hours, costs, progress, priority and more.

Portfolio Budgets Vs Actuals Tracking using Polaris

Enhanced Costing Across Project Portfolio

Project estimates

Set time and cost budgets for each project and task and roll up to get estimates.

Real-time tracking

Track resource hours associated with projects and apply rates to get costs in real-time.

Informed costing decisions

Gain control over your project budgets with centralized insights over project status and WIP.

Enhanced Costing and Project Estimates Across Project Portfolio using Polaris
Streamlined Allocations and Cost Normalization using Polaris PPM

Streamlined Allocations

Cost normalization

Normalize time spent by resources and account for all resource time and costs on projects.

Internal chargebacks

Utilize the context-based costing information to enable accounting, chargebacks and more.

CapEx vs OpEx

Differentiate between CapEx and OpEx costs with accurate, timely information.

R&D costs

Associate hours and costs with R&D tasks to claim tax credits.

Our Project Portfolio Management platform meets all your business needs.






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