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Deliver your R&D projects and maximize R&D tax credits by accurately accounting your costs.

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Polaris PPM For R&D Tax Credits

R&D organizations can audit-proof their tax credit claims by leveraging the Polaris project portfolio management solution to prioritize and track all R&D project efforts in real-time, keep a close eye on budgets vs actuals, and compile tax credit information on the fly.

Maximize Resource Utilization on R&D Projects

  • SmartMatch identifies resource workloads and the progress of projects to allocate/reallocate resources for better project outcomes.
  • SmartMatch further provides your project and portfolio managers real-time visibility into where the resource is involved and their skills with access to historical trends.
  • Gain real-time visibility into project progress with dynamic charts and graphs.
  • Easily handle work timelines, costs, and exceptions, such as holidays or non-working.
Resource Utilization Maximization on R&D Projects using Polaris PPM
On-time R&D Projects Delivery with Real-time Updates using Polaris PPM

On-time R&D Projects Delivery

  • Get real-time updates on priority projects, resource utilization, work done, remaining work, and estimates through SmartBeats.
  • Portfolio managers can evaluate for early warnings based on user beats and task beats to take necessary action.
  • Portfolio managers get an instant understanding of all critical project metrics including hours, cost, and other data.
  • Intelligently identify and manage risks, timelines, and costs of portfolio projects based on analytics and business needs.

Manage R&D & Other Project Portfolios

  • Create project portfolios, define portfolio timelines, and set up all the relevant details in seconds.
  • Create estimates and track all project statuses, actuals, & WIP in real-time to manage your portfolio.
  • Get a centralized view of all your R&D organization’s projects.
  • Access detailed information about portfolio hours, costs, and productivity.
Manage R&D & Other Project Portfolios using Polaris PPM
Streamline your R&D Claims using Polaris PPM

Streamline your R&D Claims

  • Easily define and categorize portfolio and tasks as R&D eligible.
  • Set R&D costs at portfolio, project, or resource level, and easily estimate your R&D claim limit to match requirements.
  • Normalize R&D hours to get real-time visibility into what hours can be claimed.
  • Consolidate quickly and accurately submit your R&D tax credit claims.

Flexible Time Tracking For Your R&D Teams

  • Configure and manage your project timeline, resources, and cost as per your needs to capture the information.
  • Differentiate between R&D and non-R&D project hours and understand the costs.
  • Know intelligent details about your resources like where they are involved, what are their skills, etc. to make informed decisions
  • Get the detailed context and transparency useful during consolidation and audits
  • Leverage our advanced mobile app to enable your remote teams to submit time and cost entries.
Flexible Time Tracking For Your R&D Teams using Polaris PPM
Global Portfolio Governance using Polaris PPM

Global Portfolio Governance

  • Streamline projects, resources, and other processes across your portfolio for a consistent view based on your needs.
  • Define portfolio, create budgets, and directly pull from PM, CRM, ITSM and plan all key project elements.
  • Leverage the project checklists to enforce process adherence, and make sure global portfolio governance while meeting all local needs for execution.
  • Improve your business process governance with supporting documentation and improve audit compliance processes.

Advanced Analytics for Audits & Planning

  • Easily define your business metrics and manage your R&D organization performance.
  • Gain real-time visibility into project portfolio progress, actuals hours, R&D claim potential, and other specific metrics using our out-of-the-box reports.
  • Configure the reports to match your audit needs and schedule them for periodic checks.
  • Stay on top of the portfolio by planning for future R&D tax credits better by utilizing historical claims data.
Advanced Analytics for Audits & Planning using Polaris PPM
Polaris PPM Integrations with Other Platforms

Integrations For Your Business

  • Leverage our pre-built connectors or our web services API to integrate within the business ecosystem.
  • Seamlessly share portfolio data with other solutions within your business ecosystem.
  • Connect with ITSM, CRM, HR, PM, accounting, ERP, or other proprietary systems using our pre-built connectors and integration services.

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