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Portfolio Management

Easily group and manage all project, resource and cost metrics related to portfolio as a single entity.

Portfolio Management using Polaris

Portfolio Planning

Align with strategy

Define your portfolio and set all parameters needed to see which projects make it to the portfolio based on your strategy.

Rank projects

Leverage project priority, project risk, project value, type of projects and other attributes to get project ranking that meets your needs

Set high level scope

Define more detailed project, task, resource, cost and other estimates based on initial plans.

Portfolio governance

Gain global governance for all your project portfolios and ensure consistent execution

Portfolio analysis

Ensure your organization is working on a mix of projects as per your strategy and understand the trade-offs

Portfolio Planning and Analysis using Polaris
Manage Portfolio Performance using Polaris

Manage Portfolio Performance

Unified view of project portfolio

Gain real-time visibility with a single source of truth for all your projects and your portfolios to make proactive decisions

Add projects to portfolio

You can easily add and roll-up similar projects into a portfolio of projects and manage a variety of portfolio in your organization.

Key portfolio metrics

Set key project portfolio metrics like hours, costs and more

Real-time tracking

Centrally view and manage all projects associated with a program in real-time and gain instant visibility.

Proactive decisions

Make proactive decisions and manage your service delivery in-the-now.

Portfolio performance

Gain full visibility into portfolio profitability and performance.

Our Project Portfolio Management platform meets all your business needs.






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