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Achieve Global Governance

Standardize projects, resources, and other processes across your portfolio for a consistent view.

Projects, Resources and Budgets Governance using Polaris PPM

Define Portfolio and Metrics

Pipeline projects

Directly pull from PM, CRM, ITSM and plan all key project elements.

Complex WBS

Set up projects with complex work breakdown structures based on your needs.

Project budgets

Create budgets, add estimates for budgeted project hours and costs.

Project metrics

Set and track required portfolio metrics for every project across your business.

Define Projects and Metrics using Polaris PPM
Managing Project Lifecycle using Polaris PPM

Manage Project Lifecycle

Project checklists

Define key items needed at each stage: Initiation, Planning, Execution, Close.

Project communication

Communicate with all key stakeholders any gating requirements at each project stage.

Process adherence

Leverage the project checklists to enforce process adherence.

Standardize execution

Ensure global portfolio governance while meeting all local needs for execution.

Project Documentation

Store project details

Include additional documentation or supporting information in portfolio, projects, time off and timesheets to provide details or justify work done.

Make documents compulsory

Enable validation rules to make attachments mandatory and prevent loss of critical information by ensuring all relevant documentation is attached.

Simplify audits

Enhance your business process governance with supporting documentation and improve audit compliance processes.

Google Docs, Dropbox & more

Store and attach documents or links (like Google docs, Dropbox, MS Sharepoint) to give additional information.

Project Documentation and Audit Simplification using Polaris PPM
Managing Resource Lifecycle using Polaris PPM

Manage Resource Lifecycle

Define resources and skills

Create roles needed to get your project done and include skill requirements.

Forecast resource requirements

Build-in project resource and skill needs to factor in effort with every project and also across project portfolio.

Resource workflows

Enable collaboration between resource, project and portfolio managers around resource requests and allocation with standard workflows.

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