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Project Portfolio Management Platform For Every Services Organization

Leverage our scalable, agile platform to manage all your services workflows related to projects, costs, resources, billing and profits.

professional services intelligence platform

Our Project Portfolio Management Platform Meets All Your Business Needs

Customized for Your Services Business

Built-in configurability

Make the solution your own with built-in configurability of our platform greatly reducing customization and change management needs.

Comprehensive workflows

Our platform is customizable to your unique requirements and supports comprehensive end-to-end workflows.

Meet customization needs

Scriptable framework for adjustments suits your business needs without long customization projects.

customised psa for businesses

scalable and agile psa software

Scalable and Agile


Empower your business with a modern enterprise-grade, services automation platform.

Built for scalability

Polaris is built from the ground up for scalability and handling large, global deployments.

Quick ROI

Our platform’s agility and fast adoption ensure that your business gets the maximum ROI.

Global languages

Choose languages based on where your employees are, eliminate translation needs, and provide a better user experience.

Secure Cloud Infrastructure


Polaris’s platform uses robust AWS cloud in conjunction with enhanced technology and processes to ensure the safety, scalability, security, and integrity fit for your enterprise.

SSO, MFA and more

Single Sign-On & multifactor authentication capabilities to match your business needs for enhanced security.

IP Filtering

IP Filtering ensures employees log in using valid networks across your enterprise.

Advanced integrity measures

Polaris adds security layers at each level – Application security, Database Security, Network protection, and Disaster recovery.

cloud based secure psa software

professional services automation for global governance

Global Governance

Organize services better

Organize your projects, resources for better security, access, and visibility into your company’s critical information.

Create user groups

Restrict administrators from viewing or editing users outside of their project groups.

Customize hierarchy

Enjoy complete flexibility customizing organizational hierarchy as per business requirements.

Local control

Administer local business policies from a central location for consolidated visibility and control.

Global languages

Choose languages based on where your employees are, eliminate translation needs, and provide a better user experience.


Integrate with any system

Quickly and easily integrate Polaris with any CRM, ERP, PM, HRMS system that your business uses.

Enable costing, billing, revenue processes

Share critical data with your ecosystem to enable project and resource planning, billing, and revenue recognition.

Turnkey integrations

Easily implement, deploy, and upgrade with turnkey and seamless cloud-based integrations.

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professional services automation integration

psa for mobile


Instant project inputs

Project resources can provide project updates in real-time even when they are remote or in the field.

Instant sync

All data gets synced with the cloud instance, so all your project, resource, time, costs, and billing data is instantly visible to your business leaders for further processing.

Alerts & notifications

Businesses can utilize real-time notifications and alerts to ensure employees stay on top of their work.

Real-time decisions

Project managers, resource managers and billing teams other get can view all necessary metrics instantly to make informed decisions.

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Business Analytics

Real-time visibility

Get real-time visibility into clients, projects, resources, costs and billing.

Flexible reports

Configure and schedule reports to match your organization’s reporting needs.

Built-in Dashboards

See the big picture using our dynamic summary charts and dashboards to take your services businesses to the next level.

BI Connectors and API

Visualize your Project Portfolio Management data in Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, Google BigQuery or utilize our business analytics specific API.

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