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Advanced Real-Time Analytics

Leverage our Time Tracking Platform as the single source of truth, and stay on top of all business metrics with our advanced, built-in analytics.

No More Manual Time Tracking With AI-powered ZeroTime™
Prebuilt data connectors to view your data in Tableau, and Power BI, etc.
Connect to Tableau, Microsoft Power BI and more

Use predefined connectors to view your data in Tableau or Microsoft Power BI or to push your data to a data warehouse like Google BigQuery.

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Gain Complete Visibility and Control Over Your Business Metrics

Get real-time visibility of the project data

Get The “Big Picture”

Plan and forecast

Plan and forecast project metrics accurately based on historical and real-time information and manage delivery in-the-now.

Analyze project data

Easily analyze your project data in a way that go off well with your business requirements.

Granular visibility

Avoid over/under allocation with configurable reports and daily visibility into granular work status.

Model Data The Way Your Business Needs


Create a dashboard of your critical metrics to manage your business in real-time.

Built-in templates

Organize data by utilizing several built-in templates.

Visualize any metric

Appreciate the data with charting options to visualize your metrics.

Dashboard of real-time metrics to manage the business effectively
Timesheet reports configuration

Improve Collaboration With Flexible Reporting

Keep decision-makers informed

Share customized graphical representations of your business metrics with other decision-makers in your organization.

Share dashboards

Create and post charts to shared dashboards accessible by users with permission to view dashboards.

Schedule reports

Schedule reports to be emailed at regular intervals.

Analyze Data At-a-glance

Real-time visibility

Get real-time visibility into business-critical metrics.

Custom reporting

Customize new reports using our distinct configurable report templates.

In-context summary view

Utilize our in-context summaries to look at important data without the need for running reports.

Custom reporting with configurable report templates
Converting reports to PDF for additional insights

Easy Exports for Additional Insights

Email reports

Schedule reports and share it with business leaders at regular intervals.

Embed dashboards

Pullout dashboards as images to embed in other applications or send reports as PDF.

Export data

Export data underneath the charts to other back-office applications for further analysis or consumption.

Connect to Tableau, Microsoft Power BI and more

Use predefined connectors to view your data in Tableau or Microsoft Power BI or to push your data to a data warehouse like Google BigQuery.

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Prebuilt data connectors for common BI providers such as Tableau, and Power BI, etc.

Solutions & Use Cases

Customers Speak

Replicon Time Tracking Software

“In the professional services industry, time, expenses and resource data is our lifeblood to ensure we support our teams, we exceed expectations with our clients, and we grow our business. Replicon plays an intrinsic role at Xoomworks.”

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Employees discussion
Replicon Time Tracking Software

“Our accounting department has significantly simplified the coding, and subsequently the data collected, in our mandated payroll system, to rely heavily on Replicon to understand the percentage of time spent on jobs to fine-tune our service level agreements, performance measures and unit costs.”

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Time Billing Software
Replicon Time Tracking Software

“From the onset, it’s clear that Replicon is an innovative technology company, and that it sees optimizing time as a core pillar to delivering significant value to its customers”

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Project Management Software
Replicon Time Tracking Software

“We rely heavily on Replicon’s built-in reports, and another standout feature for us is the progress bar that visually represents how a project is tracking against a client’s budget. Using these functionalities, managers can pull a report in seconds on how a project is tracking.”

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Replicon Time Tracking Software
Replicon Time Tracking Software

“With Replicon, it’s been so much easier for us to track campaigns, and break it down into subcategories so we have more granularity into how a project is faring. We continue to embrace how to use the data in more strategic and critical ways each day, which undoubtedly helps us continue to serve our clients effectively.”

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Project Time Billing Software

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