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Time Intelligence®

Connect time spent to outcomes produced, and understand, use, and deploy time as an asset.

Time Is Money

Everyone knows that time is money. But unlike money, most businesses don’t know enough about their time. What did we do to turn time into money today? How much did time cost us today? Such questions are surprisingly hard to answer.

Time Is Money

60% Of A Company’s Cost Is Time

Time is universal in any business. 60% of a company’s cost is time. Yet there’s no easy way to understand time spent and connect it to a company’s work, accomplishments, events, and results.

Time Is Fragmented

Time Is Fragmented In Multiple Systems

Multiple systems track time today: CRM, ERP, HR, project management, PSA. But they all do it in different, non-connected, non-shareable ways.Time goes missing because it’s too hard for employees to track, accurately and in real-time. Most time-tracking features were built for the last century, tedious and sluggish, while the world changes in seconds.

Time Is An Asset

This makes it difficult for a company to treat time as a valuable asset. But that’s exactly what it is. Time is an asset. And businesses need to understand how to best use that asset today, and in the future. A thousand person company has around 2 million hours at its disposal in any year. Do we know what our millions of hours got us?

New Way Of Thinking: Time Intelligence®

How can we connect all of our time to all of our outcomes, analyze time, understand it, and make predictions about it? It requires a new way to think about and manage time. It requires Time Intelligence®. Time Intelligence is important to business in the way “emotional intelligence” is important to people.

Time Is Fragmented

What’s Time Intelligence®

True Time Intelligence® is much more than the sum of static data and reports. It means businesses can connect time spent to outcomes produced, and understand and deploy time as an asset. Time Intelligence® allows businesses to treat time the way they treat money, resources and materials. And this new knowledge can flow back to individual employees, so they can understand their own time and how they are contributing. And manage time so they are more successful. Which in turn makes the company more successful.

Time Is Fragmented

Time Intelligence® Is A Competitive Advantage

Any company that operates without understanding time as an asset is wasting time. Optimizing time, treating time as a valuable asset, is a competitive advantage. Getting you there is a problem Replicon solves. We’ve developed technology for Time Intelligence®.

Time Intelligence® Helps Boosts Your Business Performance

Improve process efficiencies around time management by up to 90%

Enhance resource productivity by up to 10%

Cut down your project and labor costs by 5-10%

Reduce your time data errors down to 0%

Time Intelligence® delivered in real-time

Scalable system that grows with your business

Time Intelligence® Platform

Replicon built it for our IoT

Replicon built it for our IoT, mobile, cloud, social and AI era. It’s time management for the 21st century. We call it the Time Intelligence® Platform, and it liberates time from your systems and turns it into an intelligent and valuable asset.

Replicon’s architecture

Replicon’s architecture harvests time and events everywhere, in any way, and on any device. We link time to every system you rely on: legacy software, new apps, or any technology you might buy in the future, Replicon adds the intelligence layer to validate, process, analyse, and transform time into powerful information.

how you turned time into money

With Replicon, you will know how you turned time into money. And how much time cost you. And how to better use time in the days, months or years ahead. Time as an asset is what Replicon is all about.

time intelligance platform

Time Intelligence® is our business. Learn more about our platform.

Time Intelligence® Platform