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Time Intelligence® Datasheet

Time Intelligence® Datasheet

Join the ranks of thousands of our customers who have benefited from our Time Intelligence® Platform.
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With Time Intelligence® Businesses See:
Bullet point icon Up to 90% increase in accuracy of enterprise time data
Bullet point icon Up to 10% decrease in revenue leakage
Bullet point icon Over 5x ROI from improved administrative efficiencies

A new way to think about and manage time

Everyone knows that time is money. But unlike money, most businesses don’t know enough about their time. What did we do to turn time into money today? How much did time cost us today?

Answering these questions is key to being able to understand and utilize time as an asset.

Optimizing time and treating time as a valuable asset is a competitive advantage. Getting you there is a problem Replicon solves. We’ve developed technology for Time Intelligence®.

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