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Improve project delivery, manage resource allocations, reduce administrative overheads, and maximize profitability.


Replicon For IT Services

Replicon’s time tracking platform helps IT services manage their project resources even when they are in the field, capture all billable hours, apply relevant rates & invoice clients accurately every time. Our customers streamline their time and project billing to see a 5-10% increase in billing and more than 90% reduction in billing lead times with these enhanced capabilities. Read more on to optimize your IT services organization in three easy steps.

Timesheet Software

Time Tracking For Your IT Services

  • Configure timesheets the way you work to capture the information as per your business needs.
  • Differentiate between billable and nonbillable project hours and allocate them to client.
  • Consultants can book time off on the timesheet to indicate vacation and non-availability.
  • Utilize timesheet comments and attachments to give supervisors and clients more context and transparency.
  • Leverage our advanced mobile app to enable your field teams to submit time and expense entries.

Intelligent Validations And Approvals

  • Leverage advanced business validations to reduce errors on timesheets.
  • Ensure timely submission from consultants and supervisors using real-time alerts.
  • Model approval workflows that make sense for your IT Services business.
  • Dynamic routing of timesheets to project managers or supervisors further reduces overheads and lead times.
Timesheet Software

Maximize Billable Hours

  • Set accurate billing hours targets at different levels by rolling up individual billable hours to a group, business unit, or organization.
  • Easily handle reduced work hours and exceptions, such as holidays or non-working days.
  • Give your supervisors and executives up-to-the-minute visibility into billable hours through advanced reporting and dashboards.
  • Manage performance and accountability with access to historical trends and real-time billable target progress.

Manage Services Delivery

  • Create multi-level client projects, define project milestones, and set up relevant information in seconds.
  • Track project status, budgets vs actuals, WIP, and billable hours in real-time.
  • Roll up projects into programs and get full insight into profitability and performance.
  • Get a centralized view of all your clients and projects.
  • Access detailed information about project hours, costs, billing, and profitability.
Project Budget Management
Payroll Software

Streamlined Billing and Cash Flow

  • Define and manage billing for fixed-bid or time & materials projects with ease.
  • Set billing rates at client, project, or role level to match your contract requirements.
  • Configure invoices using our system or export the information to share with customers.
  • Easily invoice your globally distributed client base with multi-currency support.
  • Bill quickly, collect faster, and stay on top of payments and delinquencies to get control of your cash flows.

Integrations For IT Services

  • Utilize our prebuilt connectors or build your own using our web services API.
  • Seamlessly share time and project data with other systems within your professional services ecosystem.
  • Connect with CRM, HR, PM, accounting, ERP or other proprietary systems using our prebuilt connectors and integration services.
Project Integration Management
Project Analytics

Business Intelligence

  • Define your business metrics and see how you are performing against them.
  • Get real-time visibility into clients, projects, resources, and billing using our out-of-the-box reports.
  • See the big picture using our dynamic summary charts and dashboards.
  • Configure the reports to match your organization’s reporting needs.
  • Stay on top of business metrics like billing, WIP, utilization, margins, etc. and use them to make proactive decisions.

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Customers Speak

“In the professional services industry, time, expenses and resource data is our lifeblood to ensure we support our teams, we exceed expectations with our clients, and we grow our business. Replicon plays an intrinsic role at Xoomworks.” Read More
Project Time Tracking Software
“Everyone’s time is entered there [Replicon], automatically sorted based on project, then checked for accuracy and approved by the relevant people. So, for anything that anyone wants to query regarding a project, Replicon is simple and easily accessible.” Read More
Qual IT
“Replicon is at the core of how we understand and maximize how time is spent across multiple clients and projects. Through its integration with Concur Expense and QuickBooks Online, we have a comprehensive solution that helps us make better decisions, reduce costs and have a complete picture of the business.” Read More
logic healthcare
“From the onset, it’s clear that Replicon is an innovative technology company, and that it sees optimizing time as a core pillar to delivering significant value to its customers” Learn More
Project Management Software
“RepliConnect web services provided a fast and painless way to integrate with our mission critical systems and improve our process execution.” Read More
Project Time Billing Software

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