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Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Logic Healthcare delivers advisory and implementation processes and solutions to hospital communities, including consultant services and billing practices. The healthcare IT consulting firm partners with hospitals to take the complexity out of projects so that hospitals can concentrate on what’s really important – caring for their patients’ needs.


Outgrowing manual processes
A leader in healthcare IT consulting, Logic Healthcare’s mission is to help hospital communities optimize their technology environments through strategic advisory and implementation solutions provided by Logic Healthcare’s seasoned and passionate professionals. The company measures its success by how well it is able to add value to its clients’ healthcare initiatives.


Logic Healthcare’s consultants spend a significant proportion of time on the road to support projects for clients across 21 states nationwide. While the company has always strived to make the process of tracking time and expenses as easy as possible for its workforce, the company’s disparate, legacy systems meant that employees needed to dedicate time each week submitting manual timesheets and expenses, deviating from valuable time that could be spent on other strategic business priorities.


Capturing, collating and processing timesheet and expense data for Logic Healthcare’s field workforce – many who worked across multiple clients – became an increasingly tedious administrative overhead. In addition, Logic Healthcare lacked visibility into client projects so that it could understand the status of a project, identify project profitability, and reallocate and forecast resources as necessary.


Mr. Cox, who oversees the company’s finance, operations and accounting departments, realized that as Logic Healthcare continued to expand, it would need to improve the way that it managed how time and expenses were captured, and identify a scalable, flexible and easy-to-use solution.

“With most of our team constantly in the field working with clients, it was obvious that we had outgrown our previous systems. Too much time was being spent on managing timesheets and expenses and double checking that these were accurate against client projects, rather than focusing on our core business objectives. ”


Implementing an integrated solution
Logic Healthcare needed to bundle its time and expense data in a central location. This information had to be accurately billed against client projects, as well as give the senior leadership team full visibility into the progress of the numerous projects against their completion dates.


The company started to evaluate solutions that could help with their business needs. One of Logic Healthcare’s clients recommended Concur, an SAP company and leading provider of spend management solutions and services for streamlining expenses. Subsequently, Cox and his team learned about Replicon, a Concur partner, and its client billing solution. The partnership between Replicon and Concur provide an ecosystem of integrated solutions for customers, unifying time-related cost and expense data to drive real efficiencies gains for businesses of all sizes.


After a thorough assessment, Logic Healthcare selected Replicon’s TimeBill and TimeOff modules, which could be accessed on a browser or mobile app. Replicon also integrates with QuickBooks, which Logic Healthcare was already using as its accounting system, further reducing the need for manual data entry and ensuring that Logic Healthcare could easily and reliably bill clients and process pay for its staff.


Improved billing accuracy and visibility into consultants availability
Following the implementation process, the company’s field workforce found that it was very easy to submit time and expenses – including receipts – on the go using the mobile app. On the administrative side, Logic Healthcare was able to significantly improve the time taken to bill its clients and process payroll.


“The extent of how quickly and accurately we could bill our clients was tremendous with Replicon’s cloud-based solutions. We reduced manual data entry by more than 75 percent and increased billing accuracy by more than 25 percent, which was all done without needing to hire additional staff or spend much time retraining our existing team,” Cox said.


Logic Healthcare has also benefited from real-time visibility into the company’s healthcare IT consulting projects, including their completion dates and profitability, ensuring that the team can deliver projects on time and within budget. In addition, using Replicon’s TimeOff modules, the company has improved how it manages team absences and availability. By being able to view which consultants are available in the next 30 to 90 days, Logic Healthcare can reallocate them to particular projects as needed, further boosting productivity and profitability.


“Cox is very satisfied with the Replicon solution and praises its reliability and ease-of-use within the organization. "Replicon is at the core of how we understand and maximize how time is spent across multiple clients and projects. Through its integration with Concur Expense and QuickBooks Online, we have a comprehensive solution that helps us make better decisions, reduce costs and have a complete picture of the business. ”

The Results

  • Enabled consultants to track time and expenses on the go
  • Reduced accounting administrative overheads by more than 75 percent
  • Increased accuracy on projects and billing by more than 25 percent
"The extent of how quickly and accurately we could bill our clients was tremendous with Replicon's cloud-based solutions. We reduced manual data entry by more than 75 percent and increased billing accuracy by more than 25 percent, which was all done without needing to hire additional staff or spend much time retraining our existing team."

Kris Cox


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