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Accurate Time Tracking

Automate project time management for your project portfolio.

Accurate Time Tracking using Polaris from Multiple Devices

Configurable Time Tracking

Intuitive time capture

Configure timesheets to capture the information your business needs and track up-to-the-minute project time.

Pre-populated timesheets

Make timesheet completion and submission easy for your project resources with timesheet pre-population rules.

GPS monitoring

Manage your remote project workforce better with real-time GPS tracking and geofencing capabilities.

Attachments and comments

Give your supervisors and clients better context around your project time entries with relevant attachments.

Configurable Time Tracking using Polaris PPM
Time Off Tracking using Polaris PPM

Time Off Tracking

Employee self-service

Project resources can request vacation, sick, and other time off and add specific comments even when they are mobile.

Approval workflows

Create approval workflows for time off policies based on your business requirements.

Team calendar

Get real-time information about employee time off schedules with an intuitive calendar view.

Manage staffing

Make sure your projects are adequately staffed with complete visibility into who’s in and who’s out.

Mobile Time

Anytime, anywhere

Capture project time data anytime, anywhere, with or without connectivity, and sync data in seconds.

GPS time tracking

Make informed project decisions by leveraging the location details tagged to the mobile timesheet entries.

Project manager view

Review and approve project time even on-the-go.

AI-enabled timesheets

AI-enabled timesheets turn time tracking into a conversation with our AI-based chatbot, and take it to the next level.

Mobile Time Tracking using Polaris PPM
Enhanced Business Validations & Real-time Notifications using Polaris

Enhanced Validations and Notifications

Validate to meet your needs

Use configurable businesses validations to ensure all data follows your organization’s unique policies.

Zero time capture errors

Eliminate time capture errors utilizing our advanced timesheet validations

Instant alerts

Leverage real-time notifications on any device of your choice to ensure timely submission for processing.

Intelligent Approvals

Configurable workflows

Define multi-level approval workflows that make sense for your project portfolio.

Dynamic routing

Use real-time data validation to create dynamic routing of timesheets to the right people.

Involve all stakeholders

Include portfolio managers, project managers, and other stakeholders to ensure the right people always review and approve.

Intelligent Multilevel Approval Workflows using Polaris PPM

Our Project Portfolio Management platform meets all your business needs.






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