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What Is Polaris Support?

Polaris Support is a team dedicated to helping our customers maximize our products’ business benefits. We’re committed to providing you with high-quality support so you can focus on your business.

On this page, we introduce our Support offerings, policies, and guidelines. We provide a wide range of Support offerings to meet your unique needs. With each offering, you receive direct, multi-channel access to responsive, expert-level Support resources.

Polaris Support is available up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, depending on the offerings you select.


All of our support offerings include

  • Direct access to Polaris Support via phone, email, chat, online request, and community
  • Self-serve access to our online Customer Zone
  • Polaris PSA application maintenance
  • Real-time system monitoring
  • Access to product release notes

Our team can help you with

  • Learning about Polaris PSA functionality
  • Setting up the Polaris PSA system for your users
  • Troubleshooting problems
  • Diagnosing and fixing product issues
  • Keeping up to date on the product changes and bug fixes

Support Offerings

The table below provides details of Polaris’s Support offerings1. To enroll in Premium Plus support, please contact your Sales Representative or Account Manager.

Standard (Included with product purchase) Premium Plus
Overview Access to Support and online help center Access to Support, online help center, and expert guidance
24 x 7 Support No Yes
Business Support Hours 8 am to 5 pm, your local time2 Monday to Friday, including holidays 24 x 7 (round the clock)
Sandbox instance No Included3
Non-Business Hour Support Pay-per-incident5 Included
On-demand Product Training Charged based on number of hours Unlimited
Administrative Support Limited to 2 administrators Unlimited
Phone Support Yes Yes
Email Support Yes Yes
Chat Support Yes Yes
Help Center4 Yes Yes
Community4 Yes Yes
Online Request Yes Yes
Updates on Product Releases Subscribe to Product Updates in the customer community In-product message published
Bulk data imports Pay-per-incident5 Unlimited
Root Cause Analysis Report for Business Critical Issues (Severity 1) No Yes
  1. General Policies: In general terms, we will support your use and operation of the software by providing you technical assistance as required, subject to the terms and conditions as outlined in this document. The support offering commences on the effective start of production, also called the “Go Live Date” as described in the Statement of Work or application License Agreement, and will continue as long as the appropriate support and maintenance agreement is in place.
  2. Local time is the timezone where your company is located, based on the company’s billing address in Polaris’s records.
  3. Under Premium Plus, a sandbox instance will be available upon request.
  4. Our Customer Zone offerings include an online help center and a customer community. We strongly encourage you to access these resources as you may find solutions to your questions readily available online.

Severity Definitions and Response Times

Polaris Support prioritizes cases using one of four severity levels. The severity is based on the issue’s impact to your organization in using a Polaris application.

Priority Definition Description Response Time5
Severity Level 1 Critical Critical Business Impact All productive activity stopped Customer is unable to access or use Polaris applications. Within 30 minutes of initial contact
Severity Level 2 Major Substantial Business Impact All productive activity stopped: Major feature failure of performance degradation Some Polaris functionality does not work properly while other areas of the product are not impacted. Product behavior has created a significant negative impact on the customer’s productivity. Within 60 minutes of initial contact
Severity Level 3 Moderate Some Business Impact Core services degraded: Short-term workaround identified or minor feature failure Some Polaris functionality is not working properly, however an alternate solution is available. Product behavior yields minimal loss of operational functionality. Within 2 hours of initial contact
Severity Level 4 Minor Minimal Business Impact General Questions Questions related to product behavior, functionality and FAQs. Within 4 hours of initial contact

5Response time (First Response) is applicable only during Business Support hours. Any requests submitted during Non-Business Support hours, the above-mentioned time frame (First response) will not be applicable. The response time will only be applicable from the start of next business day/hour.

Contacting Us

Polaris Support is available via phone, email, chat, or the community, as outlined below. You can also submit a request online.

Standard Premium Plus
Phone (Toll-Free)

Direct: +1 650-286-9200
North America: 1-877-862-2519
Australia: 1800-223-198
Other Countries: +800-8622-5192
(Ext. 2 – option 1)

Direct: +1 650-286-9200
North America: 1-877-862-2519
Australia: 1800-223-198
Other Countries: +800-8622-5192
(Ext. 2 – Option 2)

Email [email protected] [email protected]
and select Live Chat from our website
Online Request
Online Help Center

Support Definitions

The table describes the service features of each Support offering in detail.

Service Feature Description
Phone Support A medium of customer service that allows customers to communicate in real time with Support via a phone call.
Email Support A medium of customer service that allows customers to communicate with Support through email.
Chat Support A medium of customer service that allows customers to communicate in real time with Support through a chat messenger/plug-in.
Online Help Center A web-based, self-serve tool offering information about setting up the product, features and functionality, frequently asked question, and product solutions.
Community A web-based portal for customers to share product feedback, suggestions, and solutions.
Online Request A web-based tool used to log an issue requiring assistance from Support.
Expert Solution A group of Polaris experts who can offer accelerated resolution for customer issues.
Product Updates Access to newly introduced product enhancements and product fix updates.
Bulk data imports Enable you to bulk add, modify or delete data into Polaris PSA through an Excel/comma separated value file (.csv). Our product experts will work closely throughout the import process.
Diagnosis A Support specialist’s evaluation of the cause of a problem. Once they’ve made a diagnosis, they’ll suggest a workaround, fix the issue, or escalate it to the appropriate resource(s).
Escalation Inquiries we diagnose as caused by product defects will be escalated to Polaris’s product development group for resolution in a future service pack or release. Inquiries we diagnose as caused by customization defects will be escalated to the Polaris Professional Services team for immediate resolution.
On-demand Product Training An online training program delivered by our product experts that teaches you about the Polaris PSA product’s features and best practices.
Administrative Support Support which involves performing system level changes to manage your Polaris PSA setup.
Root Cause & Analysis Report A report identifying the event’s cause, steps taken to resolve the issue, and an action plan to avoid future occurrence. Analysis is done after an event has occurred.
Pay-Per-Incident Polaris shall provide “pay-per-incident” support to the customers on occurrence of any issue impacting the usage of the Polaris PSA application and a fee is applicable for “pay-per-incident”. An incident is referred to as a single issue that the Support team makes an effort to resolve.
Sandbox An instance which is a clone of a production instance, which can be used for training or testing purpose.