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Project Financials

Define and manage all your financial metrics while enabling collaboration and real-time visibility.

project financials management

Flexible Bill Plan and Rates

Multidimensional rates

Utilize project-specific, user-level, role-based rates or create custom ones to generate billing and costing information.

Fixed-bid, time & materials, flat rate

Leverage our versatile bill plan modeling to accommodate various client/project billing needs – fixed-bid, time & materials, flat or any combination.

Effective dates

Leverage effectivity dates to manage rate structures and align them with ongoing cost and margin requirements.

Rate cards

Build rate cards with effectivity dates for each role to model long-running client engagements.

Hourly, daily or monthly billing

Model hourly, daily, or monthly rates to capture billing information at the required level of granularity.

project financials
project financials accounting

Comprehensive Project Accounting

Budgets, estimates and more

Manage financial controls on all projects – budgets, estimates, costs, margins, WIP, billings, bookings etc. with ease.

Project health

Gain full visibility into project financial health in real-time.

Real-time WIP

Track project status in real-time with instant updates from your resources.

Available to bill

Understand projects and tasks that are ready to be billed for every client.

Cash flow lead time

Improve visibility into cash flows and reduce billing lead times.

Zero downstream issues

Manage billing issues upstream before they percolate downstream resulting in unhappy customers.

Enhanced Invoicing

Smart and Configurable invoices

Easily define default or custom invoice templates for each client to streamline billing and invoicing using our configurable invoicing engine with multiple templates.

Manage payments

Easily manage payment terms, aging, and tracking of overdue invoices as per your business needs.

Multi-currency & global support

Invoice your globally distributed client base with multi-currency support and factor-in discounts and add adhoc invoice line items.

Integrate with accounting/ERP

Integrate invoices with your accounting, ERP or back-office systems to seamlessly share billing data.

Streamline invoicing

Achieve complete control over client invoicing and manage invoice adjustments, exceptions, and delinquencies with ease.

project finance management
project revenue management

Revenue Plans and Rev Rec

Create revenue contracts

Model complex revenue contracts with a flexible system

Reconcile revenue contracts

Quickly reconcile revenue with contracts, WIP, and billing.

Rev rec

Leverage revenue recognition built as an extension of the billing and invoicing platform.

ASC 606 and IFRS 15

Get support for industry standard revenue recognition standards – ASC 606 and IFRS 15.

Revenue forecasts

Generate accurate revenue forecasts and plan out your future.

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