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Resource Management

Ensure resources are aligned with strategy and manage them across project portfolios.

Resource Management using Polaris PPM

Manage Resource Pool

Allocation levels

Resource managers can view global resources to determine their current and future allocation levels.

Graphical calendar

Use the graphical calendar to easily spot underutilized or over-utilized resources.

Dynamic charts

Report on utilization by various dimensions with dynamic charts and graphs.

Time off and availability*

Layered time off, holiday calendars and schedules to determine availability.

Managing Resource Pool using Polaris PPM
Intelligent Resource Allocation with Polaris SmartMatch

Intelligent Resource Allocation with SmartMatch

Resource requests

Project managers can create requests with resource managers based on their skill and project needs.

Resource criteria

Ability to mention criteria while requesting resources – availability, skills, location etc.

Resource recommendation engine

Built-in recommendation engine brings ideal resources for the job to the top.

Locate resources

Quickly locate resources based on availability, location, skill set, department, or other criteria.

Resource fulfillment

Built-in portfolio manager, project manager and resource manager collaboration workflows for project portfolio resource fulfillment.

Project allocation

Allocate resources to projects by percentage of total availability or by hours per day.

Capacity Planning

Resource forecasts

Generate resource forecast reports across project portfolio to gain visibility into the future availability of your staff.

Hiring requirements

Assign placeholder resource to pending projects to effectively account for resource requirements, and enable quick hiring/training.

Resource Forecasts and Capacity Planning using Polaris
Resource Skills & Certification Management using Polaris

Skills & Certification Management

Resource skills & certifications

Track skills, certificates and expertise levels for each resource as needed by your firm.

Self-service updates

Easily manage skill and certification updates with attestation.

Skills catalog

Create a reference catalog of skills needed by each role.

Skill based assignments

Leverage skill and expertise while initiating and fulfilling resource requests.

Manage hiring and training

Analyze resource availability by skillset to proactively hire or retrain resources and meet future demand.

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