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Get 100% Accurate Time and Work Data

Gain up to 10-15% Increase in Employee Productivity

Freedom From Traditional Timesheets

Reimagine time-tracking with ZeroTime. Empower your hybrid workforce with AI-powered time tracking for automatic capture of their work and time data across all the digital apps they use.

ZeroTime can:

  • Collect accurate employee time data from various sources
  • Assemble pre-filled timesheets for your employees to review and submit
  • Save valuable time of employees, ensuring up to 10-15% increase in productivity
  • Enable up to 10% growth in project profitability
No More Manual Time Tracking With ZeroTime
No More Manual Time Tracking With ZeroTime

Gain up to $26,500 in Revenue per Employee Annually

AI-powered timesheets provide continuous, accurate, and complete insights into efficiency gaps. It ensures employees account for all of their work, including unplanned activities that can be easily forgotten.

ZeroTime leverages AI to:

  • Reconstruct the work week across multiple projects
  • Add up to $26,500* annual revenue per employee
  • Capture accurate time spent across projects

*Based on the estimated monetary gain at $500 per hour multiplied by 50 weeks billing rate.

Improve Employee Productivity by 10-15% With AI-powered Timesheets

Employees lose 10% of their billable hours to administrative work. ZeroTime eliminates administrative overhead and captures 100% of your employees work time accurately to increase employee productivity.

Reap benefits such as:

  • Enhanced workforce productivity
  • Better resource utilization
  • Maximized project profitability
No More Manual Time Tracking With ZeroTime
No More Manual Time Tracking With ZeroTime

Master the Hybrid Digital Race

ZeroTime collects all work time data automatically from multiple digital work apps, allowing employees to review and submit their timesheets from any device, anytime.

It facilitates anytime, anywhere time tracking to:

  • Simplify work time capture for employees
  • Increase time-to-revenue with faster billing cycles
  • Create accurate estimates for higher bid-hit ratio

Your Privacy Is Our Priority

ZeroTime is privacy-first. We help you comply with privacy regulations.

A few features that help build employee trust:

  • Organizations and employees choose the work applications that need to be connected with ZeroTime.
  • Before submitting timesheets, employees have the flexibility to review their time entries.
  • ZeroTime doesn’t store any employee data across apps.

ZeroTime automatically collects time and work data from your existing work applications and tools.