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Get Accurate Cost Capitalization Across Your Project Portfolio

Account for all your labor costs, and manage both capital and operational project portfolios with ease.

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Polaris PPM For Labor Cost Capitalization

Businesses that want to manage their project portfolio and capitalize labor costs accurately, utilize the powerful project portfolio management solution from Polaris to account for all capital and non-capital spent towards employees, and get complete visibility into project portfolio progress, resource productivity, costs, and other metrics.

Manage CapEx & Other Projects for Proposals

  • Create multi-level projects, define milestones, and set up relevant information in seconds.
  • Set estimates and track portfolio status, actuals, & WIP in real-time to manage your business.
  • Get a centralized view of all your capital projects & associated hours.
  • Access detailed information about project portfolio hours, costs, and productivity.
Manage CapEx & Other Projects for Proposals using Polaris
Project Portfolio Governance Improvement using Polaris PPM

Achieve Portfolio Governance

  • Standardize projects, resources, and other processes across your portfolio for a consistent view.
  • Define portfolio, create budgets, and directly pull from PM, CRM, ITSM and plan all key project elements.
  • Leverage the project checklists to enforce process adherence, and ensure global portfolio governance while meeting all local needs for execution.
  • Ensure global portfolio governance while meeting all local needs for execution.
  • Improve your project portfolio governance with supporting documentation and improve audit compliance processes.

Streamline Cost Capitalization

  • Easily categorize projects in portfolio and tasks as CapEx or OpEx.
  • Set costs at resource level and easily estimate your cost capitalization potential before starting a project portfolio.
  • Normalize hours to get a true picture of what time can be claimed.
  • Quickly consolidate all your labor costs and capitalize accurately.
Streamline Cost Capitalization using Polaris PPM
Resource Utilization Maximization using Polaris PPM

Maximize Resource Utilization

  • Use an intelligent resource management engine, SmartMatch, to quickly identify the ideal resource for every project.
  • Quickly locate resources based on availability, location, skill set, department, or other criteria.
  • Give your project and portfolio managers up-to-the-minute visibility into resource utilization.
  • Generate resource forecast reports to gain visibility into the future availability of your staff.
  • Report on utilization by various dimensions with dynamic charts and graphs.

Plan Better, Be Audit-Ready

  • Define your business metrics and manage your capital project portfolio performance.
  • Get real-time visibility into portfolio progress, actual hours, actual capital hours, and other specific metrics using our out-of-the-box reports.
  • Configure the reports to match your audit needs and schedule them for periodic checks.
  • Plan for future capital projects better by utilizing historical claims data.
Real-time visibility on Business Metrics using Polaris PPM
Time Tracking For Project Portfolios using Polaris PPM

Time Tracking For Your Project Portfolio

  • Configure timesheets to capture the information as per your cost capitalization needs.
  • Enable project resources to book time off on the timesheet to indicate vacation and unavailability.
  • Utilize timesheet comments and attachments to give portfolio managers detailed context and transparency useful during consolidation and audits.
  • Leverage our advanced mobile app to enable your remote teams to submit time entries.

Integrations For Your Project Organization

  • Utilize our pre-built connectors or build your own using our web services API.
  • Seamlessly share time and project data with other applications within your business ecosystem.
  • Connect with CRM, HR, PM, accounting, ERP or other proprietary systems using our pre-built connectors and integration services.
Polaris PPM Integrations with Other Platforms

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