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How Can Large Services Organizations Navigate the New Tech Landscape: A Case Study in Accelerated Digital Transformation?

This blog is part of the digital transformation journey of a very Large IT Enterprise and their journey to modernizing their time tracking ecosystem. Check out part 2 and part 3 .

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Productivity Formula: How to Calculate Workplace Productivity?

Organizations and product managers need productivity calculations to utilize resources, drive growth, and make hiring decisions. Learn how to use the productivity formula and some practical tips that you must consider.
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Exploring The 3rd Wave Of Resourcing At The Resource Management Global Symposium

Optimal resource management is often the key to profitability and sustainable growth for any project-based organization. Unfortunately, with rapid changes at the workplace, the labor markets, and industry conditions, managing resources efficiently in the modern era has become tremendously challenging.
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4 Key Steps to Achieve Digital Acceleration for Professional Services Organizations

Today’s world is rapidly moving into a technological era, and seemingly at an increasing pace. It has become imperative for professional services organizations to jump on the digital transformation bandwagon or get left behind.
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Reduce Revenue Leakage and Drive Efficiency in Professional Services

Regardless of size or industry type, there is always a threat of revenue leaking away. The revenue sipping out often goes unnoticed making a major impact on productivity and growth of a company.The blog talks about what, why and how you can identify, prevent, and stop revenue leakage in professional services business.
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10 Remote Workforce Trends 2022: What the Future Holds?

It is no surprise that COVID-19 has compelled organizations worldwide to embrace remote working. Surprisingly, this culture has bestowed multiple strategic benefits to businesses worldwide, and that's why it is believed that remote workforce culture would keep getting immense acceptance across verticals. This blog sheds light on the key remote workforce trends that will determine the future of remote working.
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Why Enterprises Struggle to Automate Professional Services Processes

There are several reasons why enterprises struggle to automate professional services processes. But with an automation solution, firms can leverage pre-built workflows to automate processes and overcome automation challenges more confidently.
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5 Features You Need in a Secure Time and Payroll System

In recent years, there has been a definitive shift towards cloud-based time tracking solutions to capture and process the time data needed for critical business functions such as payroll, resource man…

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Top 5 Project & Time Tracking Financial Hurdles of Large Service Organizations That Give CFOs Heartburn

Looking for ways to optimize project finances and budget for better cash flow? Avoid these top 5 project and time tracking challenges.
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How a Fortune 500 Company Modernized Their Time Tracking to a Single Unified Time Intelligence® Platform

The 21st-century large professional services firms are re-imaging their ecosystem with digitization. They are embedding new technologies to drive innovation and digital architectures. As a result, firms are preparing for competitive bids to win projects, reduce margins, be more operationally responsive to gain higher profitability, and remain pertinent.
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How can Large Service Organizations Maximize Resource Utilization to Drive Higher Project Profitability?

Large services organizations are facing several challenges in their business. On one hand, they need to maintain a flexible hybrid workplace that supports collaborations and can bridge the gap and on the other hand, they need to ensure seamless employee experience, which are the critical components of any business.
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Industry Research: The Secret to Project Profitability for Large Services Organizations

Ever try to manage a global project only to discover that half of your team is still manually logging time in project timesheets while the other half is spread across multiple legacy or native-grown s…

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Why Large Services Organizations Need to Prioritize a Connected Ecosystem for Growth?

Joseph Schumpeter, one of Austria’s top economists, in the 1940s coined the word “creative destruction” to describe how technology was changing lives, but even he could not have gues…

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Project Portfolio Management for Enterprises: Everything You Need to Know

Enterprises and services organizations need a way to connect all their disparate project and resource data spread across multiple systems used by different teams and departments. With project portfolio management, enterprises can strategically manage projects, resources, and budgets to ensure successful project execution while supporting the overarching business objectives.
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For Global Professional Services Firms, Remote & Hybrid Workforce Means More Compliance Issues

The rapid transformation of business models and digital innovation has brought change across the professional services industry. Most professional services firms have adopted working remotely and need modern tools to manage business processes, projects, people, & revenues in a highly competitive market and drive future growth and profitability.
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5 Steps to Proactive Resource Management for Services Firms

For every second of downtime, your service business will lose revenue and damage client experience – this makes reactive measures no longer enough for a company’s growth. Learn how proactive resource management best practices can help you improve productivity and profits.
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What Is Eating Your Profit Margins?

Between increasing competition and a difficult economy, the struggle for professional services firms to maintain profit margins has never been more challenging. Learning what affects profit margins and how to improve them is vital for continued profitability and success.
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Learn How Top Enterprise Leaders Are Doing Project Planning Differently This Year with a Remote Workforce

As remote work is becoming the new normal, learn from the experts themselves on how project leaders need to get up to speed and fast. The blog highlights how our top enterprise leaders doing project planning differently this year with remote project management and a hybrid workforce.
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Your Professional Services Tech Stack Is Changing (or Should Be). Here’s Everything You Need to Know.

What’s your tech stack plan to grow and shine through the post-pandemic volatility? Here’s how to build a fully loaded tech stack with professional services automation software (PSA).
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Why Polaris PSA Rises Above The Market Alternatives

Polaris is a self-driving PSA solution that does all the heavy lifting by analyzing real-time data to recommend the best possible choices. It serves as the single source of truth for all your organization's project, resource, and finance metrics, giving managers and senior executives complete and current visibility into all key metrics across the entire practice or client projects.
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What Is Resource Management Software and Why Do You Need It for Your Professional Services Business?

Professional services organizations spend 60-80% of their operating expenses on project resourcing. Resource management solution streamlines this process to reduce cost and optimize revenue. Learn more.
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Touchless Time Clocks: The New Normal

Touchless Time Clocks: The New Normal

In a highly competitive market, service-based businesses need to capitalize on any opportunity to set themselves apart from their (often very similar) competitors. While implementation, system details, and service management… Read More
Global Compliance Desk – Luxembourg

Global Compliance Desk – Luxembourg

The onset of AI and smart machines automating formerly-human jobs has been discussed at length as of late -- often in relation to manufacturing and manual labor jobs. And yet,… Read More
Global Compliance Desk – Australia

Global Compliance Desk – Australia

Time magazine labels the millennial generation the “most threatening and exciting generation,” infamous for “narcissism [and] its effect: entitlement.” In the workplace, the perception of the millennial workforce is no… Read More

Time and Attendance Orientation Guide

In a growing business, the day will eventually come when managing time and attendance on paper becomes both inefficient and risky, especially when trying to balance things like overtime, paid… Read More

Using shared services? These five technologies are a must

As organizations continue to scrutinize operating costs and look for areas to drive efficiencies, shared services centers (SSCs) are a no-brainer. The concept of a multi-function SSC has been around… Read More

Employee time tracking is dead

iBeacons, Bluetooth Low Energy, Proximity sensing and the obsolescence of time tracking as we know it. Businesses have to track the time their employees work for a variety of reasons,… Read More
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