Tracking expense reimbursements

When a user enters expenses, they can specify whether those expenses should be reimbursed to them. During payroll processing, you can view how much each employee is owed for those expenses and then mark them as reimbursed.

Tracking the reimbursement status

To view reimbursement amounts, go to Payroll > Expenses.

For each expense sheet, the total amount and the reimbursement amount is shown. The reimbursement amount includes all expenses on that sheet that were marked as reimbursable. You can also see whether that expense sheet has been reimbursed.

The Awaiting Reimbursement filter shows the total of reimbursable expenses that are approved but have not been reimbursed. Filter by User to see the total owed to an individual employee.

Marking expenses as reimbursed

You can mark an expense sheet as reimbursed to indicate that the employee has been paid for all of the reimbursable expenses on that sheet.

To mark a sheet as reimbursed:

  1. Go to Payroll > Expenses.
  2. Enable the check box next to each expense sheet that has been reimbursed.

  1. Click the Mark as Reimbursed button.

If you have incorrectly marked an expense sheet as reimbursed, you can use the Mark as Not Reimbursed button to reverse the status.

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