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Intuit QuickBooks

Give your accounting system a boost

Experience the seamless exchange of project, time and billing information between two powerful systems. The result?

Successful end-to-end project completion and client billing. Everyone wins.

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Streamline client billing with seamless syncing of time data for accurate invoicing of clients

Capture consultant time and expenses by project for easy reimbursement of employees, vendor payments and client charges

Make informed decisions and set priorities when you have complete visibility into time billed and pending approvals

Benefits of Integrating Replicon with QuickBooks Online

Client Billing Management

Powerful client data syncing

Pick Replicon or QuickBooks Online as your master system and then synchronize client information from one system to the other with ease. Because the connection is pre-built and has nothing to install, you can get started immediately.

  • Control over synchronization
  • No installation and quick to implement
  • Fast time-to-value

Complete invoice control

Efficiently create invoices in minutes with Replicon. You can add one or more time and expense line items, and it’s easy to go back and edit invoices before syncing them to QuickBooks.

  • Invoice creation with expense line items
  • Editing capabilities for accurate billing
  • Time-saving functionality
Client Billing Management Software
Quickbooks Time Tracking

Seamless invoicing

Finalize an invoice and send it straight to QuickBooks for billing your client. Once payment is received, Replicon updates the status for real-time visibility into paid and outstanding invoices.

  • Easy transfer of invoice data
  • Flawless billing process
  • Clarity into invoice status and payments

Replicon Connector for QuickBooks Time Tracking Online

Tracking Consultants’ Time on Projects Isn’t Easy

QuickBooks Online is used by many organizations, including those that work on client consultancy projects. It helps manage financial information and keep up with bookkeeping, billing and invoicing. Quickbooks Online is a great tool for tracking income, expenses, scheduled bills or any payment made to vendors or billers.


While most organizations have systems to track their assets, inventory and other resources, tracking consultants’ time can be more challenging. Yet it’s a pressing need, because consultants often work on multiple projects for several clients simultaneously; it becomes unwieldy trying to manage the billing process with accuracy. What’s needed is a solution that can capture consultant time and project expenses, with the ability to push that information seamlessly into an accounting system for effective payment management.

Manage Time Tracking Better with Replicon Connector for QuickBooks

The Replicon Connector for QuickBooks Online enables you to integrate Replicon’s time tracking solution and QuickBooks Online’ accounting software, for a seamless exchange of project, time and billing information. The result is successful end-to-end project completion and client billing for both consultant time and project expenses.


Replicon Connector for QuickBooks Time Tracking Online is a powerful integration that empowers you to:

    • Streamline client billing: With seamless syncing of time data from Replicon to QuickBooks Online, you’ll eliminate manual re-entry of data needed for invoicing clients, reducing errors dramatically.
    • Easily capture consultant time: With Replicon’s leading time tracking platform and easy-to-use interface, it’s a snap for consultants to enter project time against clients, and simple for managers to approve timesheets and ensure accuracy— even from mobile devices.
    • Stay on top of expenses: Along with time, Replicon also tracks expenses incurred against projects. The information is transferred to QuickBooks Online to reimburse employees, pay vendors and charge clients.
    • Make informed decisions: Gain complete visibility into how much time
      has been billed, and how much is pending approval or waiting to be billed. View critical client and practice information to help you prioritize projects and clients.

Key integration capabilities

Replicon Connector for QuickBooks Online combines efficient time tracking for client projects with the ability to track and manage billing and invoicing information, to help your organization ensure fast, accurate billing management.

    • Transfer invoice data seamlessly: Once an invoice is final, you can send it straight to QuickBooks for billing clients. Once a client is billed or payment is received, Replicon updates the status and dates automatically for real-time visibility.
    • Easily create and update invoices: Create an invoice in minutes in Replicon with one or more time/expense line items. Edit invoices at a later date and before syncing.
    • Turnkey, pre-built, nothing to install: The web-based Replicon Connector for QuickBooks Online is pre-built and easy to implement for fast time-to-value.
Integrating with Intuit QuickBooks
  • How do I purchase the Replicon integration for QuickBooks?
    Contact us. We will get you started on your way to integrated data.
  • What Replicon products integrate with QuickBooks?
    The most common product to integrate with QuickBooks are Replicon's TimeBill and Professional Services Automation solutions.
  • What countries does Replicon work in?
    Replicon is global and works anywhere that has internet connection.
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