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Replicon Recognized As a Top Vendor in Workforce Management by Constellation Research

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Innovative Platform for Global Workforce Management & Labor Compliance Delivers a Single Source of Truth For Time & Gross Pay

Redwood City, Calif. – Aug 24th, 2021. /PRNewswire/ – Today, ​ Replicon announced it was named to the Constellation ShortList™ for Workforce Management Suites. Replicon is a modern cloud-based SaaS workforce management platform (WFM) with built-in solution components such as time and attendance, absence & leave management, job costing, complex scheduling, global gross payroll, workforce analytics, and global compliance solutions.

Manage Your Employee Time & Attendance, Schedules and Gross Pay With Confidence

Replicon, the Time Intelligence® Company, provides a unique Time Tracking Platform for Workforce Management that helps streamline global wage and hour law compliance, control overtime, help reduce labor costs, and increase payroll accuracy and efficiency. More than 2,500 businesses across 80+ countries centralize their global time and attendance, time off, scheduling, job costing and labor compliance processes using Replicon’s Workforce Management solution, and benefit from a single source of truth for gross pay.

“The rise of the hybrid workplace, globalization, the cloud, and the proliferation of mobile devices are creating opportunities for companies to adopt technology to fuel rapid growth and profitability. As a result, businesses are demanding easy-to-use, quick-to-implement solutions that deliver fast ROI,” said Raj Narayanaswamy, co-founder and co-CEO of Replicon. “Replicon is uniquely positioned to solve customer challenges with a modern platform providing configurability, scalability, and agility to meet every business need around Workforce Management. Managing a mobile and remote workforce is the type of highly complex situation where Replicon thrives. Building on this, we have become a trusted partner of ADP and SAP for any highly complex time, projects, pay and costing requirements. Thousands of customers across the globe leverage our powerful platform to achieve a single source of truth for enterprise time, manage labor compliance, boost productivity, and provide global governance while meeting local administration needs.”

Key highlights of the powerful Time Tracking Platform for Workforce Management include:

Unified Visibility And Single Source Of Truth For Time: A configurable, agile, and scalable workforce management platform is crucial to providing unified visibility and optimize your workforce productivity. Our modern approach to design a flexible workforce management platform gears towards all types of businesses – global, large and mid-market. The platform has a powerful built-in validation engine that ensures zero time entry errors and intelligent approvals route timesheets through to the right reviewers for timely processing.

Advanced Web, Mobile, and Clock Interfaces for Hybrid Workforce: The mobile-first time tracking platform is designed to be intuitive, smart, and unobtrusive, providing features that enable remote employees and supervisors with self-service capabilities. View, record, and approve time, expenses, and time off on the go. Available on both iOS and Android devices, the mobile app comes with advanced UI to ensure rapid user adoption with minimal training. The mobile app works in sync with the cloud instance, giving managers instant visibility into data for further processing

Touchless CloudClock for Safe Time Tracking: For employees returning to the workspace, Touchless CloudClock provides safe log in and out ability. AI-powered self-service capabilities like facial recognition, photo capture with audit trail, and advanced project tracking to eliminate physical touch of shared surfaces and time theft. Manage employee availability with up-to-date information on time off and schedules.

GPS and Geo-fencing for Improved Compliance: To support remote and on-field workforce, the mobile app comes with built-in features like GPS tracking and geofencing that add a layer of Location Intelligence to the time captured, enabling businesses to adhere to business policies and local labor laws. Leverage AI-powered chatbots to enter, approve, edit time and time off records without the hassle of doing it all manually.

Real-time Crew Management: For deskless employees, Replicon’s Crew Time Management solutions simplify the complexities around mass time capturing, attribution, costing, and billing for jobs or projects involving large teams working in the field. Enable employees with a self-service kiosk by transforming any iOS tablet into an intelligent time clock.

Built-in Local and Global Compliance: With a continually updated, preconfigured rules library for more than 60+ countries, multi-location businesses can hit the ground running. Replicon’s powerful platform frees HR/Payroll teams from the search for manual solutions or local vendors to manage labor laws in each country, region, or city. Over-the-air updates together with a compliance dashboard and real-time rule monitoring keep businesses up-to-date on adherence to regulations.

Enhanced Scheduling: Employee scheduling, offered as part of the platform, simplifies planning for staffing across shifts. Businesses are able to manage costs by making proactive adjustments to avoid under or over-staffing shifts. Real-time communication about shift updates ensures complete control over employee productivity and overtime.

Comprehensive Time Off: The platform allows for simplified and straightforward management of multi-location employee calendars, handling all vacations, sick days, and local holidays. Employees can leverage self-service capabilities to request time off, reducing the administrative burden on HR teams. An integrated accruals engine with the ability to manage balances, resets, and effective dates helps set up complex, global policies and stay on top of any potential liabilities.

Automate Complex Time to Gross Pay: The Replicon platform handles any and all complex gross pay situations such as job costing, premiums, complex rates, collective bargaining and enterprise agreements, and unionized workforces. It eliminates the need for businesses to create custom workflows in order to manage each unique case. Businesses can capture as many additional attributes as needed to make sure their gross pay information is accurate and streamlined for downstream processing.

Seamless Integrations: The Time Intelligence® platform is built from the ground up for scalability, agility, and handling global deployments at an accelerated pace, interfacing with business ecosystems such as Payroll, HRMS, or ERP without causing disruption to the processes already in place.

For company updates:

About Replicon

Replicon, the Time Intelligence® company, has over 25 years of industry leadership, pioneering new approaches to time, project and resource management. Time Intelligence® elevates time as a strategic asset within an organization, to improve operational productivity, performance, and profitability. Replicon’s Time Intelligence® Platform offers award-winning cloud-based solutions for enterprise time management, global time and gross pay automation, and includes complete solution sets for project time tracking for costing and billing, time & attendance, and workforce management.

Replicon’s innovative Polaris product line introduces the world’s first self-driving solutions for Professional Services Automation and Project Portfolio Management, helping project-driven enterprises deliver increased revenue and profitability.

Replicon’s team of over 500 employees supports thousands of customers around the globe including PwC, Siemens, FedEx, NTT, Expedia, Moody’s, SAS, Facebook, and Hyatt. To learn more, visit

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Kyle Celeste
Resound Marketing for Replicon
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (609) 279-0050 x111

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