Applying accepted ZeroTime™ entries to your timesheet

Applying a ZeroTimeTM entry adds it to your timesheet. You can only apply entries that are categorized as Accepted.

When you accept an entry, it appears automatically on your Smart Timesheet tab.

Changes you make to your timesheet on the Smart Timesheet tab are automatically synced to your Replicon timesheet.

If you're using Auto Populate mode, you don't apply entries to your timesheet manually, since ZeroTime will automatically move entries to your timesheet for you.

To apply one or more entries:

  1. Go to your Smart Timesheet tab.
  2. Make sure you’re viewing the applicable timeframe.

You can click the  and  icons to navigate to different timesheet periods, or click the shortcut dropdown to choose the current period or day.

  1. On the Not Applied tab, enable the check box beside each item you want to add to your timesheet.

If all entry data (project, task, date, etc) matches, hours are consolidated into a single entry on the Smart Timesheet tab.

  1. Click the Apply to Timesheet button at the bottom of the page.

All items you selected will be added to your timesheet.

Comments from all consolidated entries will appear in a single comment bubble.

If comments for consolidated entries add up to more than 300 characters, the grouped entries can’t be applied, and will show an error.

You can apply these comments manually, if desired. 

You can edit applied items within your timesheet, if you need to update the duration, project, task, etc. You can also add new entries to your timesheet manually.

Once your timesheet it complete, you can submit it.


In Auto Populate mode, do I have to move exceptions I've handled manually to my timesheet?

No, in Auto Populate mode, ZeroTime will automatically move exceptions to your timesheet once you've accepted them.

If I apply an entry, then edit or delete data from it in my timesheet, is the original entry edited or deleted, too?

No, the original won’t change in ZeroTime unless you edit it there.

How do I delete an entry I applied from the timesheet?

You can delete the entry from the timesheet directly. Or, if you select an entry from the Applied tab, Marked to Remove will display beside the entry; if you then click Apply to Timesheet, the entry will be removed.

If I edit or delete an entry that I’ve applied to a timesheet, will the corresponding values in the timesheet update to match?

You can edit data as much as you like in the ZeroTime interface; changes will only be updated in your timesheet if you accept and apply the entry again from the Not Applied tab.

Does my manager have access to my entries?

Only you have access to your entries and other ZeroTime source data; your manager and any other company administrators cannot see any of the data ZeroTime gathers. Those users can only view data entered on a submitted timesheet.

Where is my data stored?

Like all Replicon data, your entries and all other ZeroTime data are stored in our secure cloud-based servers.

I can’t find the note I added

If you can’t find a note, check that the date you’re looking at is correct. Notes only display for the date when they were added. You can expand the viewable date range by updating the date range using the Search feature.

Can I copy entries from a previous week?

You can use Replicon’s Overwrite With feature to copy data from your last timesheet.

Why can’t I select some entries from the past?

ZeroTime saves data up to 90 days in the past; data for days beyond 90 in your calendar is not available.

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