Using ZeroTime™ to fill in your timesheet

ZeroTimeTM automatically gathers information through your work day so you can easily and accurately update your Replicon timesheet.

From the data gathered, you choose exactly which items to add to timesheets. Or, after a period of machine learning, you can set ZeroTime to automatically move your hours worked to your timesheet.

Only data added to your timesheet is visible to supervisors and other Replicon users.

You retain full control of your timesheet, and can modify or remove collected data or add manual entries, as needed.

To start using ZeroTime, log into ZeroTime directly, or log in via your Replicon account.

ZeroTime™ user workflow

Before you begin using ZeroTime, you may need to set up or opt in to data collectors, like Zoom or Google Calendar.

This is the workflow if Auto Populate is disabled. Refer to Using ZeroTime in Auto Populate mode for information on the Auto Populate workflow.

  1. Log in to ZeroTime, either directly or via Replicon.
  2. Optionally, throughout the day, make notes about the work you performed on the My Work tab.

Throughout the day, ZeroTime adds time entries to your inbox, based on data from your collector apps. Using machine learning, it will suggest which projects, tasks, custom fields, etc, the work you completed is associated with.

  1. Accept entries by selecting the icon. This will move them to the Accepted tab, and also to the Smart Timesheet tab.
  2. On the Smart Timesheet tab, add accepted items to your timesheet by selecting each item’s check box, then clicking Apply to Timesheet.
  3. Add or update durations and other data in your timesheet, as needed.
  4. Submit your timesheet by its due date. (Or, if it’s set to autosubmit, it will submit automatically.)

Logging in to ZeroTime™

To access ZeroTime, either:

  • Log in to the ZeroTime app directly at using your Replicon login credentials

  • Log in to your Replicon account, and click the ZeroTime link that displays in the side menu

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