Recording notes in ZeroTime™

In ZeroTimeTM, you can make ad hoc notes about the work you performed, to help you remember what work you completed, and how long you spent on it.

Then, you’ll be able to choose whether to accept and add data from notes to your timesheet.

We recommend recording notes throughout your workday, so the details are fresh in your mind and accurate.

ZeroTime saves notes from up to 90 days in the past.

To add a note:

  1. In ZeroTime, click +Note

An Add a Note dialog will open.

  1. In the Add your note here field, add the text of the note

This text is usually a description of some work you performed. For example, Worked on reimbursements.

This text won’t appear on your timesheet when the note is applied. But, you can copy this text to a comments bubble in your timesheet by clicking the Copy from note above button.

  1. Update the date

This field defaults to the current day’s date, though you can change it to another date.

Typically, we recommend adding notes as you work on tasks, to keep the details accurate.

The calendar uses the work week you’re assigned in Replicon. For example, Mon-Sun or Sun-Sat.

  1. In the Duration field, add the duration of time you spent on the task  

You can:

  • Enter the duration, in hours:minutes (00:00), or
  • Use the stopwatch to record the time you work while it runs – see the Using the stopwatch note below for more information

Some users can also record time worked using Start Time and End Time fields. The total duration based on the times you enter will display in the Duration field automatically.

Administrators can allow users to use these fields by enabling them for groups (e.g. locations) via their Settings tab in ZeroTime.

Using the stopwatch

To use the stopwatch, you must keep that note open. If you click  to pause the timer, it will restart at the pause time when you click the  icon. Stopwatch times round to the nearest minute.

  1. Select timesheet labels for the item

You can associate the note with a client or program, project, task, or time entry level custom field, if available.

Plus, you can add a comment that will appear on your timesheet, or click Copy from note above to copy your note into the comment field.

ZeroTime may suggest timesheet label selections that are based on your past selections. You can accept the suggestions by clicking the Confirm all Smart suggestions button.

Or, you can deny them by clicking  > Deny All Suggestions.

Refer to Accepting or denying suggestions for more information on suggestions and the machine learning they’re based on.

  1. Save the note by clicking Save To...

Choose which folder the note should be assigned to: Accepted, Private, or Inbox.


Do I have to include a duration in a note or chatbot entry?

No, you can use a note just to record details of something you did, without giving the duration worked, then add a duration once the note is added to your timesheet.

Are notes I create automatically transferred to my timesheet if I'm using Auto Populate?

Yes, they are, but only if you've accepted them.

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