Managing your ZeroTime™ data collectors

Typically, ZeroTimeTM collectors are managed by your Replicon administrator. But there are a couple of things end users can manage:

Installing Self-only collectors

In most cases, your administrator will install and manage your ZeroTime collectors for you.

However, these two ZeroTime collectors can only be installed locally:

  • Adobe XD
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Code

To install one of these, go to the Collectors tab in ZeroTime, click the card for the collector you want to install, and follow the directions.

Opting out of using a Company collector

If you don’t need to use a particular company collector to gather data for your timesheet, you may be able to opt out of using it.

To opt out of using a collector, go to Collectors in ZeroTime, and move the Opted In toggle to Opted Out for the collector in question.

Your ZeroTime administrator decides which collectors you can opt into, and which are assigned to you by default. Therefore, you may not have the option to opt out of a collector.

Disconnecting from a Self collector you installed

You can disconnect any Self collector at any time if you want to stop collecting data from that app; If you disconnect, that collector will immediately stop collecting and delivering data to ZeroTime.

If you disconnect:

  • You’ll need to re-install the collector if you ever want to start using it again
  • Any machine learning ZeroTime has achieved for that collector will be lost

To disconnect a collector, go to Collectors in ZeroTime, click Manage for the collector in question, and click the Disconnect link.


Why do I see collectors for apps that I don’t use?

All collectors set up for your company will show on the Collectors tab. If you start using one of those apps, and you haven’t opted out, your data from that collector will start being collected at that time.

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