Entering time in a timesheet

There are three possible ways to enter time in Replicon:

The timesheet settings you’ve been assigned determine how you enter your time. The settings also determine if you can:

Depending on your settings, you can enter time using the web app or the Replicon Mobile app. Some users enter time via the CloudClock.

Once you’ve finished entering time in a timesheet, you’ll need to submit it for approval. For some users, timesheets are submitted automatically on their due date.

About the timesheet formats

Duration-based timesheet

If you are required to record the amount of time you have worked, such as 4.5 hours, you will use a duration-based timesheet. Enter your hours in the grid, under the appropriate day.

Your timesheet may look similar to this:

Or it may look like this:

In/out timesheet

If you are required to enter the times you start and stop work – for example, 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. – you will use an in/out timesheet. Add a new time entry and enter the time that you started working (your “in time”). Then, when you finish work or switch tasks, enter the ending time (your “out time”).

Your timesheet may look similar to this:

Or it may look like this:

Punch-based timesheet

If you are required to clock in and out to enter your time, you’ll likely record your time outside of a timesheet, either in the Clock In or Out tab, or via Replicon Mobile or the CloudClock. Click Clock In and Clock Out to create time punches as you start and stop work.

If you have a timesheet assigned, your time punches will be automatically copied to the timesheet. You typically can’t edit your in and out times if you’ve been assigned this format.

Depending on your settings, you may be required to use the timesheet to allocate your time to projects and tasks.

Punching directly on the timesheet

In some cases, you may punch in and out directly on the timesheet. Click CLOCK IN and CLOCK OUT to record your time.

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