Adding, deleting, and copying timesheet rows

Looking for help with this feature in Polaris? Check out Adding, deleting, and copying timesheet rows in the Polaris help.

Are you using a legacy timesheet?
If you're using an older timesheet format, you'll find information specific to your timesheet at Using a legacy Replicon timesheet > Adding, deleting, and copying timesheet rows.

If you work on more than one project, task, or activity, you may need to add rows when entering time in your timesheet. You might also want to copy rows to save time, or delete rows you don’t need anymore.

Adding a row

In a duration-based timesheet

To add a row, click Add Row at the bottom the time entry grid.

The new row displays at the bottom of your timesheet.

In an in/out timesheet

If you use an in/out timesheet, a row for each day in the timesheet period will display by default, and you cannot delete these rows. You can, however, add rows within each daily row for recording your work times and breaks.

To add a new time entry for a day, click the Add Entry link in that day's row. This link may be called Work Time or Time Entry instead. You may need to move your mouse over the row to see the link.


To add a new time entry for a break, click the Add Break or Break Time link, if available.


Copying a row

In a duration-based timesheet

You may want to copy a row if, for example, you want to use some of its settings for a different project or task, or use the same task with a different activity or billing option selected.

To copy a row, click the icon, and select Duplicate Row, in the row you want to copy.

The new row will be automatically sorted into the correct position. Everything saved to that row except hours and comments will be copied.

Time must be entered in a row for it to be saved.

In an in/out timesheet

You can copy a row to add to that same day by clicking the icon, and selecting Duplicate Row:

Or, click the icon in the header for a day, then select a day to copy all rows from that day to the chosen day.


Deleting a row

You can delete a row that has time entered in it, though a prompt will appear asking you to confirm that you really want to delete that data.

In a duration-based timesheet

To delete a row in a duration-based timesheet, click the icon for the row you want to delete.

In an in/out timesheet

You cannot delete daily rows in an in/out timesheet, but you can delete time entries that display within daily rows.

To delete a time or break time entry, click the  icon for that entry.

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