Entering time in a duration-based timesheet using Replicon Mobile (legacy interface)

This page refers to the legacy version of our duration-based timesheet. If your timesheet doesn’t look like the one shown below, refer to Entering time in a timesheet using Replicon Mobile for information on using the newer version of this timesheet.

If you enter in and out times in your timesheet rather than durations, refer to Entering time in an In/out timesheet using Replicon Mobile (Legacy interface).

Anyone who uses a Replicon timesheet can enter and submit their time using the Replicon Mobile app. When you enter time via Replicon Mobile, the hours you enter will automatically sync with the web version of Replicon.

To enter time using Replicon Mobile:

  1. Log in to the app, and tap the Timesheets icon.

A list of your timesheets will display, with the latest at the top.

  1. Tap the timesheet you want to enter time in. If you don’t see your current timesheet period listed, swipe downwards to refresh the list.


You can’t enter time in future timesheets using Replicon Mobile.

  1. You may see a screen like the image shown below. Tap Time Distribution.

  1. Select the day you want to enter time for. The days will display either in a vertical list, or across the top of the screen. Tap the + icon in the top, right-hand corner of the screen that displays.


If you don’t enter time against projects or activities, tap the Add Timesheet Row button.

If you enter time against projects or activites, an Add Entry screen displays.

You’ll also use this screen if you need to add time off to your timesheet.

  1. To select a task to enter time against, first tap the Client · Project · Task section.

Then, select the project you want to enter time against. You can search, scroll down the list by swiping, or choose the letter the project’s name begins with from the right-hand side of the screen. Tap Clients or Programs, if available, if you want to filter projects and tasks by client or program first.

If the project you worked on is associated with multiple clients, only one of the clients will display in the task selector.


Finally, select a task, and then tap Save on the next screen.


  1. Tap the hours entry field, enter the number of hours you worked, and then tap Done.


  1. If you want to add comments, tap the entry, and then tap the Comments field on the screen that displays.


Then, enter the comments, and tap Done to close the comment entry field. Then tap Save to save the comments.


  1. Tap Save to save the entry.


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