Punching in and out via the web app

You may be able to create time punches via the web app to record your work times and breaks. You may be able to record the time you work against an activity.

Punch in and out when you start and end each shift, based on your assigned schedule. Be sure to punch in and out at the correct times, so that you are paid correctly for the time you worked.

You may also need to record breaks you take, or transfer to a different activity, if you work on more than one activity during your shift.

Time punching can also be carried out via Replicon Mobile and CloudClock.

Punching in

To punch in:

  1. Go to My Replicon > Clock In or Out.
  2. Click the Clock In button when you start your shift.

You may be prompted for additional information. If your administrator does not require any additional information, and you do not record time against activities, projects, or tasks, you are now punched in. 

If you record time against activities or projects, an bubble displays.

  1. Select the activity, project, or task you'll be working on from the drop-down field. If your administrator has requested additional information, you will be prompted to enter it now.

You can't select a billing rate when adding a punch for project or task work via the web app. If multiple billing rates are available for the project selected, the first one alphabetically will be assigned by default.

  1. Click Done.

Your time will be recorded against the activity, project, or task you chose.

If rounding rules are in use, your punch may be automatically rounded to the nearest interval and the rounded time will be displayed. (Your supervisor will have a record of the original, unrounded punch time.)

Transferring to a new project, task, or activity

If you need to change the project, task, or activity you’re working on during the day:

  1. Go to My Replicon > Clock In or Out.
  2. Click Transfer.

  1. Select a new activity from the bubble that displays. If your administrator has requested additional information for transfers, you will be prompted to enter it now.

  1. Click Done.

You will remain logged in, but your time will now be recorded against the new project, task, or activity. An Out time will be automatically added to the In punch you created for the previous activity.

Recording your breaks

You may have a Break button on your Clock In or Out page. If this is the case, your administrator has defined one or more types of breaks you can take, and you’ll need to punch to record your break times.

To record a break:

  1. Go to My Replicon > Clock In or Out.
  2. While punched in, click the Break button when your break begins.

A Break Type bubble displays.

  1. Click the drop-down field and select the type of break you’re taking. If your administrator has requested additional information for breaks, you will be prompted to enter it now.

  1. When your break ends, click Clock In to remain logged in. You can choose a new activity to work on, if needed.

A break end time will be added to the Break punch you created.

Even if you don’t have the Break button available, it is possible you still need to punch out and then in for unpaid breaks. Ask your supervisor if you’re not sure if or how you should record breaks.

Punching out

Typically, you should only need to punch out at the end of your shift, since breaks and changes in type of activity are recorded using the Break and Transfer buttons, respectively.

To punch out:

  1.  Go to My Replicon > Clock In or Out.
  2. Click Clock Out. If your administrator has requested additional information, you will be prompted to enter it now, and will then be clocked out.


I forgot to punch in. Should I punch in late?

Talk to your supervisor. They may prefer you punch in late, and then they will correct the time of that punch. Or, they may prefer you to skip the punch altogether. Either way, it’s important that you report your missed or late punch to your supervisor as soon as possible, or correct it yourself if you are able to.

Can I edit my own punches?

You may be able to edit your own punches, depending on the permissions you’ve been assigned. You may have permission to edit the fields associated with the punch, such as the activity or break type. Or, you may have permission to edit all of the punch data, including the punch times. Employee edit of punch times is rarely allowed.

Do I need to punch in before I can punch out?

No, you don’t need to punch in before you punch out. If you realize you missed punching in at the end of your shift, you can punch out as normal and report the missing In punch to your supervisor.

How early or late can I punch in?

Your start and end times will be recorded exactly when you create In and Out punches. Typically, you will not be paid for any time when you are punched in before your start time. However, if you are recorded as Out during your work time, your pay will likely reflect the time you were recorded as being away.

If your punch record is inaccurate, talk to your supervisor. They may be able to correct your punch history for you. Or correct errors yourself, if you are able to.

Do I have to submit my hours somehow?

Typically, no. In most cases your hours are automatically sent to your supervisor.

However, if your timesheet isn’t automatically submitted on its due date, you likely have to submit your timesheet manually. Talk to your supervisor if you have questions about this.

Why am I getting an overdue notice for a timesheet I already submitted?

Depending on your timesheet settings, if a punch is added to a timesheet after it is submitted, it may be reopened. This could cause you to receive an overdue notice and require you to resubmit the timesheet.

What does the blue triangle in the corner of the punch time cell mean?

If a blue triangle appears in the top, right-hand corner of a punch cell in your Today's Time Punches table, it means that punch was edited after the fact (that is, it wasn’t recorded via a real-time punch).

Why can’t I add a punch?

If your punch buttons are disabled, your timesheet for today has likely already been submitted or approved. You are prevented from adding punches for submitted timesheets to ensure punch data and timesheet pay data stay in sync. To add a punch, you’ll have to ask your supervisor to reopen your timesheet or, if you are able to, you can reopen it yourself.

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