How CloudClock works

Replicon CloudClock is a cloud-based time clock application that can be installed on iOS tablets. The app integrates seamlessly with Replicon’s web application, and offers a simple and affordable alternative to traditional time clocks.

Refer to Setting up CloudClock for information on getting started with CloudClock.

Why use CloudClock?

Benefits of using the CloudClock as your time clock solution include:

  • Regular, hassle-free app updates so you’re always using the latest version
  • Flexible device options; we support multiple models of iPad
  • Reduced risk of ‘buddy punching’ with a photo audit trail of employee punches
  • No need for any training thanks to an intuitive interface

CloudClock workflow

The typical CloudClock workflow is as follows:

  1. Employees log in to the CloudClock using either a QR card or their Replicon login, and punch in and out.

The Clock takes a picture of them when they punch. Punch times may be automatically rounded if a rounding rule is in use. Punches are automatically transferred to the employee's timesheet.

  1. Supervisors view their direct report’s punches to ensure their reports are working as scheduled. They can view punches either on the Team > Time Punches tab in the web version of Replicon, or using the Replicon Mobile app.

Supervisors and payroll managers can make corrections to punches if their reports forgot to punch in or out. They can also view an audit trail of the images taken when users punch in and out, so they know their reports aren’t buddy punching.

  1. Approvers approve hours on timesheets, following the approval process you've set up.

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