Managing your team's time punches using Replicon Mobile

Your direct reports may have the ability to create time punches using a CloudClock, Replicon Mobile, the Replicon web app, or another device. You can review and correct your employees’ time punches using the Replicon Mobile app.

There are several reasons why you might have to view your reports’ punches – refer to Managing your time punch team for details on supervisory responsibilities that might necessitate this.

There are a couple of ways of viewing punches. You can:


You can also correct any punch errors your reports made, such as punching in too early or too late, or forgetting to create a punch.

You can also manage punches from within the Replicon web app.

If you supervise users who use older timesheet formats, refer to Managing your team's time punches using Replicon Mobile (older interface) for information on viewing and editing their punches.

Viewing punches on a map

If you required a location to be recorded with punches, you can view where employees were when they created their punches on a map. Typically, you’d do this to ensure employees are at their work location when they create punches.

To help you identify whether or not users were out of range, your administrator may have set up ‘places’ in Replicon. Places are geographical ranges, typically your organization’s work sites, that are defined by virtual fences – sometimes known as geofences – that are assigned to punch employees. They display as blue, transparent circles on punch maps.

Supervisors can visually identify whether punches fall outside of these places. Or, if your reports have been assigned places and the location validation rule, invalid punches that were made outside of the user’s location will be flagged.


To view punches on a map, tap Dashboard, and then view the Punch Team Status section of the screen.

Viewing who's in, out and on break

Above the map, you can see how many of your punch reports are currently punched in, punched out, or on a break.

Navigating the map

Tap the map to view a navigable version of it.

You can choose the day you want to view by tapping the icon.

Draw your fingers apart while touching the screen to zoom in, and do the opposite to zoom out. You can also tap and drag the screen to move around the map.

Viewing punches and places

Places defined in your system are defined by blue circles. Punches made by those you supervise are shown by black circles. Punches that are close together, dependent on the zoom level, will consolidated into a group, with the number of punches shown in the middle.

To view all punches for users you supervise that were made that day, tap All Punches. To view only the last punch for each user you supervise, tap Latest Punches.

To view only punches made by a single user, tap the icon, then the user’s name.

To return to the list of all users, click the x.

Viewing punch details

To view who made a punch, the type of punch, and its time and location, tap the punch or a group of punches.

A card with punch details and your report's image displays. If you tapped a group, you can swipe left to view cards for additional punches.

If you tap a card, the full punch details and audit history displays.

Tap the back arrow to return to the full map view.

Viewing the image, location, and audit trail for a single punch

To view details of a single punch:

  1. Tap the Dashboard icon at the bottom of the screen, swipe up to scroll downwards.
Tap View Team Timesheets.
  1. Select the correct date range by tapping the date at the top of the screen.

Swipe up to scroll downwards, if necessary.

  1. Find the user whose punch details you want to view. Tap the arrow beside their name.
  1. Swipe up to scroll downwards, if necessary.
  1. Find and tap the date for the punch you want to view.

The Punch Details screen displays. You'll see information on each punch recorded that day, such its date, location, and audit image.

Correcting punches

Employees may occasionally forget to punch in or out. If you know your direct report was in fact present when they missed a punch, you can add a punch for them. You can also correct or delete punches that you know are inaccurate.

To correct a punch:

  1. Find the punch you want to edit by following steps 1-6 above.
  2. Tap the + icon to add a punch. or tap the punch you want to edit.
  1. Update the type of punch, if necessary.
  1. If you need to update the punch time, tap the time. Then swipe up and down to find the time for the punch. Tap Save.
  1. Modify the project, task, or activity the punch applies to, if applicable, by tapping those fields, and tap Save.

You should see the new or updated punch.

If you need to delete a punch, swipe upwards to scroll down on the Punch Details screen, then tap Delete Punch.


Can I edit the punch type, such as In or Transfer, for a punch?

No, you can’t edit the punch type from Replicon Mobile, only the punch time. If you need to change a punch type, you can either add a new punch and delete the erroneous punch, or you can edit the punch from the web app.

Can my direct reports view and correct their own punches?

They may be able to, depending on their permissions. But most organizations don’t allow employees to edit their own punches.

What time zone is used to display punches?

Punches always display in the viewer’s local time.

Why do some punches show no image?

Image capture may not be required for users, depending on their punch entry policy settings.

What is a ‘transfer’ type of punch?

A transfer punch is one that changes the activity the employee is working on, while leaving them punched in.

What does the blue triangle in the corner of the punch time cell mean?

If a blue triangle appears in the top, right-hand corner of a punch cell, it means that punch was edited after the fact (that is, it wasn’t recorded via a real-time punch).

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