Punching in and out using Replicon Mobile

You may be allowed to use the Replicon Mobile app to punch in and out for your shifts and breaks.

Punch in and out when you start and end each shift, based on your assigned schedule. Be sure to punch in and out at the correct times, so that you are paid correctly for the time you worked.

You may also need to record breaks you take, or transfer to a different activity, if you work on more than one activity during your shift. You can also use Replicon Mobile to view your punch history, to confirm that punches were recorded correctly.

Refer to the end of this topic for a list of FAQs on using Replicon Mobile to punch in and out.

We're updating our app's punch interface – the images and procedures on this topic are based on the new interface. If the timesheet and punch combination you've been assigned hasn't been updated yet, you'll still see the old interface you've always seen. Refer to Punching in and out using Replicon Mobile (older interface) for procedures involving the old interface.

Punching in

To punch in:

  1. Log in to the app and tap Clock In or Out if the clocking screen doesn't display by default.

  1. If applicable, select the projects and tasks, or activities, the punch will be recorded against.
  1. Tap Clock In.

  1. If you need to take a photo of yourself when you punch, a camera screen will appear. Ensure your face is visible on the screen, and tap the circle to take the photo.

If rounding rules are in use, your punch may be automatically rounded to the nearest interval and the rounded time will be shown. Your supervisor will have a record of the original, unrounded punch time. You can also view the unrounded time in your punch history.

Transferring to a new project, task, or activity

If you need to change the project, task, or activity you’re working on during the day:

  1. Log in to the app. If you're using the Android app, tap Timesheets.
  2. Tap Transfer.

If you record time against projects, you'll need to select a new project, task, or activity before you tap Transfer.

  1. Take a photo of yourself, if required.

You will remain logged in, but your time will now be recorded against the new project, task, or activity. An Out time will be automatically added to the In punch you created for the previous project, task, or activity.

Recording your breaks

You may have a Take a Break button. If this is the case, your administrator has defined one or more types of breaks you can take, and you’ll need to punch to record your break times.

To record a break:

  1. Log in to the app, and go to the clocking screen.
  2. Tap the type of break you are taking.

  1. Tap Take a Break.

  1. When you are done your break, tap Resume Work. You can choose a new project, task, or activity to work on, if needed.

Even if you don’t have the Break button available, it is possible that you still need to punch out and then in for unpaid breaks. Ask your supervisor if you’re not sure if or how you should record breaks.

Punching out

Typically, you should only need to punch out at the end of your shift, since breaks and changes in type of activity are recorded using the Take a Break and Transfer options.

To punch out:

  1. Log in to the app. If you're using the Android app, tap Timesheets.
  2. Tap the Clock Out button.

  1. Take a photo of yourself, if required.

A screen showing the Clock In button will display.

Viewing your punch history

You can view your punches, and changes that have been made to your punches, to ensure they were recorded correctly. If you find an error, report it to your supervisor as soon as you can – they may be able to correct it for you. Or, correct errors yourself, if you are able to.

To view your punch history:

  1. Log in to the app. If you're using the Android app, tap Timesheets.
  2. Swipe upwards on any clocking screen.

You’ll see all punches for today.

  1. To view punches from other days, swipe upwards to scroll down, then tap the My Timesheet button.

You’ll see the days for the current timesheet period listed; swipe up to scroll down to see them all. Or, use the arrows to select a new timesheet period, if necessary.

  1. Tap the row for a day to see its punches.

From there, you can view your total work and break time for the day.

  1. To see more details for a punch, tap the arrow to the right of a punch.

This is where you can edit punches, or the projects, tasks, and activities associated with punches, if you have permission to do that.

  1. To see an audit history of the punch, including the original (unrounded) punch time for rounded punches, swipe upwards to scroll down.


When I try to use the app, I see a message that says Your punch configuration is not supported.

If you see this message, you're likely allowed to enter time against both activities and projects and tasks. That configuration isn't currently supported by the mobile app, so you'll need to enter your punches via the web app or talk to your supervisor about changing your settings.

I updated the app and now the interface looks different. What happened?

You've been updated to the new punch interface we've been rolling out slowly as we add support for each new punch configuration.

After a recent update, I don’t see a Punch History section anymore. How do I view a history of my punches?

Refer to the Viewing your punch history section above for information on viewing the punch history using the new interface.

Can I edit my own punches?

You may be able to edit your own punches, depending on the permissions you’ve been assigned. You may have permission to edit the fields associated with the punch, such as the activity or break type. Or, you may have permission to edit all of the punch data, including the punch times. Employee edit of punch times is rarely allowed.

How early or late can I punch in?

Try to punch in and out as close to your scheduled start and end times as possible. If you are recorded as Out during your work time, your pay may reflect the time you were recorded as being away.

However, depending on your punch settings, your punch times may be rounded – either to allow you a grace period, or to make payroll easier to calculate. If this is the case, you’ll see the rounded times in your punch history. Look at the audit history if you want to see your original punch times.

If your punch record is inaccurate, talk to your supervisor. They may be able to correct your punch history for you. Or, you can correct errors yourself, if you have permission to do that.

Why does my clock show negative values when I punch in?

If you see negative values when you punch in, your punches are rounded, according to your punch settings. For example, if your punch times round to 15 minute intervals, on the hour, at quarter past, half past, and quarter to each hour -- if you punch in at 07:55, your punch time will count down to 08:00, when the punch will be recorded.

Do I have to submit my hours somehow?

Typically, no. In most cases your hours are automatically sent to your supervisor.

However, if you do have access to the web version of Replicon, and your timesheet isn’t automatically submitted on its due date, you may have to submit your timesheet manually. Talk to your supervisor if you have questions about this.

Why am I getting an overdue notice for a timesheet I already submitted?

Depending on your timesheet settings, if a punch is added to a timesheet after it is submitted, it may be reopened. This could cause you to receive an overdue notice and require you to resubmit the timesheet.

What does the blue triangle in the corner of the punch time cell mean?

If a blue triangle appears in the top, right-hand corner of a punch cell, it means that punch was edited after the fact (that is, it wasn’t recorded via a real-time punch).

I see another field associated with a the punch buttons. Where can I find information about that field?

Any additional fields you see when punching in or out that isn't related to selecting projects, tasks, or activities are custom fields added by your Replicon Administrator. Talk to them, or to your supervisor, for more information.

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