Taking time off in lieu of overtime

If you're using a Configurable timesheet, you may be allowed to use overtime you’ve accumulated in your timesheet to book time off, also known as using time off in lieu.

For users with this capability, their overtime may be converted to time off in lieu automatically, or they may be allowed to choose which overtime hours are converted.

If you’re using an older format timesheet, refer to Banking overtime for information on how to bank overtime hours you’ve worked.

Converting overtime hours to time off

Conversion of overtime to time off must be completed before you submit your timesheet. To convert overtime hours to time off:

  1. Enter hours in your timesheet.

If you've saved eligible overtime hours in your timesheet, a Time Off In Lieu Of Pay table will display for each type of overtime you entered. The number of overtime hours you can use displays under Available Hrs. If conversion of hours to time off is automatic, the Elect Hrs field is not editable.

You may need to click the  button before the table will display.

  1. If the Elect Hrs field is editable, enter the number of hours you want to convert to time off.

  1. If you have the option, choose the conversion rate and the time off type (vacation, personal leave, etc) the time off hours will be saved against.

Booking time off in lieu

Time off in lieu is approved as part of your timesheet. Once the timesheet is fully approved, the converted hours are added to your balance for the selected time off type.

Your balance history will show the deposit. You can book time off using the increased balance.

Hours are only available when your timesheet has been fully approved.

How are eligible overtime hours calculated?

Your assigned pay rule, together with your company’s time off in lieu policy, determine what hours can be converted to time off and at what rate they are converted.

For example:

  • Your pay rule says any hours you work beyond 40 in a week are paid out at 1.5x your normal rate
  • Your company’s time off in lieu policy allows users to convert all 1.5x hours to time off, at a rate of 1.5 hours of time off for each hour worked
  • If you’re allowed to enter time off in lieu, and you enter 42 hours in your timesheet, you will be able to convert 2 hours of overtime to 3 hours of time off


I’ve added overtime that I think should qualify for conversion to time off to my timesheet. Why can’t I see a time off in lieu chart?

Click  on your timesheet after entering hours to see the Time Off in Lieu Of Pay section. If a chart doesn’t display, you haven’t entered eligible overtime hours in your timesheet, based on the rules set up in your system.

I forgot to convert my overtime to time off before submitting it. What can I do?

You may be able to reopen your timesheet, or have your supervisor reopen if for you. If you reopen your timesheet, you’ll have to resubmit it for approval after you convert your hours.

Will the converted time off ever expire?

That depends on the policy settings for the time off type the hours were added to. Refer to How do I know how much time off has been allotted to me? for information on how to check policy settings.

Why is the time off I converted not showing in my time off balance?

Check the approval status of the timesheet where the overtime was converted – time off is only credited to your balance once your timesheet is fully approved. Also, be sure you're checking the balance for the correct time off type.

Why does overtime still show in my timesheet?

Once the timesheet is approved and the overtime is officially converted to time off, the payroll data will be adjusted and the converted hours will be removed from the overtime pay code.

Why can I only deposit my overtime against one time off type?

Your Replicon administrator defines which time off type or types you can deposit time against.

Your admin may have set up a dedicated time off type (like 'Banked Time') if your banked time is subject to different rules than other time off (for example, it may have a different carry over or expiry policy), and to allow you to track how much time off you've deposited.

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