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Replicon provides a suite of web-based time time tracking software applications that help small and large organizations manage time, expenses and employee schedules. Because Replicon hosts the applications and your data online, you do not have to concern yourself with platform-specific version updates, and you don’t have to perform data backups. Replicon guarantees 99.5-percent uptime, and its engineering staff monitors its data centers around the clock, every day of the year. The data is continually backed up, and disaster-recovery policies are in place. Replicon wins the TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award for time tracking and management software.

Employees use Replicon over the internet to submit data to managers and supervisors. Management uses the various Replicon modules to understand project costs, client bills, payroll and productivity. Replicon accounts support a hierarchy of access levels and permissions. The administrator has full system access. Project managers can assign projects, approve timesheets and generate reports. Supervisors can view and approve or reject timesheets and generate reports.

The Replicon time management applications suite consists of:

  • TimeAttend, which manages attendance and time off
  • TimeBill, which tracks time off and enforces policies
  • TimeCost, which manages the cost of employee’s time
  • TimeOff, which tracks time off and enforces payroll policies
  • WebExpense, which manages and bills expenses
  • WebSchedule, which manages employee schedules

The modularity of the applications and the way they integrate allow customers to piece together exactly what they need to start with and then add modules as necessary in an incremental and cost-effective manner.

Time & Expense Management

Time Tracking: 10/10

Time Tracking

Replicon TimeAttend collects attendance and time-off data in support of accurate payrolls. It also helps you to be in compliance with labor laws for different types of employees, including exempt, non-exempt and contractors. It helps you enforce company policies for overtime and meal breaks. TimeAttend applies the correct pay rates automatically and helps you to standardize time tracking across your organization. Its reporting capabilities are strong, and it integrates with existing HR systems.

Replicon TimeOff is a related module that informs management about accrued and taken time off. TimeOff automatically maintains the accruals and can reset at the end of the year. You can monitor company-wide time off, and your employees have a convenient way to see their accrued time. TimeOff helps to enforce time off policies and reduces disputes about time off.

Replicon TimeBill tracks projects in such a way that you can manage projects and resources to meet deadlines and bill clients without delays. Project managers use TimeBill to be more efficient by being able to view historic project data as input for future decisions. TimeBill keeps all project stakeholders informed and helps you to assign the right people to projects. TimeBill improves cash flow by empowering you to create accurate invoices on time.

The Replicon TimeCost module keeps managers abreast of the costs for all projects. It compares actual costs to estimated costs so that managers can make mid-course corrections. TimeCost helps managers understand which projects are working so that they can make informed decisions about how to allocate personnel, material and funds.

Reporting: 10/10

Time Tracking Reporting

The Replicon time tracking and management software modules support admirable reporting features. You can select any date range and run reports on payroll, attendance and time-off usage for sick leave and vacation. You can filter the results by any category, including date range and department. It is possible to print and save reports as PDF files. You can email the reports or export them to Excel. You can also schedule reports to be emailed at regular intervals.

Other Features: 10/10

Time Tracking Features

TimeAttend has a couple of available add-ons: WebExpense and WebSchedule. WebExpense tracks project-related and reimbursable expenses and makes it easy to bill clients and reimburse employees. Employees can submit expenses with attachments from their smartphones.

WebSchedule lets you make and manage work schedules. When integrated with TimeAttend, it helps you track any differences between scheduled hours and hours actually worked. You can view the schedules at the departmental level or at more rolled-up levels.

Ease of Use: 10/10

Time Tracking Easy of Use

Replicon’s product modules are designed to be easy to use. However, in describing Replicon’s ease of use, it is necessary to comment at a deeper level than that of mere screen navigation of the user interface. What Replicon brings is ease of use that revolutionizes company-wide processes. For example, consider the alternative to Replicon’s web-based time tracking systems. The alternative of manual tracking with pieces of paper and Excel spreadsheets is decidedly not easy to use, and the approval process is ponderous. Furthermore, manual systems introduce delays and errors. Manual systems are not able to combine and analyze data within the system in order to offer business intelligence that would allow decision makers to select tactics and strategies that are more profitable. Any observations about Replicon’s ease of use should also extend to the benefits to your Information Technology department, because with it, they do not need to concern themselves with servers, product updates, data backups or disaster recovery.

Help & Support: 10/10

Time Tracking Support

Live support is available 24/7, 365 days a year. Replicon customer service reports that 95 percent of cases close within the same day.

Every Replicon client is assigned a dedicated customer success manager.

Replicon provides expert training. There are online tutorials and webinars. You can arrange for end-user training, or Replicon will train your trainers.


Replicon’s time tracking and management modules are cloud based, which liberates your IT department from allocating servers, managing platform-specific version upgrades, and backup and disaster-recovery chores. The mix of modules allows you to configure the set of products that you need today and then add more as your business expands.

The Replicon modules are world-class products that reflect the company’s understanding of how to empower employees and managers with appropriate information for each level of responsibility. There is always a live person ready to respond when you need customer service. Replicon is the best time tracking and management software. After all, 1.5 million Replicon users can’t be wrong.

Original Source: TopTen Reviews

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