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Replicon’s Polaris PSA Named Best Project Management Solution At The CODiE Awards 2022

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At the SIIA CODiE Awards 2022, Replicon, the Time Intelligence® Company, has been honored as the winner of the Best Project Management Solution for Polaris PSA. This incredible win cements the position of Replicon as one of the leading providers of enterprise solutions.

Since 1986, the SIIA CODiE Awards have been honoring thousands of software, leaders and teams across the globe in the education, information and media industries for achieving excellence. The CODiE Awards have managed to build a strong reputation as a top peer-recognized awards program.

The core mission of the CODiE Awards has always been to honor excellence in the top tech services and products. To ensure that only the best of the best win the coveted award, every nomination undergoes a detailed review process by expert judges and industry leaders. As a result, every CODiE Award serves to validate the product’s vision, innovation and industry impact.

Replicon’s Polaris PSA – The World’s First Self-Driving PSA

With over 25 years of industry leadership, Replicon, the Time Intelligence® Company, continues to pioneer new approaches to managing time, projects and resources. Through the innovative Polaris platform, Replicon has brought the world’s first self-driving solutions for professional services automation (PSA) and project portfolio management (PPM), enabling project-driven organizations to deliver higher performance, revenue and profitability.

Designed to support intelligent decision-making, Polaris PSA leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to do the heavy lifting by analyzing data in real-time and providing live recommendations to business leaders. With Polaris PSA, business leaders gain advanced capabilities in project management, resource management, analytics, financial management and business visibility.

Appreciation By The Jury

The judges of the SIIA CODiE Awards 2022 found Polaris PSA to be “an excellent and a very robust project management software with a wide variety of features and functionalities that would be a great fit for most types of projects.”

  • The judges were “impressed with the multiple innovations – SmartBeats, Smart Match and automated workflows. Displayed their continuous investment in innovation.”
  • As mentioned by the honorable judges, Polaris PSA is an “Impressive, enterprise-level tool with comprehensive, mature features that clearly display expertise in their market.”
  • The judges were particularly impressed by “how flexible and intuitive the tool is.”

Enable Real-Time Project Management With Polaris PSA

Polaris PSA leverages AI and ML-enabled capabilities called SmartBeats and Project Pulse to automatically update project and resource information. SmartBeats collects data from project users about the work done, work completed, completion estimates, etc. 

  • With Project Pulse, project managers gain an instant understanding of all critical project metrics such as hours, costs, and other details. 
  • Through enhanced Beats and Pulse project management, it becomes possible to make intelligent decisions to grow business.

Polaris PSA can serve as the system of record for your project-based organization while  helping in end-to-end service delivery management. All project data, allocated resources, budgets versus actuals, etc. can be easily managed. This allows business leaders to achieve instant visibility while keeping other teams involved for real-time collaboration.

In addition to project management, Polaris PSA offers a whole gamut of capabilities to empower your organization: 

  • Put resource management on autopilot with SmartMatch
  • Identify the ideal resource with the built-in resource recommendation engine
  • Optimize pricing and revenue with SmartBudget
  • Utilize powerful analytics for making data-driven decisions
  • Enable real-time visibility into all critical metrics with MissionControl
  • Eliminate revenue leakage with smarter financial management

Polaris PSA has been designed to help project-based organizations drive higher utilization, revenue and profitability. With leading AI and ML-based technologies, Polaris PSA can be the platform that you need to unlock your organization’s potential and achieve success. To learn more, please visit Polaris PSA.

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Arpan Patra


Arpan Patra


Arpan Patra has been writing about technology for over a decade. Now, as a Senior Marketing Communications Specialist at Deltek | Replicon, he focuses on how technologies like AI/ML-powered professional services automation solutions can empower organizations to optimize and grow their business. When he’s not busy typing noisily, he enjoys sitting down with a book and a warm cup of coffee.


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