Replicon Co-Founder Again Honored by PROFIT W100 Ranking

Calgary, AB (PRWEB) December 22, 2007 — This year's PROFIT W100 ranking showcases 100 gutsy female entrepreneurs who are not afraid to forego the familiar and embrace the risks that can lead to higher rewards. As a result, they achieved over $3.25 billion in revenue last year. Lakshmi Raj, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Replicon, Inc., worldwide leader in timesheet software solutions, was honored with a top 30 ranking for 2007.

When asked for her best piece of business advice for other entrepreneurs who want to be more successful, Raj said, "Don't make decisions solely based on ideas from other people or from books you have read. At the end of the day you have you make decisions based on your gut." This searing leadership ability directly attributes to Replicon's industry-leading customer service and incredible success over the years, especially in new markets.

Replicon continues its quest to Operational Excellence and unparalleled customer service by systematizing key areas, focusing on more efficiency, and reducing costs. Today, Replicon can boast that its timesheet software solution is "the easiest to acquire, install and use." This culminated in developing and crystallizing the "Replicon Experience" for customers and employees alike as well as the identification of its core values.

A solid core value system for every level of staff, combined with profit sharing plans, flexible working hours, employee assistance programs, bonuses tied to individual performance and much more has made the Replicon experience a valued one both within the company and within the business world.

"I mentor upcoming and aspiring entrepreneurs," says Raj. "Most do not need capital, but rather a coach to discuss ideas they cannot discuss with their management or existing staff. They need reassurance to maintain confidence, and not be undermined."

Replicon is the world leader in web-based time and expense management solutions, and the innovator in timesheet software. Replicon's flagship program Web TimeSheet delivers incredible ease of use and a phenomenal user adoption rate raising it well above the competition. It provides users with seamless integration into a multitude of leading payroll, accounting and productivity management software.

Global industry leaders, including HP, Compaq, AT&T Wireless, Nike, Amazon, Turner Broadcasting, Sony Music and Charles Schwab use Replicon's timesheet and expense solutions to maximize profitability, optimize cash flow, compress billing cycles and better manage employee and project performance across the organization.

Raj, a top Canadian leader under 40, has been instrumental in transforming the company from a grass-roots start-up to a multi-million dollar global firm with an impressive roster of Fortune 500 clients.Replicon has experienced outstanding growth and gained a reputation for excellence and superior customer service, with Lakshmi Raj at the forefront, crafting new and innovative ideas for successful marketing initiatives and revenue generation.

Lakshmi Raj is a highly intellectual and knowledgeable female entrepreneur who infused determination, innovation and hard work into building a small start-up company into a leading worldwide provider of web-based productivity management solutions. To her colleagues and employees, she is a business professional, leader and innovator. To the global business world, she is a driving force of power, prestige and excellence.


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