Weathering a Crisis: 3 Steps to Revitalizing Your Time and Attendance

Regardless of who you ask, most would agree that the pandemic has unilaterally redefined life as we know it. What feels like an eternity of uncertainty and confusion for many has in reality only been a few months – but in this time, we have learned just how quickly the status quo can be overturned. As businesses scramble to redesign the workplace for safety, hundreds of thousands of workers have gone entirely remote – many for the first time – giving rise to manifold complications concerning communication, collaboration, and outdated technology. 

Global Organizations Need Unified Solutions

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The result is a lot of short-term solutions for long-term problems, with labor compliance caught in the crosshairs. Desperate to accommodate increased mobile access, new on-site safety regulations, and dispersed teams in addition to the new labor laws, many businesses have turned to manual solutions or local vendors for a quick fix, creating a complicated and risky compliance environment.

While a fresh, modern approach to time and labor management has been long overdue, the information silos created by these disparate, piecemeal ecosystems will only cause trouble in the long run. As organizations operating in different geographies face rapid-fire labor policy updates, HR teams simply cannot maintain the bandwidth to manage and interpret compliance separately in each location. It’s time businesses planned for a transformation. 

In today’s uncertain climate, it’s clear that labor  compliance can no longer remain a footnote or accessory to a busy ecosystem – truly effective workforce modernization initiatives will recognize it as an integral part of an overarching time and attendance strategy for the entire enterprise. Only a centralized system of record can help businesses support a truly authentic digital transformation. 

It’s time to revitalize your ecosystem

When it comes to defining the unique time and attendance requirements of your organization, there’s no time to waste. In the midst of a public health crisis, finding the right solution for your needs is critical. Recognizing the hallmarks of a best-in-class solution is the first step to streamlining time and attendance, labor compliance and pay: 

1. It relies on a single source of truth for employee time and attendance

As remote work pushes businesses even further into the global space, requirements will vary across locations, prompting many decision-makers to assign a local vendor for each area. Despite having the company’s best interests at heart, this often causes more problems than it solves; limiting visibility into gross pay, labor costs, and more. Accurate time capture is the foundation of maintaining labor compliance, and utilizing a single source of truth for time can help organizations set the standard for control over key factors like accuracy, eliminating data silos, and ensuring everyone stays on the same page regarding key metrics like time, pay, and labor costs.

2. It leverages next-gen mobile capabilities

Without comprehensive mobile support in place for remote or field-based workers, a business already struggling to stay afloat in a pandemic won’t be sticking around long. Solutions providing intuitive, real-time data capture drives more rapid adoption by utilizing technology like touchless time clocks to reduce high-contact surfaces, face identification, voice commands, GPS tracking, chatbots, and intelligent approvals to enhance accuracy and supervision over compliance regulations.

3. It provides built-in support for compliance and complex gross pay

Ostensibly the most obvious safeguard against labor compliance violations, an up-to-date, out-of-the-box pay rule solution baked in with time & attendance is surprisingly less ubiquitous than one might expect. Often existing within fragmented infrastructures as an island, or as second fiddle to another function, limited labor compliance tools risk litigation and payroll leakage by requiring sluggish manual processes for each region. Best-of-breed solutions can integrate organically with your time-keeping system and handle complex gross pay scenarios such as union requirements, collective bargaining agreements, or integrate with local vendors using an open source web services API. For statutory compliance, the ability to automatically comply with regular policy updates allows payroll teams to rest easy knowing their solution can handle the tough work for them. 

The ability to adapt and overcome has always defined the most forward-thinking businesses, but in a post-pandemic society it’s a non-negotiable trait. Decision-makers can protect their companies by standardizing their ecosystems and investing in a solution that can inherently adjust to evolving complex time, global, mobile, and gross pay compliance needs as they happen – and not after.  

Learn more about how Replicon can streamline your organization’s complex time, global, mobile and gross pay compliance:

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Global Organizations Need Unified Solutions

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Sara Longini


Sara Longini

Sara works in Content Marketing and Social Media at Replicon. Replicon provides award-winning products that make it easy to manage your workforce. With complete solution sets for client billing, project costing, and time and attendance management, Replicon enables the capture, administration, and optimization of your most underutilized and important asset: time.

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