Touchless Time Clocks: The New Normal

‘Business as usual’ has taken on an entirely new meaning in the recent past, as organizations conform to the realities of the post-pandemic workplaces. Covid-19’s impact on the status quo has been irreversible and significant, transforming some of the simplest everyday tasks into challenges. Case in point: essential workers punching in and out at work. 

Touchless and Risk-free

Once a reasonably straightforward routine, this daily activity is now fraught with concern as many modern workplaces use devices that require employees to physically punch in when logging in, for breaks, meals, and at the end of the shift. Organizations have implemented rigorous health and safety procedures. However, the risk of exposure remains real, and employees may feel apprehensive about sharing a high-contact surface with multiple people each day. Now, and once businesses resume work in the olden ways, providing a safe working environment will remain one of the primary considerations for HR and facility managers. 

Luckily, technology isn’t far behind. For instance, Replicon’s AI-powered self-service capabilities combine cloud-based solutions with touchless employee time clock features like facial recognition and voice commands, offering a considerably safer and more innovative alternative. 

Touchless employee time clock

On the contrary, traditional clocks need replacement, which costs time and money. But Replicon’s cloud-based platform approach eliminates that need entirely. For example, touchless facial recognition enables employees to simply walk up to their time clock and automatically punch in without touching any clock or clock surfaces. A sophisticated combination of facial recognition and voice-assisted technology completely alleviates any risk of harmful exposure to contagious viruses. Hence, employees can safely continue punching in and out. This mechanism is fast and frictionless, eliminates the possibility of buddy punching, and provides the benefits of biometrics without additional hardware costs. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Beyond 

Leveraging AI and machine learning approaches in time tracking positions Replicon at the cutting edge of an ever-evolving technology landscape. 

The best form of time tracking doesn’t engage supervisors and employees, and collects data with the least effort to help make more informed decisions. Ultimately, the goal is to provide the safest, most automated and unobtrusive process possible. Replicon was designed to adapt to each organization’s unique requirements and harvest time from the organization’s existing ecosystem – whether it is mobile, Wi-Fi, geofencing, Jira, calendars, ERP, etc. – eliminating the need for invasive participation and manual entry, to make time tracking 100% accurate.

Benefits of Touchless Time Clock

From time tracking to employee operations processes, touchless time clocks offer various benefits. We have listed some of them below:

Easy Access 

The time clock allows employees to clock in and out using their mobile devices by quickly generating a unique QR code. It allows employees to punch in and out their time, even during network outages.

Face and Fingerprint Recognition

A flexible touchless time clock enables employees to clock in using fingerprint or face recognition. To reduce the frequency of contact with common surfaces, touchless time clocks offer the ability to clock in using facial recognition. Additionally, facial scans can be helpful in workplaces where employees are required to handle dirty or oily materials.

Face and fingerprint recognition


In many organizations, proximity cards are generally used for punching time. The proximity card interface helps employees to activate the time clock and clock in and out for work shifts. Because proximity card time clocks don’t require employees to touch the device or enter a PIN, they can reduce bottlenecks during busy shift changes.

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Mobile Access 

The mobile time clock app increases your flexibility regarding time and attendance. When you give your employees the flexibility to clock in and out using a touchless time clock, it improves employee experience while clocking in and allows them to spend more time on other important tasks throughout your day.

Choosing the Right Cloud-based Time Clock for Your Organization

It may be some time before normalcy and ‘business as usual’ returns – and it is likelier still that we may find everything has changed permanently. Thus, incorporating touchless employee time tracking into the fundamental time and attendance framework can provide businesses with the precise data they need to make proactive and informed decisions – while accommodating the strange new ‘normal’ in a world that is deeply affected by a health crisis. Staying ahead of the curve and utilizing such cutting-edge technologies will create tenable, intelligent solutions for clocking in and out.

With Replicon’s Touchless Time Clock, employees can also punch in and out of work six times faster than traditional electronic time clocks, thereby reducing long lines of employees waiting to clock in and out when the shifts change. Since the Touchless Time Clock connects directly with employee scheduling and attendance management software, it provides a faster and more secure way of tracking who is where, who punched in early, and who is late, while streamlining employee operations processes.

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Sonika Malviya


Sonika Malviya

Sonika works as a Content Writer with Replicon. She is a bibliophile person and loves to write compelling content on a multitude of niches that can add value to the readers. Replicon provides award-winning products that make it easy to manage your workforce. With complete solution sets for client billing, project costing, and time and attendance management, Replicon enables the capture, administration, and optimization of your most underutilized and important asset: time.


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